27 Chrome Extensions For SEO To Outrank Your Competitors

27 Top Chrome Extensions for SEO You Need to Try

Last updated on August 1st, 2023

Let’s face it- coming up with an effective SEO strategy takes a lot of time and effort. Especially when it comes to small in-house marketing teams, the process becomes even more time-consuming. 

Does that mean you should abandon your dream of dominating the SEO rankings? Absolutely not! 

According to research, businesses that invest in building solid SEO strategies with the right tools have an average conversion rate of 14.6%- it is significantly higher than traditional strategies with an average conversion rate of 1.7%. This proves that with the right resources and tools, you can easily streamline your SEO efforts and achieve exceptional results in no time.

Although there is no secret pill when it comes to SEO success, integrated software programs, such as Chrome extensions, can immensely help you make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in the long run. 

Read on to discover the top 27 SEO Chrome extensions and explore how they can help you streamline your workflow this year.

Let’s get exploring!

27 Top Chrome Extensions For SEO to Explore in 2023

Before we dive into the various extensions, it is important to understand the different kinds of extensions that can help you strengthen your SEO strategy. 

  • Keyword extensions provide comprehensive insight into the proper keywords you can target, their search volumes, competition levels, and various other factors.
  • Technical/backlink analysis SEO extensions help you identify and fix site optimisation and technical issues. 
  • On-page extensions primarily focus on analysing individual web pages to determine whether they’re well-optimised for search engines or not.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 27 SEO Chrome extensions that can help you boost your website’s rankings effectively.

  1. MozBar

With over 800,000 instals in a short span, MozBar has become one of the top free browser extensions that give you instant metrics when reviewing SERP or a page. 

It helps marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners check broken links, analyse domain and page authority, and target the right keywords.

  1. Whatsmyserp

Whatsmyserp is a free tool that allows marketers to use specific phrases and keywords to analyse their engine ranking position (SERP). It is updated on a daily basis, ensuring timely, accurate, and updated SERP results in no time.

  1. SEMSTORM: Keywords

SEMSTORM: Keywords is a smart digital marketing tool that enables users to conduct detailed competitive analysis and keyword research. It also comes in handy when it comes to PPC optimisation and overall content optimisation.

  1. SEOquake
SEO Quake

SEOquake enables marketers and website owners to analyse internal and external links, conduct on-page SEO audits, and compare existing URLs to improve the overall ranking of a website.

  1.  Link Grabber

Link Grabber is an extension that allows marketers to find and extract meaningful links from various web pages on HTML pages. It helps marketers conduct link research, find and eliminate broken links, and find group links by domain.

This extension also helps in filtering useful links and copying them to the clipboard for further analysis.

  1. SEO Meta in 1 Click

SEO Meta in 1 Click is a Chrome extension that allows users to analyse several essential meta-data, such as page titles, meta tags, header tags, keywords, open graph tags, and so on. It has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to make the most out of it when it comes to analysing valuable SEO insights.

  1.  SEO Minion

Trusted by over 300,000+ users, SEO Minion is a free tool that allows marketers with their daily SEO tasks, such as broken link checking, on-page SEO analysis, SERP preview, and more.

This tool enables you to check all external and internal links on your web page. Apart from that, it has a unique feature that can export “People Also Ask” queries from the search engine page.

  1. Ahrefs

With the record of updating metrics for 300M+ pages every 24 hours, Ahrefs has become one of the top search engine optimisation (SEO) tools in the content marketing industry today.

It primarily helps marketers improve their overall online presence and visibility. 

It also helps users improve several SEO tasks, which include, but are not limited to, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, and overall content analysis.

  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is a trusted online tool that enables its users to conduct thorough backlink analysis and keyword research. It is best suited for marketing professionals who aim to analyse insights into traffic distribution among domains.

It can also help professionals get an overview of market share fluctuations and local search history by offering an advanced competitor analysis.

  1.  ChatGPT Content Brief Assistant

Trained by Open AI, ChatGPT is a versatile language model that revolves around solving challenges in a conversational way. It asks follow-up questions and challenges incorrect premises to come to the best possible solution for its users.

For content marketers, it offers a variety of applications. It can be used for content generation and high-quality brief generation. It also helps the users get an overview of the latest audience insights and trend analysis.

  1. LinkMiner

Trusted by renowned brands like Airbnb, Alexa, and Adidas, LinkMiner is a powerful backlink checker that helps marketers analyse the nitty gritty of backlink analysis.

It provides a detailed analysis of the backlinks of any URL or website- whether you want to analyse the number of backlinks/referring domains or a comprehensive overview of the competitors’ backlink-building strategy, this tool offers it all.

It also enables you to explore new link-building strategies by offering a competitive analysis of websites to ensure you stay on top of your marketing game.

  1.   RocketReach Chrome Extension

Trusted by over 16 million users, RocketReach Chrome Extension offers quick navigation when it comes to looking up company information, the contact information of organisations, and other contact-related details associated with a specific company or website. Its clientele includes renowned names like Facebook, Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Intel.

  1. WooRank Chrome Extension

WooRank Chrome Extension helps users get an overview of their website’s overall performance. It helps them improve their online presence with the help of helpful SEO tactics and performance tips. 

It comes with a free and a paid version- depending on your SEO requirements- select any one version based on your requirements. You can also choose to use the free version for a while and then switch to the paid one later.

