How Can Online Content Writing Platform Help Your Content Marketing Campaign?

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Last updated on November 15th, 2022

There exist multiple online content writing platforms with a global presence, who are helping businesses grow through their dedicated content marketing efforts. According to Statista’s Forecast for 2019, global content marketing revenue is projected to increase to more than 313.4 billion US dollars. With such enormous amounts of investments in content marketing, stakes are high.

Stats of content marketing

Today, brands focus a lot on generating relevant content for multiple reasons. Some of these include:

  • Building original content to drive sales.
  • Generating leads through content marketing.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Information/Knowledge exchange

According to a B2B Content Marketing Survey by LinkedIn Technologies, lead generation is the top goal of content marketing, followed closely by thought leadership and market education. In fact, a majority of prominent organizations use content marketing as a business tactic.

Some have proved themselves as pioneers in this regard. Take Amul for example. Amul has time and again proved to be the “Taste of India”. As a brand, it has become synonymous with creating witty content around the Indian political and entertainment developments. Consider the picture below for one such reference.

Best content marketing examples

What started as White Revolution back in 1948 has evolved into one of the finest brands, which understands its audience well and continue to create great content. It is clear that big brands are winning customers through content marketing.

Content Writing Platforms Power your Content Distribution Strategy

Continuing with the Indian Market, the primary objective of content marketing is thought leadership, with 59% of companies emphasizing on its relevance. It is foremost to understand what type of content marketing works for your business. If your content marketing strategy does not generate leads and bring desired results, all your efforts become negligible.

Recent data shows that for 61% of B2B marketers, lack of resources such as staff, time, and funding remain some of the biggest obstacles to successful lead generation. According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, 51% of the brands find the lack of bandwidth to create content as the biggest challenge with their content marketing. Moreover, when it comes to 60% of B2B content marketing most  find it extremely challenging to produce engaging content, According to the Content Marketing Institute.

Why Outsourcing Content Makes Sense?

Fredrick Nael says, “It takes two sides to build a bridge”

In this sense, let’s say you, being the business, constitute one side and your content marketing platform forms the other. Both of you together build the brand.

It is this brand that generates leads, gets revenue, and makes your business grow further. In real-time, businesses need to understand the credibility of their resources. It is not always feasible to afford in-house writers. As a result, some brands may not possess the bandwidth to create original content.

According to Curata, only forty-two percent of companies have an executive in their organization directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy. Moreover, some businesses prefer handling their content marketing strategy with a need-based approach. 62% of companies outsource their content marketing with an aim to generate quality content. Content writing platform services can reduce such gaps and supply high-quality content which meets your business targets and ideology.

Online Content Platform: They Create, You Curate

Brands using content platforms can focus on marketing strategies and distribution while content creation can be outsourced. Having a dedicated team of professional writers/editors and copywriters can fuel your content marketing strategy. Online platforms provide brands with the skills, resources, and most importantly, the roadmap to power their marketing efforts.

Associating with an online content platform will also dissolve your doubts of how to find freelance content writers for outsourcing. Online content writing platforms have a plethora of professional writers and industry experts to match your content needs. From social media posts, blogs, thought leadership articles to E-Books and Whitepapers, online content writing platforms have writers under every industry domain and vertical.

By outsourcing your content to experts, you can:

  1. Get professionally written content which is optimized for search engines instead of micro-managing.
  2. Sustain proper time management with your resources. Outsourcing to online content platforms leaves you more time to invest in other business verticals.
  3. Track your content marketing efforts by measuring ROIs on the outsourced content.

Furthermore, content outsourcing also helps your blogs rank higher on search engines:

Online content writing platforms optimize content for search engines by:

  1. Well researched keyword Optimization.
  2. Using LSI keywords for SEO optimizations.(How to get better search engine ranking)
  3. Generating well structured, readable posts.
  4. Frequently creating content to continue building brand awareness and generate traffic.
  5. Focusing on meta-description and URL optimization.
  6. Using other technology tools to power content.

Convinced to Try Content Writing Services?

Such online platforms possess the expertise and resources to drive results. They possess sophisticated technology systems and applications to effectively generate content and strategize your marketing efforts. Moreover, the pricing and cost of writing services depend solely on your requirements and needs. This makes a lot of sense for brands, especially the ones who wish to see better ROI on their content marketing efforts.

Best content writing services

So, remember, whatever you do, an online content writing platform can help you do it better. That too with better infrastructure, tools, and a great team of dedicated writers and experts.

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