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Last updated on July 22nd, 2019

E-commerce is one field which has gained sufficient prominence over the last few years. As per “Worldwide retails E-commerce sales: the E-marketer forecaster for 2016” the worldwide online sales this year is going to show a jump of 6% from the last year translating into a revenue of $22.049 trillion. Once the potential of this field was realized, marketers also realized the scope of web design and e-commerce copywriting in making this field the success it is today. Besides having an impressive web design, one thing that can give your brand the much-needed push towards your target audience is an effective copy on the product page.

Based on our experience, below are the key challenges you will face while targeting optimal e-commerce conversion rates

1. Targeting the Right Set of Users

First and foremost it is essential that your message reaches the correct people. Most companies have difficulty in analyzing this information. Conducting a survey for the same often remains the best way to reach out to your target audience and potential buyers.

2. Making Your Users Understand What Your Product Is All About

The average consumer needs to be told specifically what the product is all about. Even though advertising is an interesting medium to do so, but how is your target audience going to pay attention to your message is the dilemma that you face the most.

3. The Feasibility and Usage of the Product for Your Customers

Most consumers resort to internet and DIY videos to understand the usage of any product. If you are also looking at marketing such a category, chances are you might have to be clear in all the details. Zig Ziglar one of the world’s famous salesman had a very interesting thought on this “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want”. In simple terms, it means to be clear and descriptive in your product description because that’s what makes the maximum difference.Put up informed content,so that you get repeat customers.

4. What Makes the Product Different(Your USP)

There are innumerable products and services in one category. So,as a business owner, what makes your product stand out among the rest is what you need to highlight in bold. However, when the difference is too minuscule to be shared, you must resort to other means to put your product in the limelight. Needless to say, this is not going to be as easy as it seems.

Let’s Analyze How Copywriting Can Solve Each of the Above Problems:

David Ogilvy famous ad-guru compared consumers to the marketer’s wife and said: “The consumer is not a moron she is your wife; you insult her intelligence if you assume that a few adjectives and a few vapid objectives will persuade her to buy anything.”

The copy-writing that figures on your web page should be more effective than just increasing the SEO rankings. Many people like you are still at a crossroads of the importance of web design versus copy-writing. Here is how copy-writing works hard and gains an edge over web design as a way to generating more sales.

1. It Will Project the Brand Image and What It Stands For

One impressive way to reach out to your consumers is to tell them more about you and what your brand stands for. Try to incorporate some fun factor in your product description as that will entice the viewers to spend some time in getting to know more about you. An interesting example here has to be Flipkart, an e-commerce platform which on it’s about us page gives you a glimpse of their history along with a major milestone description telling the consumer about how they have progressed.


2. Will Create Urgency and Motivate Shoppers to Purchase

A call for action or an urgency created in the minds of the consumers surprisingly has a grave impact making him taking the step of purchase promptly. As per Dr. Robert Cialdani Professor of Psychology of the Arizona State University, “Scarcity is one of the six pillars of influence and it’s easy to see why:

Great demand leads to great sales”. Urgency can be impactful only if you supplement it with details on how the problem can be resolved. This can be done in multiple ways like limiting the duration of the campaign or suggesting the first come first serve basis clause on an enviable deal.


Here we see the advertiser has clearly mentioned that deal is valid only when booking is done by 2nd December.

3. A Call to Action Will Let You Guide Consumer’s Preference

Your call to action lets you delve deep into the mindset of your target and how you think and react with regards to your product. The call to action highlights the value of your brand and that is what the consumer needs to find in the end. Paul Cheney mentions in his blog how in an experiment by just imposing a limit on the total number of applicants to 1000 the call to action button clicks got a 15% hike.


4. It Creates a Reader Involvement

E-commerce copywriting is not just about telling the customer what your brand is and how long it has been in the market. People automatically get pulled towards stories and that is primarily because all of us are social beings and we love things which relate to us.

See below how Snap deal gives you a detail of all things associated with wearing a Sari in order to get the reader to go through the detailed product catalog and make a final purchase.

