50 ChatGPT Plugins Every AI Enthusiast Must Know

Last updated on December 4th, 2023

Over one-third of S&P 500 companies recently emphasised AI in their earnings calls, reflecting a palpable shift from just the previous quarter. The rise of AI, with ChatGPT at its forefront, has seen tech stocks surge.

There is absolutely no doubt that AI (especially ChatGPT) is changing the way we work. While ChatGPT is helping professionals eliminate redundancy and boost productivity, ChatGPT plugins are the catalyst that can supercharge the AI dynamo.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to leverage AI for outreach or a developer eager to enhance conversational dynamics, understanding the best plugins for ChatGPT can be a game-changer.

We present you with the top ChatGPT plugins that can redefine your AI experience. 

Let’s begin!

Top 50 ChatGPT Plugins You Can Use Right Now

This curated list brings together the crème de la crème of plugins. Enhance functionality, uncover hidden features, and elevate your ChatGPT experience to new heights.

1. Wolfram


First up, we have Wolfram. This ChatGPT plugin stands out due to its advanced capabilities. Powered by sophisticated data, Wolfram empowers ChatGPT users to tap into high-level computations and real-time data, addressing a myriad of queries beyond the basics.


  • Solve diverse queries, from genealogical trees to audio spectrograms.
  • Unique features like real-time date and time checks.

Best For: Users seeking a versatile, data-driven edge.

2. ChatWithPDF

ChatWithPDF transforms ChatGPT into your personal PDF assistant. Directly load your PDFs and extract essential insights without the hassle of manual skimming.


  • Directly upload and interact with PDF content.
  • Extract summaries, key points, or specific information on command.

Best For: Professionals, researchers, and students who need quick insights from their PDFs.

3. Prompt Perfect

Anybody want to test Prompt Perfect? - Plugin Development - OpenAI  Developer Forum


It is a user-centric ChatGPT extension to help articulate and optimise your prompts for better AI interactions. It optimises and refines user prompts for better AI interactions.


  • Produces more detailed and precise AI responses.
  • Simplifies the user’s process of articulating complex queries.

Best For: Users seeking deeper, more specific responses from ChatGPT.


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Link Reader stands out as an intuitive plugin for ChatGPT, designed to decipher the content of various links, including web pages, PDFs, and images. It transforms ChatGPT into a virtual reading assistant, making content accessibility a breeze.


  • Offers immediate content summaries or detailed answers.
  • Simplifies browsing by extracting info without opening the actual link.

Best For: Users wanting quick summaries or info from web links.

5. Zapier

New! Announcing Zapier's ChatGPT plugin


Zapier infuses ChatGPT with enhanced workflow automation, connecting it with over 5,000 mainstream applications such as Gmail, MS Outlook, and Slack. With Zapier, ChatGPT becomes a centralised interface to interact with numerous work apps, eliminating unnecessary steps.


  • Allows drafting and sending of emails or messages without app hopping.
  • Automates repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity.

Best For: Professionals and marketers managing various work apps.

6. Instacart

Instacart is a culinary-centric plugin for ChatGPT, excelling in presenting users with a myriad of food and drink recipes. However, its uniqueness lies in its ability to direct users to Instacart’s service page, facilitating real-time ingredient purchases.


  • Provides detailed recipe breakdowns.
  • Directly links to the purchase page for ingredients.

Best For: Food enthusiasts seeking instant recipes and ingredient sourcing.


The Kayak ChatGPT Plugin - Changes Your Travel Planning Experience


KAYAK transforms ChatGPT into a seasoned travel consultant. With the ability to scan hundreds of travel sites, it presents travelers with comprehensive information, ensuring they find the best flights, hotels, rental cars, and holiday packages suited to their preferences.


  • Provides tailored travel solutions based on user queries.
  • Centralises travel research, saving time and effort.

Best For: Travelers seeking the best deals and suggestions.

8. Shop

The Shop plugin integrates e-commerce capabilities into ChatGPT, offering users an interactive assistant that streamlines their online shopping experiences.


  • Facilitates informed shopping decisions.
  • Provides quick access to product details or deals.

Best For: Online shoppers and deal-seekers.

9. FiscalNote

FiscalNote ChatGPT Plugin: A Revolutionary Policy Analysis Tool


FiscalNote, as a ChatGPT plugin, delivers real-time legislative and regulatory intelligence. It enables users to navigate complex policy waters, ensuring they stay abreast of pertinent legislative shifts and updates.


