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Must-Have Products For Funky Afro Curls

Lifestyle & Travel Professional November 30, 2021

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Great hair take time to style, right? Not at all. With SmittenCurls' awesome hair extension products, you can keep your hair on point with minimal effort. Here's our round-up of the most trending curly hair extensions for 2020.

1. Afro Curls

These cute Afro Curls are big on volume and smooth enough to be styled in knots, blow-dried and everything else you'd love to do with your natural hair without damaging them, ever. If you plan on wearing your hair short, these stunning curls will give you the perfect length and volume you desire. Go for two packs for a full mop and make heads turn wherever you go. To maintain your curls, simply use a leave-in conditioner and detangle using your fingers regularly.

2. Deep Curls

Love long, voluminous hair? That's why we got you these sassy, super long, Deep Curls in multiple shades to make sure you never have a bad hair day, ever. You only need a single pack for a luxurious mane of thick, soft curls. Maintenance is easy – just moisturize your scalp regularly with a natural hair mask for fuss-free curly hair care.

3. Dancing Curls

Classy yet cute, these vivacious, tangle-free Dancing Curls will immediately set you apart. Use two packs of these medium-length curls for a swish look that's elegant and chic at the same time. The soft weave is super easy to maintain; just spray some leave-in conditioner on damp hair for a look that's always on point. Don't be scared to experiment with your hairstyle with these gorgeous curly hair extensions that will transform you into a diva instantly. Visit our blog for more curly hair care products and trending styles. Now you know how to style your hair in a jiffy. Try SmittenCurls hair extensions to experiment with your look without damaging your hair. You may also visit our blog for trendy curly hair care products and more.

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