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Natesa Priya

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023

A 9 to 5 corporate routine is not for everyone, especially in this modern age where the world offers you innumerable career options. Natesa, our this week’s WittyWriter, decided to leave her steady media job and instead pursue two of her passions – life coaching and writing. 

Read more about her journey in this week’s ‘Writer’s of Wittypen’ story.

Tell us about your personal and professional journey. What motivated you to become a content writer?

I developed a love for writing as a child and wanted to pursue it as a career. However, as a young woman, I was really confused about my career path and dabbled in a few other things before getting into writing. Only a few years ago, I had a regular job in the e-media industry, but I wanted more. I realized that the typical corporate grind wasn’t for me and quit my steady job to become a freelance writer while also pursuing my passion for life coaching. 

Tell us about the domains you work on. Any tips for new writers looking to work on the same?

I mainly work in the education, lifestyle, personal development, and healthcare domains. I would suggest new writers read lots of blogs and books on the topics of their interest to widen their horizons. We also learn a lot from our own life experiences that can help us become better writers. 

You have been working with Wittypen for the last two years; tell us about your experience working as a writer on the platform.

I love working with Wittypen! I have my writer’s profile on a few other platforms as well, but I find Wittypen to be the best. The work is regular, and often the assignments are quite interesting. Interacting with the content managers and editors is always a pleasant experience. I love how the communication is friendly, free-flowing, and effective. I get to choose the topics I want to work on, and freelancing allows for the flexibility I have always craved while working in a regular job.  

What do you enjoy most about working as a freelance writer?

The flexibility and freedom that freelancing offers! I totally love that I get to decide when I want to work and on what topics I want to write about. I don’t have to follow a rigid schedule and can take a break whenever I desire. 

Apart from writing, what are your hobbies and interests?

Besides being a freelance writer, I am also a women’s life coach. I love animals, nature, and cooking. I am passionate about leading a minimalistic plant-based lifestyle and have a blog on veganism. 

Lastly, please share your favorite book and current reading list.

“Let the Universe Lead You” by Richard Dotts is my favorite book. It is about how to work with the universe to manifest what you truly desire. I am looking forward to reading “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn. This book is about inherited family traumas and how we can start healing our families’ painful legacies. 

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