  • Streamlines the understanding of complex policy matters.
  • Enables users to stay updated on regulatory changes.

Best For: Professionals in policy, legal, and public affairs fields.

10. Klarna Shopping

Klarna Shopping acts as a savvy shopping assistant within ChatGPT. It’s primed to scan thousands of online stores, comparing prices and products to provide users with the most enticing deals available in real time.


  • Instantly locates the best deals based on user input.
  • Broadens shopping options and ensures cost-effectiveness.

Best For: Shoppers seeking optimal online deals and product comparisons.

11. OpenTable

ChatGPT x OpenTable = A new way we connect restaurants with diners


Dive into the world of gastronomy with OpenTable. Whether it’s fine dining or a casual eatery, discover and book instantly.


  • Streamline dining plans without manual searches.
  • Secure reservations to prevent wait times.

Best for: Food enthusiasts and travelers.

12. Speak

This ChatGPT Plugin makes breaking language barriers easier than ever. With Speak, you’re just a query away from mastering global tongues.


  • Quickly grasp foreign phrases.
  • Personalised learning experience.

Best for: Travelers and language learners.

13. Expedia

Unfold the map to your next adventure. From city skylines to sandy shores, the Expedia plugin for ChatGPT brings the world to your fingertips.


  • Simplifies complex travel arrangements.
  • Offers diverse travel options in one place.

Best for: Frequent travelers and vacation planners.

14. Argil AI

This plugin for ChatGPT is where data meets intelligence. Argil AI offers intuitive analytics, revolutionising the way you perceive numbers.


  • In-depth data insights.
  • Automated data processing.

Best for: Data scientists and businesses.

15. Stories

Try the ChatGPT Stories Plugin | StoryBird


You can create personalised, illustrated narratives using this plugin by ChatGPT. You can also unlock unparalleled creativity and immersive storytelling with Stories.


  • Simplifies content creation.
  • Provides diverse story angles and suggestions.

Best for: Users seeking to create engaging, AI-powered narratives.

16. There’s an AI For That

This is a plugin designed to identify the appropriate AI tools for a myriad of use cases, drawing from an extensive database.


  • Saves time by guiding users directly to relevant AI tools.
  • Simplifies the process of finding the right tool.
  • Reduces trial and error in AI tool selection.

Best for: Startups, researchers, developers, and businesses looking for tailored AI solutions without extensive manual search.

17. WebPilot

WebPilot, an advanced web navigation tool, offers capabilities beyond ChatGPT, such as consistent article summarization, Q&A extraction, tone customization, rewrites, and translations. The WebPilot ChatGPT plugin uniquely enables users to search Google, access top results, and note headings effortlessly.


  • Consistent and superior article summarization.
  • Integrated Google search, with auto-listing of top search results.

Best for: Content creators, researchers, and anyone seeking an efficient web exploration tool.

18. Speechki

Speedily convert text to audio with the Speechki ChatGPT plugin. Simply input ‘convert to audio’, followed by your desired text. Within a minimum of 10 seconds, your text is transformed into an audible format. Access the resultant audio via a provided link to the Speechki site.


Rapid and efficient text-to-audio conversion.

Flexibility to adjust playback speed and download audio.

Best for: Podcasters, educators, content creators, and those looking to convert written content into an auditory experience.

19. MixerBox OnePlayer

MixerBox OnePlayer is a comprehensive audio and video streaming plugin offering an extensive library of music, podcasts, and videos across a range of genres and moods.


  • Vast selection of music, podcasts, and videos.
  • Personalised listening is based on preferences in genre and mood.

Best for: Music enthusiasts, podcast lovers, and those looking for diverse audio and video streaming options to suit various moods and preferences.

20. Show Me Diagrams

It is a versatile ChatGPT plugin that accepts a basic concept input from users and turns it into a detailed visual representation in the form of diagrams like mind maps, flowcharts, and organisational charts.


  • Instantly translates ideas into visual diagrams.
  • Enhances comprehension and presentation of complex topics.

Best for: Educators, students, and professionals.

21. Questmate Forms

Questmate Forms is a ChatGPT plugin designed for quick and effortless form creation. It lets you simplify your data collection journey while offering seamless integration for effortless feedback and information gathering.


  • AI-powered for instant form creation.
  • Easier and more efficient than traditional methods like Google Forms.

