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by | Apr 1, 2017

We need to think that Revolutions are the cause of Change. 

However, it is the other way around: Change prepares the ground for Revolution.


Project NORA

An AI-based Content Creation Platform


Technology is an essential part of our lives today, and only few can imagine living without. It’s shaping our world, and early last year we embarked on transforming the world of Content Marketing.

Further, we asked ourselves, have we achieved enough? Can we innovate and address our customer’s content challenge in a radical way? And our technology artists claimed, YES WE CAN!

And so this 2017, we worked building the most Exceptional Technology in the content world. We decided to introduce a disruptive model, an automation that will not just create best quality content but generate it in the styles of various domain influencers.

A groundbreaking technology reform, which can produce content in the style, structure and format as if your favourite thought leaders personally developed it for you.

Our tech team have successfully created this revolutionary platform which will generate amazing and remarkable content to help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

We, at WittyPen, have believed in creating solutions to content problems of organisations and we trust that our new platform will provide a redemption from all the irrelevant and non-usable content on the internet.

It’s simple to use. Share with our system your requirements and within 72 hours automatically receive the content you are seeking in your favourite influencer’s style. And we assure you that it will seem to have been personally written for you by them.

Our system can now generate content in the style of the following personalities, and we assure you to keep adding to this list and help you produce the best actionable content around.

List of Influencers –


As our best users, you can order your first piece of content entirely for FREE. Thereon, every piece of content you request will be charged at $59 (USD).

So select your desired maven and content topic and receive a perfect quality content for your business requirements.


WittyPen is a platform that helps you get content across all you marketing channels. We help you get Blogs, Website Pages, Product Descriptions, White Papers etc. through best writers in your industry. Our expert panel of editors make sure that each content is verified for quality and guidelines before delivering it to you.

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