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12 best linkedin post generators

Have you been procrastinating too long to craft your next LinkedIn post? Look no further; use the best LinkedIn post generator to create magic on LinkedIn. Showcase your writing prowess by leveraging some of the best AI content writing tools.

LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals to connect and thrive. Followers, peers, competitors, and clients can all share helpful information and connect. Thus, the content you intend to post has to be compelling, engaging, and helpful for your audience. It should target specific pain points to solve their problems or knit motivational stories from real-life experiences.

No matter how overwhelming it is, you have to be consistent with your content generation task. By using AI post generators, you can create powerful content for LinkedIn and stay ahead of your competitors.

Role of LinkedIn Post Generators

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the time. It has revolutionized the way content is created. Loaded with advanced features, an intuitive interface, and prompt engineering, it offers a gamut of privileges to writers globally. Like other online platforms, LinkedIn too has embraced AI technology to help content creators craft ground-breaking content for the platform.

Being the world’s top professional networking platform, LinkedIn values the essence of creating compelling posts. With millions of global members on board, the demand for fresh content is surging day by day.

One thing you can do to craft a top-performing post for LinkedIn is leverage a LinkedIn AI post generator. These sophisticated tools take care of all the essential, minute details that you would’ve otherwise missed. Besides content creation, AI tools help to generate fresh ideas, create content outlines, edit and rephrase your content, optimise your work for search engines, monitor content performance, and more. 

12 Best LinkedIn Post Generators In 2024

Creating top-performing posts for LinkedIn is no longer a challenge with such state-of-the-art AI tools. Here’s a list of the top AI LinkedIn post generators that will help you create LinkedIn posts like a pro:

1. Wittypen: LinkedIn Post Generator

Wittypen AI tools are built with the intent of transforming the landscape of content marketing. To establish your brand on LinkedIn, regular posting is crucial.

However, this task is lengthy and challenging. You can use Wittypen’s content brief generator to create elaborate content outlines. From topic selection, keyword research, and writing guidelines, the AI tool offers it all. This is one of the best LinkedIn post generators for creating professional posts.


Using the content brief generator simplifies your job by generating well-researched, SEO-optimized briefs. The advanced AI feature automates the brief generation process, which further enables quick content delivery. 

If you aim to create high-quality posts for your target audience on LinkedIn, then the Wittypen content brief generator is your go-to tool.  

2. Taplio

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn post creator tool that can assist you in crafting professional posts, then go for Taplio. This AI-powered all-in-one tool will help generate, schedule, and analyze posts. It allows you to identify your audience so that you can directly connect with them on the platform.

Powered by AI GPT-4, Taplio churns ideas to craft inspirational posts that resonate with the target audience. It’ll assist you with multiple trending ideas that will lead to crafting compelling posts and drawing more eyeballs.

Additionally, you can schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance using the Post Scheduler feature. You can also track the performance of the posts and check the engagement statistics by using the analytics feature.


3. Writesonic


Add more depth to your LinkedIn posts by using the Writesonic AI tool. Generate crisp and catchy posts instantly on this AI-supported tool by adding relevant keywords and selecting the language choice. If the first draft doesn’t entice you, there’s always an option to regenerate alternate drafts. That gives you multiple options to choose from for your LinkedIn post.

This tool has different LinkedIn post templates through which you can include basic ideas, examples, or other inputs to the posts. Using Writesonic’s user-friendly interface, you can easily create a brand story, growth module, or problem-solving tips. A few clicks, and you’re ready for your next LinkedIn viral post.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI tool developed by OpenAI that operates on neural network technology. It can generate diverse types of content on LinkedIn. 


Utilize ChatGPT to generate concise and powerful slides for a compelling LinkedIn carousel. Include the suggested visual elements, such as images, infographics, or charts, to maximize engagement.

ChatGPT also helps to create long-form posts like LinkedIn articles. Based on your prompts, the tool can generate a structured outline for the post or even write the whole article. It will do a deep dive into the topic and present the most relevant content for your post.

5. Hootsuite

Use Hootsuite to generate engaging LinkedIn posts in various niches like finance, healthcare, education, and more. To get the maximum reach, mention keywords, tone, mood, language, etc., in the prompt instructions. The AI-supported tool will generate content according to your instructions to match your brand identity.

Additionally, Hootsuite’s “best time to publish” feature allows you to identify the exact time your target audience is active on LinkedIn. Thus, you can strategize your post timings well on LinkedIn and drive maximum engagement.