Best for: Perfect for surveys, registrations, and more.

22. Image Editor

Image Editor is a ChatGPT plugin designed for basic image editing without the complexity of software like Photoshop.


  • Quick and simple editing tools.
  • Eliminates the need for complex software for basic tasks.

Best for: Those needing quick edits to their images without using sophisticated software.

23. LikeWise

Likewise Launches ChatGPT Plugin: A Revolutionary Tool for Personalized  Entertainment Recommendations | Business Wire


LikeWise is a ChatGPT plugin specialised in podcast discovery, using its database to offer recommendations based on moods and genres.


  • Quick and personalised podcast recommendations.
  • Provides links for easy access to suggested podcasts.

Best for: Podcast enthusiasts searching for new content tailored to their mood or genre preference.

24. World News

This is a ChatGPT plugin that delivers the latest international news, surpassing the 2021 data limitation of ChatGPT.


  • Access to the latest news in multiple languages.
  • Links to original news sources for in-depth reading.

Best for: Users wanting up-to-date global news delivered quickly.

25. VoxScript

VoxScript ChatGPT Plugin - Easy Access To Youtube Resources


It is a versatile ChatGPT plugin fetching YouTube video details and providing transcripts. It generates transcripts from YouTube videos, offers financial sources, and retrieves Google search results.


  • Fast and detailed video transcript provision.
  • Extended research capability through other sources.

Best for: Users needing transcripts and diverse data from videos.

26. Chess

Engage in a strategic battle on the 64-square board where ChatGPT becomes your worthy adversary. A fusion of ancient wisdom and modern AI, this plugin offers a unique chess-playing experience that challenges and entertains.


  • Offers different expertise levels.
  • Enhances strategic thinking through challenging gameplay.

Best for: Chess enthusiasts seeking a challenging AI opponent.

27. GameSight

Embark on a gaming odyssey with GameSight, a curator of digital adventures tailored to your preferences. From blockbuster hits to hidden indie gems, it’s a treasure trove for both rookie players and gaming veterans.


  • Quick access to game reviews.
  • Discover trending games, both mainstream and indie.

Best for: Gamers wanting reviews and game suggestions tailored to their preferences.

28. Change

Change harnesses the power of community, serving as a bridge between altruistic hearts and impactful nonprofits. It’s more than just a directory; it’s a movement promoting positive change and local impact.


  • Encourages community involvement.
  • Easy access to trusted organisations.

Best for: Philanthropic individuals wanting to give back.

29. Meme Generator

Unleash your inner humorist with the Meme Generator, a digital canvas that celebrates internet culture. Craft memes that resonate, tickle funny bones, and capture the zeitgeist of the online realm.


  • Easy and fun meme generation.
  • Can customise or let the AI suggest captions.

Best for: Users seeking entertainment through meme creation.

30. A+ Doc Maker

Crafting elegant documents becomes a breeze with A+ Doc Maker. Whether it’s the gravitas of a resume or the professionalism of a proposal, this plugin ensures your documents resonate with aesthetic charm and precision.


  • Quick and professional document creation.
  • Supports multiple file formats.

Best for: Professionals and students needing swift, high-quality document creation.

31. CoderPad

11 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Coders to Make Coding Easier


A coder’s playground, CoderPad transcends language barriers, offering a sandbox where multiple programming dialects coexist. It’s not just about executing code; it’s about exploring the vastness of programming possibilities.


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Eliminates manual environment setups.

Best for: Developers and coders needing a versatile in-chat coding platform.

Keymate.AI Search sheds light on the latest web content. It serves as a bridge to the expansive world beyond ChatGPT’s native knowledge and rejuvenates your search experience with up-to-date insights.


  • Access to the newest web data.
  • A broad search range, including trending topics.

Best for: Users requiring up-to-date search results beyond the 2021 knowledge base.

33. All In One SEO

All in One SEO – Best WordPress SEO Plugin – Easily Improve SEO Rankings &  Increase Traffic – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org


This is a comprehensive WordPress SEO plugin and toolkit established in 2007, designed to aid website owners in effectively setting up and optimising their websites for search engines without the need to hire experts.


  • User-friendly interface, making SEO approachable for beginners.
  • Comprehensive toolkit that adheres to the latest SEO standards and practices.

