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Reuse Old Clothes: An Excuse to Be Trendy

Aug 8, 2017

Reuse Old Clothes: An Excuse to Be Trendy

Written By Smriti T.
Category: Fashion & Lifestyle

The obsession of our generation with clothes and trends can be seen clearly in our choices and the abundance of options available on the shelves in stores. Our frequent visits to the stores and coming back with bags stuffed with clothes to match the latest trends bears testimony to the obsession. While designers come up with funky suggestions each day, the generation follows the lead by trying to imitate what the favorite celebrities sport.

Going by the latest trends, sporting torn and ripped clothes are your best bet to place yourself as a fashionista. Celebrities can be spotted in jeans that are as torn as ever and one can spot people sporting slits and untidy fringes frequently. We have long surpassed the time when torn clothes would be fixed or discarded; it is the time to make the holes wider.

The trend is a retro revival of the distressed inclination that swept the youth back in the 90s.

There, however, lies the great difference between a fashion and a fad. While a fad is short-lived and is sure to die soon, fashion is something that is expected to be followed for a few years. It is wise to invest in fashion, but fads take your money and as soon as they diminish, the clothes stay unused in your wardrobe. The expenditure isn’t worth it.

It is tough to say if the current trend is a fashion or fad but spending money to be a part of the era isn’t the best thing to do since the shelf life of the trend is not certain yet.

The previous generation can often be seen cribbing over the exorbitant amount of money that one needs to dole out to buy stuff that looks old and tattered. While trends are contagious and you’d want to follow suit to feel like one among the crowd, you need not necessarily spend that amount to imbibe the trend.

Remembering a few tips that can help you keep up with this new fad without spending even a penny. Just making a few changes to your wardrobe is worthwhile.

You want to know how to do it, don’t you?

Keep reading.

1. Slice It to Spice It:

Just because the new trend called for a faded and torn one, you need not buy a new pair of jeans despite having a wardrobe full of them. You could spice up your old pair to make a new one that looks old. Confusing?

A few changes to your old jeans can help you achieve the charm of the new trend. You could pull out a pair of scissors and slash the knee, pull out the fringes of the threads in an untidy fashion to accentuate the tattered look. You could make as many slits as you desire.

“A few changes to your old jeans can help you achieve the charm of the new trend.”

2. Scrub it well:

No, we are not telling you to ditch your age-old habit of not washing the jeans. Just take a piece of sandpaper and rub it over the jeans in places that you want it to look old. The scrubbing will make the color a little dull and texture grainy and rugged. You could also put a vegetable grater to job to achieve the distressed look.

3. Bring out that bleach:

Remember, how you have been keeping your colored beauties away from bleach to protect the color? Use the same principle but to distress your clothing. Dip half your jeans into a tub filled with bleach and water and achieve color patches to match the ramp trend. You could even use the bleach to dab patches across the jeans.

4. Fringe your tee:

Use your scissors to create cut across the circumference of the bottom of your tee. Tie the fringes to achieve the trend of a fringed tee. You could also cut the tee where the back meets the front and then create fringes. The fringes can then be joined.

Image result

5. Patch It up to Match Up:

You could use figures, and appliques cut from your old clothes and sew or glue them to other t-shirts or jeans to achieve the patch look. You could also cut untidy patches and sew them roughly over other clothes.

patch clothes reuse

Image Source: i.imgur.com

While the distressed trend seems to have taken completely over the fashion space, it’s hard to predict the next fad that may be on its way. But, by the look of it, it seems that baggy may be the new thing or the slits may be replaced by slashing the fabric entirely to achieve shorter and trendier versions. The baggy trend can be aced by embracing the existing clothes that are oversized. Overall, you craft accessories from school including scissors, fabric glue, sandpaper and the like may come quite handy to achieve the voguish attire of the modern day.

“While the distressed trend seems to have taken completely over the fashion space, it is difficult to predict the next fad that may be on its way.”

While the trend may seem harmless and an occasional indulgence to be among the crowd isn’t wrong, it is foolish to follow it blindly. Sporting a mismatched attire or something that makes the onlookers probe your current financial situation isn’t a very welcome sight.

Distressed is acceptable but shredded makes one wonder of the extent that one can choose to traverse for a trend. While the retro version of the trend sprouted from the heavy metal and rock obsession the current trend seems to be more of a race to look cool. Fashion may be a personal choice, but the presentation is critical for a good impression.

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