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Introducing Writer Leaderboards ?

Dec 22, 2017

Introducing Writer Leaderboards ?

We announced a new feature, Leaderboards for our Writers and Content Operations Team. This article is primarily intended for Writers at WittyPen.

You must have noticed we have rolled out the much awaited Ratings feature for Writers over the past week. Now, we are excited to announce a new addition to our platform, the Writer Leaderboard.

Our Leaderboard will feature Top 10 Writers on the platform in real-time based on their ratings and amount of work they have delivered on the platform. Meaning, as soon as a Writer’s rating and work surpasses other Writers on the platform, the Leaderboard will update. You can always view the leaderboard on your dashboard’s homepage.

Our focus has always been to improve the quality of the content being created on our platform. Along this journey, we are constantly working with our Writers and Customers, gathering feedback and implementing solutions as fast as we can.

We value your feedback a lot. Please reach out to us anytime on call, email or in-website chat if you are facing any problems down the road. We are always happy to help.

Product Head at WittyPen