Best for: Website owners, business professionals, developers, and marketers 

Bing integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT, enhancing AI-powered search and growing the AI plugin ecosystem across Microsoft’s platforms. This partnership revolutionises user interaction with digital platforms.


  • Provides users with a search experience that delivers timely, up-to-date answers.
  • Facilitates the development of plugins that operate across various platforms like Bing, ChatGPT, and Windows 11 apps.

Best for: Individuals and developers seeking a seamless, AI-integrated search experience and plugin development.

35. Formidable Forms

10 Best ChatGPT WordPress Plugins to Use Today!


Formidable Forms integrates artificial intelligence into WordPress, enabling AI-driven support, sales assistance, and content suggestions. It’s an adaptable tool for enhancing user experience and streamlining website operations.


  • AI-driven support cuts down on manual customer service requests, optimising user experience.
  • Tailored content suggestions using AI can enhance site engagement and SEO.

Best for: WordPress website owners looking for intuitive AI solutions without the need for complex setups.

36. Polygon

Polygon.io is a comprehensive platform that offers real-time and historical market data across various financial markets such as Stocks, Options, Indices, Forex, and Crypto.


  • Simplifies financial research using AI.
  • Access to extensive market data.
  • Intuitive interface for data exploration.

Best for: Financial analysts, traders, and anyone needing efficient financial insights without sifting through massive datasets.

37. Wolfram Alpha

This ChatGPT plugin is an expert system known for delivering highly accurate answers, often surpassing the capabilities of standard AI programs.


  • Offers a higher level of accuracy compared to other AI platforms.
  • Built on a foundation of trust and reliability.

Best for: Users who need dependable answers in academic and technical domains.

38. Code Interpreter

This is an OpenAI in-house add-on that enables ChatGPT Plus to interact with Python for a range of tasks, from data analysis to file editing. It handles file uploads and downloads, data analysis, chart creation, file editing, math computations, and more using Python.


  • Versatile code interactions.
  • Seamless integration with data handling tasks.
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities.

Best for: Users needing data analysis, visualisation, or computational tasks directly within their ChatGPT conversations

39. Video Insights

Video Insights presents the ChatGPT plugin for interacting with online video platforms, notably YouTube and Daily Motion.


  • Retrieves full video transcripts, enhancing accessibility.
  • Simplifies metadata extraction for research and analysis.

Best for: Content creators, researchers, and video enthusiasts

40. Yay! Forms

This ChatGPT plugin lets users easily craft and integrate AI-powered Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, or Questionnaires directly into their Yay! Forms account.


  • Simplified AI-enhanced form creation process.
  • Seamless integration via unique URL import.
  • Elevate user engagement with dynamic content types.

Best for: Educators, researchers, and businesses seeking interactive and intelligent digital feedback solutions.

41. Ambition


This ChatGPT plugin empowers users with expansive job searching capabilities, diving deep into a vast database to fetch pertinent job listings tailored to their specifications.


  • Access to millions of job listings tailored to user queries.
  • Reliable and accurate job details without embellishments.
  • Direct users to the specific job page for deeper insights.

Best for: Job seekers, HR professionals, and individuals seeking optimal career opportunities near them.

42. Public

This ChatGPT plugin provides an avenue to engage with a comprehensive investment platform, encompassing stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more, optimised for transparency and education.


  • Transparent fee schedules and straightforward trading practices.
  • Access to educational resources, promoting informed financial decision-making.

Best for: Novice and experienced investors seeking a holistic platform with a strong educational focus. 

43. Playlist AI 

This ChatGPT plugin immerses users in a world of AI-powered music curation, transforming textual prompts into customised Spotify playlists that echo individual preferences and emotions.


  • Intuitive generation of tailored playlists by simply describing your musical mood or theme.
  • Dynamic blending of genres and unique music discovery experiences, from international gems to genre fusions.
  • Features such as advanced audio filters, TikTok video song detection, and BPM range filters amplify the user experience.

Best for: Music enthusiasts

44. PorfolioPilot

This ChatGPT plugin introduces users to an AI-powered investment guide, offering real-time data on portfolios, stocks, ETFs, and macroeconomic trends, all curated for actionable insights and clarity.


  • Seamless integration of finance and technology for in-depth portfolio assessments.
  • Real-time insights pulled from live sources within the last 24 hours.
  • User-friendly reports translate complex financial data into understandable advice.

Best for: Both budding and adept investors who value AI-driven analysis and up-to-the-minute market information. 

