12 Free Content Analytics Tools (Tracking Tools) To Build SEO Strategy

Last updated on November 23rd, 2022

In the digitally expanding marketing world, content is the lifeline of all online marketing campaigns. While engaging and quality content is key to a successful content marketing strategy, what qualifies and succeeds as good content can still be a puzzle. Content analytics tools are the key to that puzzle and they help you get a comprehensive understanding of which content is working for your audience and why.

Content analytics tools help evaluate your content in clear terms of the returns they generate. They provide the marketer with a clear picture of the positive and negative factors of a content marketing strategy that can affect a marketing campaign.

Apart from post publication analysis and audience feedback, content analytics tools clearly systematize the performance of your content. It helps you identify and eliminate the factors which hinder your performance. Unlike popular belief, content analytics are not restricted to website visitor tracking but include many sub-categories as well.

While content monitoring can be an expensive affair, here are some free content analytics tools which are a boon to any marketer wishing to excel at content marketing.

12 Best Content Analytics Tools for Successful Content Marketing

1. Google Analytics

Considering that 80% of internet activity happens through Google, one cannot ignore its own web analytics tool: Google Analytics. Despite being the most obvious one, it is the most helpful and user-friendly tool. The marketer simply has to create a Google Analytics account and copy the provided code on the business’ website.

Google Analytics

It then automatically collects, monitors, and presents data. It is a website activity tracker which allows the marketer to create customized reports and displays results without any delay. It specializes in website visitor tracking. There are numerous google analytics alternatives that provide condensed reports of various parameters offered by the former along with a few new ones.

2. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics

OWA is a fairly simple web analytics free online software with a huge storage capacity. It allows you to track multiple websites. Similar to its peers, OWA provides comprehensive insights like views, unique visits, referrals, bounce rates, etc. However, it additionally tracks each visitor’s click-streams and points out where exactly on a page did the click occur.

3. Serpstat


Serpstat is your go-to tool for measuring SEO success and getting real time web analytics. It provides details on search crawlers, results page ranking in the context of keyword search, page analysis, backlinks, internal links, etc. Moreover, it provides detailed tips on how to boost your ranking and leave your competitors behind at an affordable sum.

4. Cyfe Data Mashup Widget


Cyfe is an ideal website analytics tool for social media tracking. It mashes up multiple analytics reports and draws analogies between them to show how one factor impacts another. It merges real-time web analytics with social media analytics. For e.g: How does your Instagram post increase, website visitors?

This is a clever way to get an integrated analysis of your online activity and understand the effects of your social media campaign on your content strategy and web activity.

5. Headline Analyzer


Many websites use clickbait which is just misleading content crafted to generate clicks on a particular link. This not only annoys viewers but also decreases your credibility. Sometimes, the search engine may flag your website as a clickbait generator without the marketer actively doing so. Headline analyzer is a tool that helps you improve your page heading and titles to attract more visitors and drive website traffic. It is a free online content analytics tool that simply asks for your basic details.

6. Salesmate


Content is evaluated in terms of lead generation. These leads are then converted into sales through promotional and direct marketing. Salesmate is an analytics tool that monitors the articles, blogs, and visual content which generate leads.

It forecasts sales based on the insights it provides to the marketer such as the products your readers were most interested in, referrals, contact information, etc. This provides real-time sales data for effective targeting. It is a highly affordable CRM software too. It is a good google analytics alternative if your business’s digital marketing needs are superior to most and rely strongly on online sales and leads.

7. Keyword Density Checker

Keyword stuffing incurs the wrath of search engines and can give your website a bad name in the engine’s list. Keyword density checker monitors the number, strength, and frequency of keywords in your content and provides you with an ideal solution to increase your search ranking.

8. PlagiarismCheck

Search engines flag your website if they find duplicate and plagiarized content. It decreases your credibility. PlagiarismCheck is a tool that helps you check the originality of your content.

9. Search Combination Tool

Finding the right words and phrases for your content to attract visitors can often be confusing. This is an effective tool that helps you find the correct combination of phrases that visitors usually search for. All you have to do is insert a list of keywords under which you are aspiring to be ranked.

10. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a content analysis tool that provides heat maps to better understand your website activity. It gives insights about which content among images, videos, parts of a blog, etc. attracts the most attention from visitors. It provides easy-to-understand graphics to analyze website visitor tracking performance.

11. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo has an interesting mix of content analytics tools that not only provide you with insights about your content but also about the content which is popular in that particular genre. Similar to most free analytics tools, you can track visitors, referrals, bounce rates, etc. with its help, but what stands out is that you also gain an understanding of why your competitor’s content is more successful.

12. Pingdom

Your website’s technical set-up is a crucial ranking factor that helps you appear on the SERPs. Pingdom helps you monitor your digital experience and even provides solutions to make your website faster. It even alerts the marketer when a problem is detected in the running of your website.

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Ramp Up Your Content Strategy

Once you are equipped with these content analytics tools which enable you to target and market your content efficiently, you can embark on the journey to strengthen your SEO strategy. You can also check out our latest blog to gain insights into the process of optimizing your content.

Retrospection with real-time web analytics is the stepping stone to long-term brand equity and marketing success. With the availability of numerous free content analytics tools, you will be effectively equipped to control the amount and kind of traffic you attract. Merging this digital marketing canon with your overall marketing campaign will ensure effective results.

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