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Clearing the Air: Questions Answered

Cutting through the fluff to address the core questions about our content services.

Is it necessary to close all orders within the validity period?

Place your orders within the validity period, but don’t sweat it – you can stretch the content delivery and execution up to an additional 30 days post-validity.

Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

Just the booking amount to get started. For our sizable packages, this is a fraction of the total price. The balance? Only when you’re ready to place an actual order.

What's the reason for this offer now?

Every year, Q3 & Q4 witness a spike in content consumption, thanks to festive vibes and business activities. This offer ensures our valued customers pocket some savings, and it gears us up to serve you swiftly.

Is there a content type restriction with the package?

Freedom reigns here! Our rates stay steady regardless of content format. From blogs to ebooks, your word package is your all-access pass.

How long is this tempting offer up for grabs?

Tick-tock, it’s available until 30th Sept, 2023.

Encountering order hiccups? Who's the go-to?

Upon securing a package, a dedicated Account Manager is on your team, ensuring smooth sailing and maximizing your investment’s returns.

What happens when I hit my usage limits?
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What's the deal with AI Tools?

AI Tools are game-changers. Think brief-generation, content repurposing, and more. We’re tossing in Bonus credits for a help  you truly harness AI’s might.

Need to loop in finance? Can we go offline for the purchase?

Of course! Drop us a line at sales@wittypen.com, and we’ll glide through the necessary financial formalities.

How can I get the boss on board for this deal?

Show them the math – the tangible savings as you utilize this offer. Still need an extra push? Our sales maestros are ready to back you up in the pitch!

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