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Wedmegood Mobile app marketing tips

To stand out as a brand, you need to have winning app marketing strategies that can guarantee success. It is imperative to define your audience segments before you venture into app marketing.

If you try reaching out to everyone through mobile app marketing, then you will not be able to sustain growth through

To know more about what mobile app marketing is, and the strategies that follow, read the interview by Jyoti Mali from WedMeGood who gives deeper insights on the topic. But before that, here’s a little read about Jyotiand WedMeGood

About Jyoti

Jyoti currently heads Digital Marketing at WedMeGood. She oversees overall online marketing campaigns across SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, Lead Management, CRO, Content Marketing, App Promotion & Analytics, etc. Previously as a digital marketer, she worked with a Digital Agency and led a team of 8-10 Account Managers across Fashion, E-commerce, Finance, IT, Travel, and more.

About WedMeGood

WedMeGood is a tech startup changing the way weddings are planned in India. The online wedding planning site and app has been started with an aim of helping users plan their wedding on their own. With more than 1.5 lac downloads, the WedMeGood App is currently India’s #1 Wedding Planning App.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

As the App helps with wedding planning, our primary focus is newly engaged people from metro cities and of the age group of 24-35 years.

What Is App Marketing?

Mobile Apps are now an essential part of the digital outreach. With increasing usage and better user engagement, Apps have become responsible to generate a major part of the revenue for customer-centric businesses. And hence, there is a huge competition in the app market leading to bigger challenges for businesses to get their apps on the top of the App search.

Therefore, there is a need for Mobile App Marketing. App Marketing is a set of techniques that are used to improve App’s visibility by ranking them to the top of App search and by reaching the potential audience through Ads, banners, popups, social media and more. Not only increasing downloads, App Marketing also aims at retaining the app users and making them perform actions on the app that lead to the business goals.

How Can You Use Content to Leverage App Marketing?

Content plays an important role in every type of Marketing. Through blog posts, app reviews & earned media, we can tell our potential audience how our app can help in solving their problems, what features it has and why they should download it.


We all run app install ads and we have only a few words to say about our app. With an interesting article, you can connect with your audience, pass on some great tips that add value to them, tell them more about your app and its features, and let them understand how it can help them make their life easier.

There are many articles over the web on choosing the right wedding planning app like this – mentioning WedMeGood among one of the best apps every bride-to-be must have.


A short 3-5 seconds video can do wonders in capturing a user’s attention and pass on what you want to say in the short span of time. Video ads are proven to do better on social media and are more engaging.

Landing page for web users

You should not underestimate the importance of a web page to promote your mobile app. If you have a good presence on web, you should create a landing page for your App mentioning its features, download link etc.

What Is the Best Way to Get Your App Found?


Your App’s content on the app/play store like its title, sub title, description, screenshots & keywords have a huge impact on its visibility for related terms searched on app stores. Thus, optimizing your app’s content is remarkably important.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Know your target users and target them through various channels like social media, SEM, etc. Use the right messaging and use videos, content, images, etc. to define what your app really does.

Social Media

Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are the most popular app acquisition channels for acquiring new users. If you already have a good following on social, leverage that to convert your followers to your app users. If not, advertise on these platforms to reach the right kind of audience for your mobile app.

App Referrals

Once your app has traction, asking your existing users for referring your app is a very effective medium to acquire more users. Word of mouth leads to better conversions and hence, takes minimal effort to improve downloads without costing much.

Describe the Various Methods for Marketing Your App

Different app marketing techniques for different stages of marketing:

Acquiring New Users

New users can be acquired through:

  • Search Ads
  • Social media Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Store Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Popups

Retaining Existing Users

Activating and retaining existing users is equally important. Keep your users engaged with the app, inform them about app updates, offers, promotions, etc and entice them to convert. To bring users back to the app, you can use:

  • Push notifications
  • Mobile in app banners
  • Email Marketing
  • App Engagement Ads

Leveraging Past Loyal Users

Run an App referral program to bring in more users through your existing users.

What Sort of Content Do You Use at WedMeGood for App Marketing?

At WedMeGood, being a wedding planning platform, we have users retained only till they get married. So, concerning this short lifespan of the users, we have used all possible app marketing channels to target a specific audience and engage them during their wedding journey. We have always valued the user’s experience the most.

Hence, we update the app frequently to provide the best user interface, faster loading, minimized app size and uptime app support. This brings us loyal users, good rating, positive reviews and high retention time for our users compared to the industry standards. We have used multi-channel marketing to ensure that the users have a seamless experience when they are on the web and then go to the app and then browse through web again.

What Are the KPI’s That You Focus on During App Marketing?

Organic Downloads Cost per app install Downloads from each marketing campaign Retention rate Daily/monthly active users Avg session duration Screen flow Lifetime value

How Do You Measure Them?

We have used various tools for App analytics like Firebase, Mixpanel and Google Analytics

Tell Us About Other Brands That You Think Are Doing Well With App Marketing

Ajio.com, an online fashion retail brand is one such example of great app marketing. The team at Ajio has leveraged their web traffic to drive app downloads. And they show the following banner with an irresistible offer as soon as you visit their website.

Another great thing is, that they have also focused greatly on ASO and user reviews: They have nearly 9.7K reviews for their IOS app and 105K for the Android App.

They also send Push notifications and Emailers almost daily with different offers and updates to bring users back to the app.

Any Tips for Marketers on Mobile App Marketing

Multiple studies reveal that users abandon 1 in 4 apps after a single use. It takes a considerable cost in acquiring new users. Therefore, retaining App users should be the main focus of App Marketing. Leverage your existing users, give them the best experience, engage them with your app, solve their problems, make them your loyal users and they will also contribute to promoting your app.


We thank Jyoti for giving us such useful tips on app marketing. We now understand that while marketing for an app, it is important to always keep your users and their needs as the priority. The stage where we are able to fulfil their requirements is the stage where we can deem our mobile app marketing strategy a success.

If you’re looking to expand your app marketing strategy and are in need for content, reach out to us at WittyPen!

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