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“I have been working as a Freelance Content Writer since 2009 but have I ever met a platform as awesome as WittyPen? No.
a. They let us writers get the due (finally!)
b. In case of emergencies, they support you like anything! (flexible with deadlines and super understanding in case of health or other personal issues)
I wish my association with them NEVER ends!”

Surabhi P.

“Been associated with team WittyPen for more than a year now I have come to know of my writing strengths while working with them. WittyPen has not only given my freelancing career the boost it required it has also helped me achieve excellence in each article or blog that I write for them”

Garima B.

“WittyPen has raised the bar for content creation massively. Working with WittyPen has honed my skills as a writer, helped me gain visibility and most importantly it values the dedication and sheer hardwork one puts it.
Thanks for creating a ‘writer-centric’ platform WittyPen!”

 Nikeeta J.


“WittyPen is a great place for freelance content writing jobs and a great platform to learn. It’s amazing to see how carefully they select their writers for each of their project and also ensure that every writer they have has something to do. Absolute win-win for both the writer and their customers!”

 Sai J.


“WittyPen is a fantastic platform for writers to do what they love doing the best! With options galore, there’s always a niche waiting for you to write on. I like their professionalism, their modus operandi and the organisation they bring into each project.”

 Neha R.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do I get paid on average?

We classify writers on WittyPen under three levels- Starters, Professional and Elite. Depending on the category you belong to as a writer, the rewards wary. On an average, the writers in Starter level are paid Rs 1/word. We pay flat pricing for each content piece you write with an average word limit.

2. Will my association with WittyPen be considered as a job or an internship or a freelancer?

WittyPen provides you an opportunity to work on projects of your fields as per your choice. We do not hire you; with us, you work in the field of Freelance content writing Job as per your time availability and suitability for the project.

3. Will I be required to do any minimum number of projects daily?

You will not be required to do any minimum number of projects daily. However to ensure quality to the clients we offer a maximum of 3 projects at a time. At WittyPen you determine your workload.

4. What is the payment structure?

We make sure that you party hard on Saturday as that’s when we release payments to all our writers. Writers are paid on a weekly basis for work delivered by them.

5. How will I receive the payment?

You have to share your bank details with WittyPen during the registration process and the payments are credited through online transfer directly to your bank account.