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9 Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversion

Marketing Professional March 19, 2020

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Landing pages are an essential part of lead generation activities, and yet, many businesses make crucial mistakes while designing it. It reduces its impact and leaves both the customers and the marketing team dissatisfied.

Why are landing pages essential?

Landing pages drive customers to your website through ad campaigns which promote your business. The core objective is to convert a visitor into a lead and these leads would then be part of your funnel to drive sales.

Most sales teams today depend on their marketing teams to generate leads consistently. And that's super crucial for you to grow your business.

Landing pages not only help you achieve your sales targets but also give a better customer experience to your users through personalization.

Make your landing page work for you

Despite all the advantages of a landing page, a book revealed that 44% of B2B businesses still use homepages as their landing pages. Even companies that display separate landing pages create only six pages or fewer in total.

When you spend hard-earned dollars on advertisements you won't wish to lose customers after visiting your website. Let's see how you can optimize the design of your landing pages to get the best out of it:

1. Get the basics right


For your landing page to make an impact, it must contain an alluring headline, a brief description, and brand-related graphics. Besides, you can add the benefits of using your products or services over your competitor's and strong CTA with a button. Depending on the products you offer, a short form to collect customer information, would also be used. All the copy on your landing page must be compelling, fresh, and to the point.

2. Make it mobile-friendly


A third party study states that the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This user preference for mobile over desktop means companies need to create landing pages that are visually pleasing and responsive on mobile devices.

3. Use one offer


Many businesses make the mistake of offering multiple deals on the landing page. It is way too much information to bombard users with on their first visit and produces fewer leads. A study by Quicksprout in 2019 stated that landing pages with multiple offers generate 266% fewer points when compared to single offer pages.

4. Remove navigation bars


Many websites include top or bottom navigation bars and other links on their landing page. It takes a user's focus away from the offer at hand. Remove navigation bars and other links from your landing page to keep your viewers' attention in one place. HubSpot, SparkPage, and Yuppiechef are some of the companies that boasted an increase in landing page led when they removed navigation options.

5. Avoid clutter


Keep your landing page simple and effective. Don't add too much text or too many images, graphics, and buttons. If the user is confused or lost and has to search for the primary information, they are likely to leave. Provide adequate white space and do not go overboard with the design.

6. Add reviews or testimonials


85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Use this to your advantage. Add surveys or testimonials to the landing page to highlight the effectiveness of your product. They act as a testament to your business' work ethic and success while simultaneously building trust among new visitors.

7. Create multiple pages

Your business should have at least 10-15 landing pages that are designed for different audience demographics. It entices visitors from different target groups, increasing the number of potential leads. Landing pages must also be changed for every marketing campaign. If you are concerned about creating so many pages, there are plenty of services and tools you can utilize.

8. Avoid too much information

Your customer form should not ask for too much information. Typically, ask for name, email, and occupation. Asking for too much information will turn customers away as they worry about their privacy. For example, studies have shown that asking for a customer's age in the form decreases the number of leads acquired. Also, design your way to appear shorter by reducing the space between fields.

9. Advertise unique promo codes or discounts


Show your customers you value them by offering a discount or promo code on the landing page. Display unique codes that customers can avail on the landing page, separate from your marketing. It makes customers more likely to try out your products or services.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have the information, pick your landing page tool and get to the execution. But remember, no amount of tips can help you if there is a gap in user understanding. Pick and choose which tips to follow depending on your target audience and embrace the resulting business growth!

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