B2B Content Marketing: An Essential Guide​

Content marketing is a contemporary marketing technique that stemmed from the evolution of consumer reaction towards marketing. In the past, consumers were bombarded with marketing efforts that were impossible to filter through. However, this “noise” exposure has now diminished.


What Content Marketing Entails?

Content marketing involves creating unique and relevant content that is useful and valuable to customers. It can be equated to communication without direct selling by merely offering information about services or goods on sale to potential buyers. When done correctly, it is rewarding to business as well as promotes consumer support and loyalty without interrupting their daily lives.

Purpose of Content marketing:

  • Content marketing attracts and develops a select target audience
  • It creates consumer engagement. With this marketing technique, a consumer’s behavior can be impacted in a positive light.
  • Builds consumer trust and loyalty by consistently developing and delivering much-needed information

What Is Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing requires an independent strategy which will act as a guide in your marketing endeavours. Content marketing strategy is the management of created tangible media: written, visual or downloadable media. It is an integral piece of the marketing plan that demonstrates competence and expertise in the industry. Content marketing also entails:

  • Engaging the targeted audience
  • Generating quality leads
  • Improving brand awareness

Since content creation plays an integral role in business growth, it then goes without saying that it requires a well-thought-out plan. There are key points to consider when developing a content strategy:

1. Business Plan


A business plan is essential and the first thing you need to have. It covers the objective of your current business model in relation of the type of content generated. Moreover, it outlines the opportunities and challenges that the business may face during the execution process.

Image for Business Plan
Image for Audience Reach

2.  Audience Reach

Here, the specific audience to channel your content to is described. Their needs, purchasing behaviours, online activity and content engagement cycles are described and analysed intricately. Through these processes, one can develop the ideal content that will pique their interest, moving them closer to their goals.

3. Brand Value and Market Scope

Here, digital content marketing is characterized by the ideas and messages a business wishes to communicate and how different they are from the nearest competition.

Image for Brand Value and market scope
Platform to promote your brand

4. Platforms to Promote Your Brand

The platforms you will use to sell your brand is one of the challenges you’ll face to garner prospects. There may be numerous ways to promote your B2B content, but selecting the appropriate channel will increase the chances of attracting quality leads.

Brand promoting platforms include:

  • Social Media:
    You can channel your website content through social media, where it’s converted into several scheduled media updates after originally publishing it. Various social media platforms are available; you just need to locate where your target market is most active. 
  • Email: 
    Email is also an archaic, yet superfluous way to channel content directly to your intended audience, quickly reaching your target. B2B promote their website content, nurturing leads. Emails are also the best platform to inform and educate as well as drive traffic to content sources. Moreover, the B2B audience is kept in the loop on new information and news further cementing trust built. 
  • Paid Promotion: 
    PPC advertising on search engines as well as social media sites can really come in handy as a platform to sell your content. Sponsored updates, posts and promotional tweets, can be employed to target specific audience successfully. 
  • Leverage Employees: Quite often ignored, encouraging your employees to share your content is another great content marketing strategy. Possessing an already established social media following, they can use that network for marketing to different audience segments unreachable by you. Consumers are sceptical about content not shared by their trustworthy peers. 
  • B2B Community Sites: 
    Being active on B2B community sites and forums grants you the opportunity to interact with established business professionals with which you can exploit them. These sites are a great place to promote your created content, expanding your readership and network that can last for years.

B2B Content Marketing: Content Marketing of the Future

The future of B2B marketing is evolving at a fast pace. B2B marketers need to:

  • Be innovative
  • Incorporate new concepts
  • Be strategic
  • Continuously test their efforts variedly before implementing any marketing idea

B2B marketers ought to do more research that revolves around consumer insights and preferences. Doing so will give them the ability to make desirable changes backed by data analytics and informed hypotheses.

Today’s content marketing landscape is data-based, influential and interactive. Creating content with brand information provides an engaging experience for your audience. WittyPen is your ideal partner when it comes to content creation.

Why Good Quality Website Content is Essential for Marketing

Website content allows businesses to meet the goals they set forth whilst starting out. Quality website content should not only readable but also, useful, important, enjoyable and easy to digest and most importantly generate revenue through leads. Content monetization is essential for business success. Good quality content shares the following features:


Website content needs to be diverse in order to generate revenue. WittyPen provides a variety of website content that includes: data, apps, text, images, or video. Moreover, these contents are posted in different places, i.e., in blogs, business websites and on social media platforms as text or multimedia.


In addition, website content ought to have a sense of realism. It must be factual since content created aims at informing the masses. This is also an ideal way to establish trust and credibility for your website. WittyPen understands the importance of reality in business and strive t provide not only factual content but also one that will serve to educate and establish trust.


You need relevant content tailored specifically to your business. Consumers are there to get information relating to your brand. Understanding why visitors flock your website is our key strength, and we follow suit by generating the highest quality content. All you’ll be left to do is collect the revenue generated by those who’ll stay by subscribing to your business website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content marketing involves creating website content with appropriate keywords and phrases to enable search engines to locate them. It also puts them at the top rankings channelling visitors to your business website.

Back-link Generation

Lastly, visitors streaming to your website will share the content if they find it appealing and engaging. People are constantly looking for things online to share with their friends and family. A well-written content generates back-links from other websites, blogs, and people who also add value to your content.


With content marketing, global information distribution makes it possible for consumers and brands to connect effortlessly. As more brands target specific audiences with similar needs and tastes, the world seems a much smaller place with Internet 2.0.

Key Benefits of Content Marketing and Its Impact on Businesses

  • With content, the unique part is that great content lives on forever; however, if ads have timelines and campaigns last for just a certain time period.
  • Content can grow your audience enhancing your social media strategy. People are more likely to pass on a good article to their social media networks.
  • Content can be tailored as per the needs and requirements of various audience segments. Advertisements etc. have more of a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Content rewards consumers with meaningful information. Sales messages are usually a turn-off for potential leads.
  • Boosts your SEO ranking and Analytics results. Usually, publishing quality content with a unique design will get you rewards from search engines.
  • Content marketing is an effective PR strategy that enables you to address key issues that stem from readership in addition to promoting your business.
  • Content marketing drives inbound traffic and generates solid leads.

WittyPen for Your Website Content Needs

Digital content marketing is favourable to your business since it’s an easy and cost-effective way to get visitors who’ll transform into leads and generate revenue. In addition, it enables you to establish your business in the industry and gain a solid foothold against your competition. Consumers want brands they can trust, those who offer tailored information to their needs and preferences. Incorporating content marketing techniques benefits your organization and reinforces your relationship with your customers and further solidify your online presence. In today’s competitive environment, digital marketing is one of the affluent keys to success. 

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