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Popularity of Fintech Content Marketing in India

Fintech Businesses are under immense pressure to stand out from their competitors while also promoting themselves as a brand, with the aid of traditional trust-building measures. Content marketing has emerged as a tried and tested strategy to increase the consumer base, boost customer acquisition, and promote the demand for financial technologies.

Formulating a clear content marketing strategy can help companies gain long-term traction, and register growth and success. Leaders can forge their name in the fintech industry by focusing on customer requirements and providing relevant, informational, and useful content accordingly.

There have been multiple examples which prove content marketing for fintech businesses is extremely successful. Having a documented content strategy and using it to educate their users about the product has helped them generate leads for fintech business and get better conversions and build trust as a brand.

To understand the ROI we have also checked their Alexa and SEMrush statistics and the elevation in their growth says it all. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the fintech businesses who are doing fantastic content marketing!

1. ClearTax

How do they do it? : Mainly through GST Resource base for users.

What kind of content works for them? : Educational content as blogs and videos

Why it’s a hit? : It’s a great resource.

Image for ClearTax

Image Source: Cleartax

ClearTax has a well-organized, easy to navigate self-explanatory videos and articles educating the user about each of their offering. If you are looking for step by step guide for E-filing or ‘to the point’ structured FAQs, this is the site which speaks directly to your needs.

When GST was planned to launch in India, ClearTax was one of the first movers which gave them a straight advantage and their articles were ranking high on Google.

2. Zerodha

How do they do it? : Educating beginner to intermediate investors

What kind of content works for them? : Educational course for investors

Why it’s a hit? : One of the best resources for beginners to learn about stock market and available as a pdf

Image for Zerodha

Image Source: Zerodha

Ranked 148 by Alexa on the national platform, Zerodha is sought after for its Crisp writing, financial assistant ‘Analysis’ and Varsity – easy to grasp stock market lessons with in-depth coverage and illustrations, written by experts and caters the requirement of first times and pro with ease.

Varsity, which is one of the core content marketing resources for users starting with investment allows them to learn more about stock markets, which also helps Zerodha build trust among users. All the resources are also available as downloadable PDF which enables users to learn on-the-go.

3. Chargebee

How do they do it? : Influence the audience with thought-provoking and informative content

What kind of content works for them? : Influencer blogs, Long form articles, Interviews and Email Newsletter

Why it’s a hit? : Transparent insights on SaaS growth that help

Image for Chargebee

Image Source: Chargebee

Chargebee is a leader in subscription billing and well trusted globally!

Most of their customers are global and they have been able to grow with a consistent brand image with users. There articles provide real insights on growing SaaS marketing and businesses and the SaaS Dispatch(weekly newsletter) is another piece of content that builds interaction with the users. If you have a SaaS business, you cannot miss reading their blogs!

4. CreditMantri

How do they do it?:  They leverage the power of data and technology and help people understand their credit health. They also help in discovering loans and credit cards suited for one’s profile and in reducing EMI’s and borrowing costs.

What kind of content works for them? : Free content resources such as the list of Forex conversion rates,  list of customer care number for banks across India, Saving rates across India etc and freebies like “free credit score” calculation. They also have a forum that has varying topics of discussions like “how to get a business loan with bad credit”, “how to improve bad CIBIL score’?

Why it’s a hit? : Not only makes the loan application process easier but helps maintain one’s credit score.

Credit Mantri

Image Source: CreditMantri

5. Policybazaar

How do they do it?: What?, Why?, and Which? of Policies

What kind of content works for them? : In-depth landing pages, blogs,

Policybazaar tops the SEO rankings with extensive content on everything related to buying policies, you need a go-to platform for policy information, it is the place to go. They get a huge traffic as people are usually confused about the policies one should purchase and an authentic resource where they get a structured information becomes an obvious choice.

content marketing Landing page for fintech business

Image Source: Policybazaar


How do they do it?: Help SMEs run their businesses in a better manner

What kind of content works for them? : Numberz recently ranked among top25 for best GST blogs is helping SMEs grow their businesses through tips around receivables, payables, accounting etc. The best part is their focus on Indian customers and how they operate. ‘How it works’ educative step by step article with actual snapshots lets you experience the new age business banking.


Image Source: Zerodha


How do they do it?
Disseminating – easy to understand, research-based information on mutual funds for everyone.

Which type of content worked for them?
What worked for them was informative content that was written in layman’s terms.

Why is it a hit?
It is a repository of information that lets you see beyond “mutual funds are subject to market risks.”

Image for Scripbox

Scripbox focuses on long and detailed blogs that cover everything from scratch. These articles are aimed at anybody who is keen on investing in mutual funds. Assuming that the reader is a complete newbie, their content starts with imparting foundational knowledge regarding mutual funds, its types, etc. It highlights how mutual funds are a viable investment option and are absolutely safe when decisions are made wisely.
Through its content and services, Scripbox is making mutual fund investments accessible to all!

8.Paytm Money

How do they do it?
Paytm Money acts as a zero-charge, zero-fee digital investment platform that gets work done without the bells and whistles.

Which type of content worked for them?
Bite-sized content loaded with information.

Why is it a hit?
Paytm Money promises the easy discovery of mutual funds, investment tracking, and mutual fund information – all on a single platform.

Image for Paytm Money

Paytm Money is the investment arm of the fintech conglomerate, Paytm. Given that Paytm needs no introduction, the company already has its brand building in place. Paytm’s digital wallet services have seen an upward trend and integrating it with an investment portal is a wise move to diversify the company’s mandate.

Further, customers will find it extremely convenient as they may already be making use of Paytm.


How do they do it?
By offering a single-stop destination for users’ digital payment needs.

Which type of content worked for them?
PhonePe shared information on financial subjects and related news.

Why is it a hit?
PhonePe is simplifying digital payments and inculcating safe practices amongst its users.

Image for PhonePe

PhonePe offers an array of services from sending/receiving payments to the settling of utility bills. The seamless integration with various payment modes like BHIM UPI, debit card, credit card, and wallet makes it highly convenient.

Through its informational blogs and videos, PhonePe is simplifying the process of making digital payments through the app.

Important points to consider

Right words at the right place bring quality to your product which allure the customers to go for it. The fintech marketing works on this to ensure the customers can actually ‘feel it’ before using it and they are able to ‘own it’ by knowledge before trying it. Hence through this, you allow them to become ‘part of you’ before buying your product.

Your timely updated content can fetch you loyal customers, makes your brand an authority, adds value to your brand and makes your website worth returning to as part of your daily routine. lt also gives you

  • Enough exposure to be trendy,
  • Staying way ahead of your competitors
  • Building trust and loyalty of your customers
  • Reach your target audience who likes to avoid advertisements
  • Great visibility on social platform thereby more traffic

Over to you

Online customers have just too many options and they look forward to educating themselves and compare all the options available before zeroing in on the right product. And when the product we are talking about is a financial product, the sensitivities involved just go up a few notches higher.

While FinTech businesses for content marketing are innovative enough to bring more and more of new features to simplify and streamline the finances enabling easy handling of the same, one does also come across people and Corporate who are hesitant to adopt it because it comes across as complex and opaque. But remember – without strategic content marketing it gets difficult to rightly position your brand. You as a brand should focus on sharing your knowledge with your customers and build authority, conversions will follow.

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