Content Marketing For Finance Companies
People invest only in what they trust! WittyPen helps you build trust through Quality Content for your Content Marketing Campaign.
The Challenges
“To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like” – Mike Gafka
Limited marketing budget and curbed promotional activities
Juggling between multiple content creators and marketing activities
Still not sure on which strategy to follow to gain traction
The Solutions
“Stop talking about your problems and start thinking about the solutions”
Create a Content Marketing Strategy
Focus on core value proposition of your business to understand what your brand needs to communicate. Educate customers and build authority to gain trust and increase your conversion rate. Documented Content Marketing Strategy is the way to go.

Marketing Calendar

Creating an Editorial Calendar keeps you away from distraction and helps you be more result oriented. You should also set your priorities straight and focus on what’s most important for your brand at that time.
Quality Content
The need of the hour is to create content that is unique as that would be of your product, and it would eventually shape the perception of your audiences. Educating the audience and adding real value through quality content helps you get promoters of your brand.
The Research
A high level Research tells us that


Marketers in the financial arena use content marketing


Out of these, 25% consider themselves to be effective


Financial Marketeers think that Content Marketing is effective for their Organization

Why You Need Content Marketing Around Financial Services?
It showcases your expertise
Differentiates you from your competition
It Educates Your Market
Allows a Better Segmentation of the market
How To Build Content Strategy Around Financial Services?
A clear picture needs to be built around the content marketing for financial services. As a marketer one would always want to be innovative and bold about promoting one’s brand, but it is essential to assess your organization’s appetite for risk. This assessment helps in drawing a fine line between what needs to be done. Some important questions need to be addressed during the process

  • What is content? And what does ‘content marketing’ mean to your brand
  • Who is your brand’s audience?
  • How can content fulfil your marketing goals.
  • How can content be sourced, managed, created and merged into other businesses
  • How will you measure your content marketing efforts?

Apart from addressing these questions, it is also very important to build a business case for investment. This will not only help in getting budget for marketing goals, but will also gain buy-in from other departments across the organization.

Important Steps To Consider During Financial Content Marketing
  1. Set your core goals and objectives, and conduct a competitor analysis of direct and indirect competitors
  2. Identify your audience and segment your target groups
  3. Set up a content calendar in place.
  4. Decide on the most appropriate content types.
  5. Build your content hub, as this helps you to figure out where your content is going.
  6. Create and push content depending upon the various stages of the customer journey,

Some popular types of content for financial services include:

Written Articles and Blogs

Tools and Calculators


Guides and E-books

Infographics and Visuals

Benefits of Content Marketing
The benefits of content marketing in financial arena is coherent with the other industries in the market
Establishes Brand Identity by creating Brand Awareness
Accomplishes positive results from organic search rankings and traffics
Propels social media marketing efforts, advertising, and PR outreach
Leads to a higher rate of conversion (sales/purchases) and retention

So, with the right content strategy in place, you will be able to offer a unique approach to providing information and drawing in customers

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