8 Ways to Do Google My Business Optimization [Infographic]

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If you have a business or a service that you want to advertise online, then it is essential to have your product /service locally listed. 

Promoting your business locally helps in the brand development and in creating awareness. Through this, your product/service will be exposed to a larger audience and more people will eventually utilise your services or buy your product.

A recent survey by Bright Local reveals that local searches generate around 21 – 23% traffic for small business websites. That is more than the combined searches made through paid AdWords and social media. Hence, local listing should never be ignored 

A great way to start with listing in Google my Business Optimization. 

Adding the right information, visual content(pictures, videos etc), and making your profile look professional will improve your ranking on Google searches.

This will also expand your visibility and increase customer engagement with your brand.

To know how to optimize Google Local Business Listings, check out our infographic here. To get a more detailed overview, you can visit the original article here


Please include attribution to wittypen.com with this graphic.

8 Ways to Optimize Your Local Google Business Listing


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