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Types of Wood: Guide To Choose the Best for Your Furniture

Lifestyle & Travel Starter March 19, 2020

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When it comes to home decor, wood is the preferred choice for crafting furniture, doors, cabinets, and other trimmings due to its warm and aesthetic appeal.

Like the fingers in your hand, different types of woods have distinct features, and knowing which kind of timber is best suited as per the budget and requirement will help you make the right choice.

In general, wood is classified into hardwood, softwood, and human-made wood.

Hardwood Vs. Softwood Vs. Man-made wood

ced from flowering trees, such as oak, teak, walnut, and cherry. It is much denser and more porous as compared to softwood, and also long-lasting.

Pine wood furniture

Softwood, on the other hand, is sourced from coniferous trees. Yellow pine, one of the most commonly used softwoods, has gained prominence in India in recent times.

As coniferous trees proliferate, the ecological impact of using pine wood is less. Besides, owing to its light shade, it can be easily tinted to take on various shades and forged into artsy, colonial pieces.

Many furniture stores are also using pine wood for contemporary furniture, as it is lightweight and easy to move around. You can purchase pinewood for about 500 rupees per cubic feet in India.

Wood Types Available In India

Now, moving to the classic varieties of wood accessible in India - Teak deserves the first mention, as it is the most expensive, and most commonly used wood for indoor and outdoor furniture, construction, doors, and cladding.



Teak is mainly imported from Myanmar. It is resistant to rot, rain, sun, corrosion, white ants, and termites - making it highly-priced but long-lasting and durable. If you are looking for exquisite furniture that will last you a lifetime, teak could be your best choice, but it may burn a hole in your pocket.

The price of teak varies according to age and quality. A seven to eight-year-old tree usually yields around 10-12 cubic feet of wood that can cost you up to 1.5 lakh rupees.

There are many other hardwoods used for furniture making in various parts of India. These include the famous Indian rosewood or sissoo, which is available for over 3,000 rupees per cubic feet. This beautiful wood darkens with age and has long been used for crafting unique, heritage pieces.

Are you building or renovating your decor with high-performing, beautiful furniture? Choosing the right type of wood requires you to consider your budget, the climate that you stay in, and the decor you have in mind.

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