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Startup Meet Pune – Connecting Budding Startups in the City

Oct 27, 2016

Startup Meet Pune – Connecting Budding Startups in the City

You might have heard the quote “Any time is a good time to start a company”. However, one of the most crucial aspects of building your own enterprise is having a good network of people, and building that takes time, effort, and sincerity. This was the motivation behind Startup Meet Pune. In June 2016, two guys- Vivek Asawa, who was a developer at Infosys, and Aditya Patil, who was an engineer and a graphics designer- came up with the idea of connecting Pune-based startups. This led to the creation of Startup Pune – a place for creative, young people to share their ideas and stories, and create a network for their future businesses. In a span of 5 months, Startup Pune has already conducted 3 successful events. WittyPen had the opportunity to be a part of Startup Meet Pune, conducted on 17th September 2016. The program proceeded as follows:

The Inauguration of Startup Meet Pune

Startup Meet Pune

On the afternoon of 17th September, around 150 people from all over Maharashtra gathered to be a part this event. With great anticipation of what was to come, everyone geared up for the welcoming speech. Mr. Aditya Patil, the co-founder of Startup Meet Pune, addressed the audience, welcoming them to the 3rd edition of Startup Meet Pune. He then welcomed two special guests – Santosh Kumar Jha, the vice president of Yes Bank, and Angela Li, a renowned Chinese investor. Mr. Santosh Kumar Jha talked about funding in detail, to benefit the startups and entrepreneurs present, and Ms. Angela Li spoke about the business relationship between India and China.

Speech by Startups

After the inauguration ceremony, it was time to listen to the experience of two startups that have made a name for themselves through their hard work. The first speech was by the founder of WittyPen, Mr. Anshul Motwani. Keeping up with the essence of his company, WittyPen, he spoke about the importance of content writing, and the need for it in the market.

The next speech was by Mr. Rohan Khedkar, the CEO of Adventure365, which is a platform for finding the best adventure activities. He gave an inspirational speech about his experience in the business world that moved the audience.

After the enlightening speeches, the audience were taken on a journey, as the video chronicle of both the startups was displayed.

Interactive Session and Networking

As the afternoon proceeded, the time came for one of the most awaited things on the agenda – the interactive session with fellow entrepreneurs. This was a question-answer session where the participants discussed the problems they faced in their Startups and got practical tips that other entrepreneurs had learned through their personal experiences. This interactive session laid the base for networking, and people started sharing their challenges, experiences, and encouragement with each other. The scene of people exchanging business cards, huddling in a corner, riveted by the advice given to them by the other participants, breathed life into the saying –

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.

Startup Meet Pune 2


The eventful day came to an end, with a thank-you speech by Mr. Tejas Bhaleyrao, Director of Power Bridge Asia Pvt. Ltd. The event was a huge success and will be followed with another one soon. Startup Pune has decided to change its name to Startup Buzzer and will be hosting all future events under the new name. They plan on hosting an event on 12th November 2016, that will give some insights on investments for startups. Advancing from being just a meet for Pune-based startups, they are now working on creating a platform for these startups where they can share ideas and pitch their business to the investors.

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