Top 10 Content Writing and Marketing Courses With Certifications

Top 10 Content Writing and Marketing Courses With Certifications

Last updated on December 4th, 2023

In today’s age, knowing how to write and market content that reaches the right audience is a skill that’s in high demand. Many industries are even offering content marketing training to employees to polish their skills.

In a similar vein, freelance writing courses foster skills like planning, research, marketing, problem-solving, time management, adaptability, critical thinking, and more, making you stand out from the crowd.

Great writing skills are celebrated regardless of the industry you’re working in. Consider this a sign to enroll yourself in content writing and marketing programs (especially if some areas of your writing skills need a little shaping). 

10 Best Content Writing and Marketing Courses To Boost Your Career 

To make content writing and marketing a viable source of income, you need a good content writing certification along with the right skills. Being a certified content writer will pave the way to securing high-paying clients. Let’s take a close look at the best content writing and marketing courses that can boost your career. 

1. How To Write Blog Posts That Get 500,000 Views

To secure high-paying clients, you must acquire content writing skills that will have a high volume and conversion rate. The “How To Write Blog Posts That Get 500,000 Views” course by Dominic Kent discusses all it takes to create content that generates a great reach. You’ll also learn how to create content that educates and provides value to the reader.

Every little step of content writing and marketing is thoroughly discussed in the course, along with promotional strategies to gather more views. Here are the key features that make this course worth investing in:

  • An in-depth discussion about SEO optimization
  • Unique promotional strategies for content

Duration: 4h 7min

Prices: $99


Run by: Dominic Kent

2. How to Write Thought Leadership Content 

Regarded as one of the most difficult kinds of content writing formats, thought leadership content is all about proposing fresh, original ideas and implementing them. This kind of content educates readers with its thought-provoking takes; therefore, writers must have deep knowledge and insights into the topics they write about.

In the process of learning how to write thought leadership content, you’ll acquire the skill of devising great ideas and becoming more articulate. These writing and critical thinking skills will provide endless opportunities to prosper in your career.

Here are the key features of “How to Write Though Leadership Content” by Ryan Law:

  • Discusses the four important frameworks which one needs to use to consistently brainstorm engaging and unique article ideas.
  • Trains you to form a shared language in order to think, talk about, and build unique thought leadership content.
  • Trains you to write content you’ll be remembered for and increases your credibility and persuasiveness.

Duration: 41 Lessons

Prices: $99


Run by: Ryan Law

3. Grow and Convert Content Marketing Course 

To excel in B2B business content, one also needs knowledge of solid content strategies along with content writing skills.

The “Grow and Convert Content Marketing Course” is here to fill all those gaps in your learning and make you an established content strategist. Outrank all your competitors by taking this course created by Benji and Devesh.

Here are the key features of this course:

  • On signing up, you get lifetime access to all the course contents.
  • Live group coaching from the creators of the course via Zoom.
  • Get personalized feedback regularly on your work and clear all your doubts.
  • Get in touch with other talented founders, marketers, and consultants to advance your career.
  • Gather in-depth knowledge regarding SEO and keywords.

Duration: 5 Modules

Prices: $699


Run by: Benji and Devesh 

4. B2B Growth Academy

To get an edge in the most competitive industries across the world, you must focus on leveling up your B2B content marketing skills.

Enrolling in this course will help you understand customers on a deeper level, which will later be helpful for creating the right content for them. That’s not all; you’ll also get to learn more about customer-driven insights and generate leads and traffic consistently. Give this course a fair shot to learn about top marketing tactics that help you get a better ROI.

Here are the key features of “B2B Growth Academy” by Ross Simmonds:

  • 4 hours of interactive video lessons 
  • 5 modules for training
  • 8 bonus resources along with worksheets, templates, and swipe files
  • Exclusive interview sessions with top marketers from platforms like Aira, Hubspot, etc. 

Duration: 4h 15m


Prices: $597

Run By: Ross Simmonds

5. Doing Content Right

In a world where thousands of other people are also trying to create successful blogs, it can be hard to stand out.

Consider investing in “Doing Content Right” to find answers to everything stopping you from living up to your full potential. This is an eBook you can download in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats to find pre-recorded lessons in content designing. That’s not all; this course will help you find your niche and teach you how to seamlessly distribute the content you’ve created across all social channels.