45. Tutory 

This ChatGPT plugin transforms the AI model into a personalised tutor, offering tailored educational support across a vast range of subjects, from mathematics to history. Dive deep into topics, reinforce challenging concepts, and enjoy continuous learning sessions with Tutory’s long-term memory feature.


  • Receive instruction adapted to your unique learning needs, ensuring thorough comprehension.
  • Seamlessly pick up from previous interactions, building knowledge progressively.

Best for: Students, educators, and self-learners

46. Xpapers

This ChatGPT plugin is your portal to the world of academic research, granting users seamless access to the extensive arXiv paper database. Discover abstracts, delve into references, and readily retrieve public PDF URLs of scholarly articles.


  • Direct integration with the arXiv database facilitates rapid retrieval of academic papers.
  • Added functionality to search specifically for papers with PDF links or by their unique ID.

Best for: Researchers, scholars, students, and anyone in the academic field

47. HeyGen

HeyGen is a ChatGPT extension designed to help you craft AI-generated video avatars. By simply inputting a script, you can have a virtual avatar act it out, personalising your videos effortlessly.


  • Turn your scripts into engaging video content.
  • Modify avatar parameters to resonate with your brand’s identity.
  • Directly command HeyGen via ChatGPT for efficient video production.

Best for: Content creators, digital marketers, educators, and businesses seeking dynamic video representation.

48. One World Domains

This ChatGPT plugin lets you effortlessly search for domain availability. Not only can users verify if their desired domain name is up for grabs, but they can also contrast prices across multiple registrars, ensuring the most economical buy.


  • Instantly check if a domain is accessible.
  • Compare domain prices across varied registrars to pinpoint the cheapest option.
  • Receive immediate links to acquire the domain of choice, streamlining the acquisition process.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, website developers, businesses branching online, and anyone in need of an efficient domain search and purchase tool.

49. Giftwrap

ChatGPT’s Giftwrap plugin is your ultimate gifting assistant. From personal celebrations to business events, it suggests suitable gifts for any occasion or recipient. Plus, with its wrapping and delivery service, gifts arrive without needing the recipient’s address.


  • Personalised Gift Recommendations: Find the perfect gift tailored to the occasion and recipient.
  • Hassle-free Checkout: Initiate gift purchases directly from suggestions.
  • Privacy Assured: Deliver gifts without needing the recipient’s address details.

Best for: Individuals looking for ideal gift ideas, businesses seeking corporate gifting solutions, and those wanting a seamless gifting experience.

50. What to Watch

This ChatGPT plugin is designed to help users find which shows are available on various streaming platforms, streamlining the search process for television enthusiasts.

Function: Searches across multiple streaming services to identify where a specific show can be viewed.


  • Simplifies the process of locating your favorite shows.
  • Reduces the hassle of manually checking individual platforms.

Best for: Television enthusiasts who often struggle to locate specific shows across numerous streaming platforms.

How to use: Input the name of the desired show into ChatGPT with the What to Watch plugin enabled and receive information about its availability across streaming services.

Befriending AI for Sustainable Success

Post ChatGPT, the world of digital content has forever been altered. It’s high time we embrace this advent of AI and use it to our advantage. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use these plugins to make the most of what ChatGPT has to offer.

Along the same lines, Wittypen strives to leverage AI to amp up content writing and delivery for businesses. Our innovative AI tools, like our Brief Generator and Content Calendar, simplify benefitting from AI.

Let your brand thrive as we amplify its voice with our words while embracing technology!


What are ChatGPT plugins, and how do they work?

ChatGPT plugins are software enhancements designed to augment the capabilities of ChatGPT. The AI plugins work by integrating with the core ChatGPT system, enabling users to use specific functionalities akin to smartphone apps.

How can ChatGPT plugins enhance productivity?

ChatGPT plugins enhance productivity by streamlining workflows, automating mundane tasks, and significantly reducing task completion time.

Are ChatGPT plugins customisable?

Yes, many ChatGPT 4 plugins are customisable. Users have the flexibility to adjust settings and preferences, tailoring the plugin’s functionalities to align with specific requirements.

For e-commerce ventures, plugins for ChatGPT, such as Shop, Klarna Shopping, and Instacart, are some of the top options.

Can ChatGPT plugins be integrated with social media platforms?

Absolutely. Some ChatGPT 4 plugins are explicitly designed to seamlessly interface with popular social media platforms.

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