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The Importance Of Welcome Emails For Your Business

Marketing Starter March 19, 2020

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While almost every marketer utilizes email marketing, welcome email optimization is overlooked by many. It is a mistake that makes it harder for you to sell your services or products.

Here's what contributes to the importance of welcome emails:

  1. The open rate of a welcome email is higher than the open rate of emails sent after that.

  2. The first email has the potential to make an everlasting impression because the open rate is high. This impact also leads to increased chances of making a purchase.

It is always believed that 'the list' is essential, so much so that many organizations would purchase a list for email marketing. However, that is far from the truth. Your relationship with your users' matters a lot; it makes a difference!

How to Create an Engaging Welcome Email?

1. Focus on the Subject Line

Creatively curate your subject line because that is an essential part of your email. If your subject content is lousy, users will directly report your email spam.

It is the first thing that your users will read in your email. It has to be concise, short, specific, and engaging. It is best to utilize words like welcome, thank you, new, etc. for better personalization.

2. Personalize Content Body

Personalize the email body accordingly. You can use some small personalization, such as using the user's name*. "Hey, Lucy," is* better than, "Hey, the user."

Further, personalization is utilized in the subject line too. You can start the subject line with "Welcome to XYZ, Lucy."

Sometimes, personalization is about using the name of the user and about differently addressing the user. Most of the organizations utilize welcome in the subject line of the email. However, you can start differently, too. For example, using "Yay, you joined our community."

*Note:* Utilize readable and straightforward content in the body copy to make it more understandable.

3. Introduce Yourself

Explain yourself or introduce yourself. Building trust with the brand is often a two-way lane, and welcome emails are the best way to start this two-way conversation.

Share some unknown facts and pointers about your brand. If you are writing on behalf of a person such as CMO, introduce the CMO and then engage the user by asking them to share something about themselves.

For example, including a link to complete your profile or start exploring in the email only.

4. Use From in the End

When concluding the email, always mention a real entity or person in the from. Either use your business or a real person. It merely means that you care.

Using something like noreply@business.com makes the email sound too generic. It reduces the impact of your personalized body copy.

5. Look after Visual Appeal

It is natural for your audience to interact more with an email template appealing and attractive. Also, it is likely for many users only to view the visual content, ignoring the written content body altogether. For these users, it is necessary to make your body copy visually interactive and engaging.

For example, you can utilize brand imagery for clothing, fashion, and other related brands. You can use a short explainer video for a B2B brand.

6. Share Helpful Resources

You can grab this opportunity and share helpful resources or link with the user. As the welcome emails have a high click rate, you can encourage them to engage in your community or complete their details through this email only.

For example, you can mention your forum at the end of the email and offer a link to guide them to join the community or discussion.

This email can also be utilized to share some dedicated links with the user. For instance, you can create a small feed of the best products similar to the user searching on your website.

7. Enhance Your User Engagement

Sending a welcome email to your users can improve your outreach and user engagement to a great extent. You can quickly bond over social media with your users with this first communication.


However, these ideas can be appropriately shaped if you create the right email content, so utilize the above tips and create a personalized, valuable email campaign for your users.

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