Here are the top features of “Doing Content Right” that stand out the most:

  • In-depth discussions about SEO include busting the common myths and case studies for better understanding.
  • A 270-page eBook that can be downloaded in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
  • 22 printable exercises to test your knowledge
  • A quiz comprising 25 questions
  • Recorded video lessons for easy learning
  • Bonus podcast section


Prices: $150

Run By: Steph Smith

6. Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course

Ranked #1 in India by The Statesman, the “Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course” is a great pick if you want to excel in composing drama, poetry, fiction, etc. This course is very popular among aspiring writers for various reasons – the learning experience learners get on this platform is unmatched.

Here are the key features of this course that make it so impactful:

  • Trainees get 100% practical training in this course.
  • Guaranteed internships, job support, brush-up sessions each month, and live projects are included.
  • Offers a Moodle app for easy and comfortable learning

Duration: 24 hours


Price: $152.87

7. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

Learn the best practices from academic experts across various industries in the world with the “Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization” course. This course will teach you how to expand your content’s reach and create engaging content as a beginner. Moreover, you will acquire the skill of strategic storytelling, which will be of great use in your career.

Here are the key features of this course that make it worth taking:

  • Subtitles are available in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Russian
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Flexible schedules which allow learners to set and maintain deadlines
  • Learners are provided with an e-certificate at the end of the course

Duration: 4 months

Price: FREE


Run by: John Lavine, Candy Lee, and Randy Hlavac

8. Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

Content creators and marketing/inbound professionals know the importance of understanding the framework for content creation and how hard it can be to excel without in-depth knowledge.

If you’re still not well-versed in these areas, take the “Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing” offered by Hubspot Academy and get content marketing certificates to kickstart your career. Create content with a purpose that will receive attention from both audiences and search engines.

Here are the key features of this course that stand out:

  • 54 video lessons that discuss details relevant to both beginners and advanced learners.
  • 11 quizzes for self-assessment
  • Also available in three languages: French, Spanish, and German

Duration: 7h 24min

Platform: Hubspot Academy

Prices: FREE

9. Advanced Content Marketing

You need to strengthen your basics before you become part of the industry. To help learners start from the roots and become advanced content writers, the ideal course option is “Advanced Content Marketing.”

Here are the top features that make this course a must for beginners in the field:

  • Free certificate on completion of the course
  • 90 days of access
  • Self-paced video lessons

Duration: 14 hours


Prices: FREE

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10. A Grammar Refresher

Even though it has been often stated that there’s more to content writing than perfect grammar and vocabulary skills, you must begin your journey as a writer with prompt knowledge about the same.

Needless to say, perfecting grammar and vocabulary is a must. To improve in this area, enroll yourself in the “Grammar Refresher” course offered by Grammar Lion.

Here are the key features of this course that will help polish your storytelling and writing abilities:

  • Over 100 lessons that simplify complex English grammar rules
  • 23 quizzes that allow learners to assess themselves and understand which areas need improvement
  • Practice sheets that make skill-building an enjoyable task
  • One-to-one instructor support
  • Invaluable English grammar resources in PDF form


Prices: $67


Content is King in almost all kinds of industries today, which makes knowing how to market products and services online a must. Taking a course on writing might seem like a waste of time, but these content writing and marketing courses do so much more than just polish your skills.

With these freelance writing courses, you get the opportunity to fill in the gaps in your understanding of content writing and marketing. You get in-depth knowledge about SEO, writing for target audiences, and much more. That’s not all; you also get to learn about different writing styles to live up to the expectations of all kinds of clients. Enroll in these online content writing and marketing training courses and build the career of your dreams. Good luck! 


1. How can I improve content writing for content marketing? 

A content writing course can improve your writing process to make it more conducive for content marketing. You’ll learn all about how to keep your audiences hooked throughout your content pieces with head-turning headlines and how to include all the information you’ve gleaned on topics you’re required to write about. 

2. Does taking online content writing and marketing courses really help? 

Indeed it does! By taking up online content writing and marketing courses, you get to make the most of your free time to polish your skills. Content writing and marketing online courses are also great for teaching you everything from the basics to the advanced stuff. In the long run, you can augment your income by using these skills. 

3. For professional content writing which course is the best? 

Some top professional content writing courses are as follows:

  • How To Write Blog Posts That Get 500,000 Views
  • Grow and Convert Content Marketing Course
  • Doing Content Right
  • Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course

Read this blog to get a comprehensive overview of the top 10 professional content writing courses!

4. What is SEO content writing, and how to implement it? 

SEO content writing refers to the process of designing content to rank on the first page of popular search engines like Google. To achieve the top slot, you have to use relevant keywords and optimize your content so that more users click on it, thereby shooting up your content’s visibility.

5. Which are the best content writing and marketing course for beginners?

Some good content writing and marketing courses for beginners include

  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

Check out this article to read about the ten best content writing and marketing courses for beginners online!

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