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What our Writers are saying...

The greatest advantage of being associated with WittyPen is that the company offers an excellent combination of interesting projects and a great support system. They go the extra mile to help writers excel at their tasks and always acknowledge hard work. Writing for WittyPen is nothing short of sheer pleasure for me.

Amrita R. avatar

Amrita R.

WittyPen has a very diverse pool of clients, which makes each writing project distinct and fun. Their work ethic and attention to detail are highly commendable. They are the most delightful group of content creators that I've worked with in my many years as a writer. The establishment truly knows how to nurture talent and produce exceptional results.

Kritarth S. avatar

Kritarth S.

Frequently Asked Questions About WittyPen

How much do I get paid?

We classify writers and orders on WittyPen under three levels: Starters, Professional and Elite. Depending on the order package, pay for each task varies. The payment per task varies from 70p to 3Rs per word on average length and this is mentioned at the start of the project.

Will my association with WittyPen be considered as Job or an internship?

There is no job agreement between you and WittyPen. You always work on freelance basis as per your time availability and suitability for the project. You can refer to our Writer Agreement for more info.

When will the payment be received for my work?

We release payment in 7, 15 or 30 days of timeline after the content or project is approved by the customer. The timelines vary for a single task order to bulk projects with 50+ content pieces. We give you an approximate date of payment release at the start of the project.

When do you release payment?

We release payments every fortnight, where we combine all project payments approved and scheduled to be released.

Will I be required to do any minimum number of projects daily?

You will not be required to do any minimum number of projects daily. However most of our Writers who earn regularly, spend at least 3 hours every day, which could increase on weekends. You always have liberty to determine your workload, but we expect you to complete the deliverables you commit to.

How will I receive the payment?

You have to share your bank details with WittyPen during the registration process and the payments are credited through online transfer directly to your bank account. You will receive a voucher at the time of release and payments are credited to your account automatically within 48hrs.

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