Learn how to wear a Sari
Wearing a Saree can be difficult especially when you are a beginner. You often keep wondering how to get those flattering pleats and how to drape the 6-yard of fabric around the waist so neatly. Fret not as here are some simple steps you can follow to dress up in saree elegantly and stylishly. Keep your sarees handy!

Saree Draping Steps:

Step 1:
You need to keep these things ready: a petticoat, fitted blouse, comfortable heel sandals, safety pins and matching jewelry such as ‘Jhumkas’. Wear drawstring petticoat as firmly as you can since it decides the flow and grace of nine yards you wrap around it.

Step 2:
Now, you are ready to tuck in saree. Figure out the pallu (usually, it is with some border or heavy embroidery), if not you can understand the saree’s plain end with the fall that is attached to bottom from length-to-length except the pallu. Wrap the fabric keeping it just an inch above from the floor. Make an estimate of pallu’s length (ideally should be above the knee) and leave some saree fabric untucked for pleats. You may not get it right on the first go; don’t fret and keep trying.

Step 3:
Once you are satisfied with the progress in step 2, it is time to make pleats. Depending on the length of your saree, you can make anywhere between 6 and 10 pleats. The pleats should be even, should face left side and should be of same width and length. Tuck the pleats to the left in the petticoat. Position the pleats with safety pins neatly.

Step 4:
Pallu can be pleated or you can just let it rest gracefully on the shoulder with the help of safety clips or saree pins.

Step 5:
Now when you are saree-ready, look yourself in the mirror to sync the thought completely that you have tied this saree on your own in just 5 steps. Adorn the look further with makeup, jewelry, and matching footwear.

Wearing a sari will become as simple as it can be if the above steps are followed. Not only can you wear it as elaborated above, but different types of saris can be worn in different styles that complement your culture, length you desire, type of material and occasion. Some of these include Bengali draping style, Lehenga sari draping style, Maharashtrian draping style, Butterfly style, and the mermaid style. Hence, it is undoubtedly the most elegant and sophisticated attire that can be worn, well appreciated by every woman for the multifariousness of draping techniques.

5. Focuses on the Targeted Audience

In case the brand has already chalked out its target audience in advance, it becomes the duty of the copy to convey the message to it impactfully. An excellent execution of this idea is which allows consumers to make your own look and design an album which you would like to sport for any specific event. Not only does this lead to higher conversion rates, it makes the selection easier for those who are also looking for something in the same niche.


6. Uses Appropriate Words for Maximum Impact in You Product Descriptions

When you say ‘marvelous’, ‘magnificent’ or ‘smashing’, the sole purpose is to imbibe in the consumer a feeling of awe, hence leading to a significant increase in the interest level. However, just using power words is not going to lead to any results until and unless they are correlated to a call for action. Write catchy headlines, make full use of SEO storytelling to create maximum impact

These words, also known as action words are the ones which entice the consumer to take a step and finish the shopping process. As Shirley Polykoff had rightly put it “Copy is a direct conversation with the customer”. By not making your copy impressive enough you are breaking the most obvious easy link that you can set with them.

Go through the product description of SJCAM SJ4000WIFI Action Camera on and see how the words and tone of voice have been used to create a maximum possible impact on the mind of the customer.

Summing up

Effective e-commerce copywriting has the power to direct the mind of the consumers into making a purchase decision. Most importantly it helps the consumers move ahead and trace out the details that they wish to find. While on one hand it helps set a brand image in the consumer’s mind, on the other hand, it uses persuasive techniques to convince the consumer that he is making the right choice.


People these days turn up to the internet when it comes to looking for any kind of information. Having one look at an e-commerce site and its content gives the reader a fair idea of what to expect. However, it is the impact and the presentation style of the details mentioned that makes the consumer sit through and notice the exclusivity and features of your product.

If you are able to present your audience with engaging content then be sure that this tie up with your brand will be maintained in future too. Keep in mind that consumers have a fickle mind and if they feel something amiss they are prone to move to another market player. Your content and its presentation are the only two things which can make your brand stand out and let them stay by your side.

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