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Bootstrapping India’s Top Content Marketplace – Anshul Motwani

Dec 26, 2022
Anshul Motwani Podcast

Bootstrapping India’s Top Content Marketplace – Anshul Motwani

Bootstrapping and building a business from scratch is quite a difficult task in today’s startup environment. Using only the resources at hand and not having to rely on external factors to expedite the growth of a business to garner a reputable position in the marketplace is rarely seen and nothing to be coughed at.

That’s precisely what we did at Wittypen, and we have our Founder & CEO, Anshul Motwani, share our journey on the “Ultimate Start-Up Building Podcast.”

Today Wittypen has 1500+ writers, 70% of which are comprised of women. Led by founders Anshul Motwani and Preetesh Jain, Wittypen has created content for companies like PayTM, Swiggy, MoEngage, Freshworks, and hundreds of customers across the globe. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

About “Ultimate Start-Up Building Podcast” 

SidBoson is a master community builder with 10 years of experience. Having started his journey working with Harvard University’s CS50x at age 17, Sid has catalysed growth for communities across domains.

Currently, he leads Community at Scenes – the ultimate community platform and hosts The Ultimate Start-up Building Podcast which had featured guests including Venkat Malladi (CTO @ Vymo), Ishan Rakshit (Co-founder @ ShopFlo) and more.

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