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5 Key Benefits of Hiring Expert Content Writers for Your Brand

Dec 28, 2019

5 Key Benefits of Hiring Expert Content Writers for Your Brand

The digital world is almost entirely driven by content. But what drives content? What makes it work the wonders that it does? Brands seek quality content day in and day out. Businesses, small and big alike, need content that can hold the audience’s attention. The question is – can you create this content without hiring expert content writers?

Content should be able to sell. The product may differ – tangible products, services, or even information. A total of more than 2 trillion searches on Google in the year 2019 prove that the internet is the go-to research platform for the general population and professionals alike. Regardless of the product, the result has to appear amongst the top 10 results of any relevant search for it to be effective.

5 Key Benefits of Hiring Expert Content Writers

Expert content writers to create content for your brand

About 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created and uploaded on the internet every day. The first challenge is to be able to present the relevant data to reel in the target customer. Even if the search engine presents a few lakh results for a keyword search, 75% of the users of search engines do not scroll past the first page. And that’s not the only challenge.

Even if you are able to bring your content to your potential customer, the battle is far from over. With a concentration span of as low as eight seconds, how do you make sure your content grabs and retains your readers’ attention and makes them perform the desired action? How would you ensure your readers read through your content in its entirety and not just skip it after reading the first few lines?

Hiring expert content writers ensure that your content does not get lost in the vortex. They have the skills and ability required to make your content stand apart. They realise the importance of producing quality content and understand the nitty-gritty of content writing. Proficient content writers are an important element of the long-term content marketing strategy to dominate the content space in the foreseeable future.

Hiring expert content writers to create content for your brand has several benefits:

They Know How to Write Content for the Web

Expert content writers keep themselves updated with the latest trends and incorporate those in your content. Their skill set comprises of not only producing interesting reading material, but also ensuring that it capitalises on all changes in search engine algorithms to make the most impact.

They Extensively Research a Subject Before Creating Content

The content is relevant only if it is able to identify customers’ demands and offer them what they seek. It goes beyond a catchy title or some fancy words. Content writing experts produce content after a lot of research and ensure that the same is relevant and relatable for the audience.

Domain Focused Content

The best content writing services realise the importance of making content attractive and efficient for a long period, while ensuring a higher ROI. Content with a longer shelf-life needs to be written by someone who understands the domain better and has original insights.

Drives Organic Traffic

One of the most common and important parameters that defines your content’s success and effectiveness is its ability to drive organic traffic to your website. Your content should act as a map and take the audience to your website. The best expert content writers in India offer content that promises a visible improvement in website traffic through the content they produce.

Quality Content Gets Links

High-quality backlinks boost your site’s ranking and improve its visibility on search engine results. Content with in-depth research which is by experts attracts high-quality backlinks, further boosting organic traffic to your website.

Content Writing Platforms – What they offer

Creating content is not as simple as it looks. It comes in many forms and variants. Content writing platforms like Wittypen offer several solutions such as blog writing, e-mailers, PR, ebooks, and website content. Each of these formats has a distinct purpose and structure and requires hiring expert content writers for the best results.

Bottom Line

With outrageous amounts of content being dumped onto the internet daily, it is imperative to get an expert to keep your content afloat for the best results. Creating this content in-house can be challenging and expensive, which is why you should consider hiring expert content writers who can create compelling stories for your brand.

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