6. Anyword

Anyword is a free LinkedIn post maker that uses cutting-edge AI technology and innovation to generate LinkedIn post copy. If you’re a copywriter and want to create an audience base on LinkedIn, this is the tool for you. The AI-powered tool helps to design effective text ads, single-image ads, and other LinkedIn content.

The tool operates on data-driven technology to generate copy that attracts more eyeballs. Moreover, its customization feature allows you to tailor the words to align with your brand voice. 

7. StoryLab


StoryLab is an innovative tool that helps you knit stories with words and create captivating LinkedIn posts. This LinkedIn post generator uses AI technology to decode and tailor unique content for your target audience. 

The social media caption generator feature helps to create impressive LinkedIn captions. You can also get new ideas and inspiration to create your next LinkedIn viral post. The tool offers you a variety of writing styles, like professional, story form, listicles, or default, to choose from. The AI tool holds an extensive library of pre-composed professional posts with industry-specific customizations.

8. Simplified

Simplified offers a host of features that can help create visually appealing LinkedIn posts. The tool presents a collection of templates, colour options, fonts, icons, and more to enhance the posts, providing a personal touch.

Simplified uses advanced features like Free Flow AI Writer and AI Copywriting Generator to create effective copy instantly. It’s also integrated with the Grammarly app, which enables the AI tool to eliminate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors from the content. 

9. TinyWow

On TinyWow, you can easily generate several versions of content output by describing your topic within 150 words. You can then choose the version that matches your requirements.


The tool keeps seeking inspirational sources that would offer industry insights, tips, quotes, and links on the topic. Further, the AI tool can include sentences and paragraphs relevant to the post. Right from ideation and content creation to writing copy, TinyWao does it all. It also adds emojis to enhance the visual look of the post.

10. Writi.io

Are you going through a writer’s block phase or unable to come up with a quirky idea that’ll capture the attention of your LinkedIn audience? Get the writi.io LinkedIn post generator and mark your presence on the platform by generating high-quality posts.

The AI tool offers an array of pre-composed prompts that’ll create compelling and top-performing LinkedIn posts. Leveraging the integrated custom features of the tool, you can make your post eye-catching and maximize its reach to prospective clients, connections, and employers. 

Apart from using the pre-composed prompts, you can also include keywords and phrases of your choice to represent your brand and style. 

11. AIssistify by Resonate

AIssistify by Resonate is a non-chargeable AI LinkedIn post generator. It’s an easy-to-use tool that generates thought-provoking and engaging LinkedIn posts. It uses the theme and emotions associated with the topic to generate authentic posts that are unique and highly scalable.

This AI-powered tool offers the mixing and matching of different posts, which is an excellent way to repurpose your older posts innovatively and effectively. 

12. GetGenie AI


Another simple AI tool that can make your LinkedIn post creation task simple and fast is the GetGenie AI tool. It offers several professional post templates for LinkedIn, loaded with fresh ideas. 

The tool will regularize your LinkedIn posting habit by generating intriguing posts for your page. Craft compelling LinkedIn posts and indulge in some meaningful interactions by using the GetGenie AI tool. Its simple interface enables anyone to use the tool with ease.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using LinkedIn Tools

Users often become too dependent on AI tools. They stop using their creativity and rely completely on AI tools to create posts for the platform. This affects the quality of their posts and reduces engagement.

The following are a few common mistakes to avoid when using LinkedIn tools:

  • Using AI tools for the entire content creation process: Your posts should reflect your brand’s voice or style. Your LinkedIn post should resonate with your audience to boost engagement. For that, you need to put effort into providing accurate prompts, including keywords, phrases, sentences, tone, or mood of the brand or service.
  • Not evaluating your LinkedIn post’s performance: It is imperative to review and analyze the performance scale so that you can strategize your LinkedIn growth and engagement efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Using AI for LinkedIn posts can be rewarding in terms of increasing engagement and performance. Several features of AI tools allow you to experiment with your creativity and create a compelling LinkedIn post. These AI-powered viral post generators use machine language and an intuitive interface to generate eye-catching posts with curated information.

Futuristic robot in front of screens with data information . Artificial intelligence and computing concept . This is a 3d render illustration .


The various template options and custom features allow you to create posts that will cater to your audience and offer optimum reach. These tools also help you generate fresh and innovative ideas and outlines for your LinkedIn posts.

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