  1.  FatRank 

FatRank is a trusted extension that allows you to track your website’s rankings for specific keywords. It offers an extensive list of keywords and their website URLs, which helps you get a detailed ranking report. This report can help you understand your website’s current position on various search engines.

  1.  SEO Spider 

SEO Spider is a website crawler that primarily aims at improving users’ online SEO by auditing for common SEO issues. The on-page optimisation tactics it offers help users identify areas for improvement and improve their overall online presence in the long run. You can try their free version first before purchasing their paid offers.

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  1. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

As the name suggests, the Free Backlink Checker by LRT is a free online tool that helps website owners improve their SEO performance and overall backlink profile. 

With this tool, you can easily identify potentially harmful links that could lead to negative results. You can also identify spammy or broken, invalid, and low-quality links- it will help you eliminate such links and add proper backlinks that will boost your website’s rankings.

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere can be installed on both Chrome and Firefox. It allows users to analyse important data about keywords, search volumes, and competition levels of keywords. 

  1. Portent’s SEO Page Review 

If checking basic onsite SEO is what you’re looking for, Portent’s SEO Page Review can be helpful. It can be highly beneficial in terms of analysing meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, canonical links, on-page links, open graphs, and the overall content of your existing website.

  1. Open SEO Stats

Formerly known as PageRank Status, Open SEO Stats is a tool that allows website owners to deeply analyse the existing backlinks along with several essential SEO metrics. Due to its user-friendly and updated interface, this tool is now trusted by over 200,000 users across the globe.

Along with the SEO metrics, this tool also helps marketers analyse their indexed pages, cached pages, Google page rank, etc.

  1.  SeoStack Keyword Tool

Brought to you by SEOStack, SeoStack Keyword Tool is a free online tool that enables users to find long tail keywords for their websites. 

With over 70,000+ marketers and SEO professionals relying on this tool as the go-to long-tail keyword generator, it has become a staple for many looking to improve their SEO rankings today.

One of the top features of this tool is the fact that it helps you get keyword suggestions from various search engines, such as Google and Youtube, among others. It also helps marketers to generate a list of related keywords to incorporate into their SEO strategies.

  1.  PageImprove

Pagelmprove is one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome that allows website owners to tweak their existing pages quickly. It helps with tweaking the existing H1 pointers, meta tags, titles, and canonicals, among other things.

This is a detailed SEO extension that can save you a lot of time and effort you’d otherwise put into revamping your web content. You don’t have to wait for developers to refresh your content- this tool will take care of that for you. 

The best part is that the entire process takes very little time while making the existing content of your page as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

  1.  Robots Exclusion Checker 

Robots Exclusion Checker helps website owners analyse whether any exclusions or robots are harming the search engine rankings of their sites. The tool reports on various elements, such as Meta Robots tag, X-robots-tag, Robots.txt, Rel=Canonical, etc.

  1. Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is a brilliant tool when it comes to analysing meta information of web pages. Marketers use this tool to find issues with meta tags, Open Graph tags, canonicals, structured data, and subheadings.

This tool also comes in handy to analyse advanced data about the external and internal scripts used on web pages.

  1.  Schema Builder for Structured Data

If generating and testing structured data markup is a concern for you,

Schema Builder for Structured Data might just be your best friend. It is a free Chrome extension that helps users generate structured data markup for any webpage. It supports all Google-supported markups, making it a convenient tool for both beginners and professionals.

  1. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer allows you to analyse the cost-per-click, search volume, estimated traffic, number of used keywords, etc. With its user-friendly interface, it comes in handy for both beginners and professionals in the content marketing industry.

  1.  Glimpse

Glimpse can be highly beneficial for SEO professionals and marketers who want to gain insights into the latest Google trends and user behaviour. 

This tool can help you analyse related topics, top queries related to a search term, related keywords, and more. Along with that, you can compare and analyse different search terms to determine the latest keywords that can boost your website.

However, note that the free version only allows ten searches in a month. So, take the paid subscription in case you want to conduct more extensive keyword research.

  1.  Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach Lite is a free Chrome SEO plugin designed to offer unique outreaching tactics to marketers. It primarily helps marketers access relevant contacts for marketing campaigns. Getting access to such contacts helps marketers build successful campaigns. 

On top of that, this tool comes in handy when checking broken links- it also helps you find relevant replacement links. Consequently, improving your website’s trustworthiness becomes easier if you have access to this tool.


The 27 extensions and tools mentioned above are a small glimpse of the variety of Chrome extensions available to users- they help you simplify your daily tasks, improve productivity, provide an excellent browsing experience, and improve your overall search engine optimisation efforts.

No matter whether you are a writer, developer, marketer, SEO professional, website owner, agency owner, or simply someone who wants to make the most out of your browsing experience, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

So why wait? Try out a few extensions and see how they improve your browsing experience today!

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  1. What are the best Chrome extensions for SEO?

Some of the best Chrome extensions for SEO include Ahrefs, WooRank, Ninja Outreach, Semrush, SEOStack Keyword Tool, FATRAnk, Portent’s SEO Page Review, SEOquake, and Meta SEO Inspector, to name a few.

  1. How do I use Chrome extensions for SEO?

Given below are the steps you can take to use Chrome extensions for SEO:

  • Be clear on what kind of extensions will be beneficial as per your SEO strategy
  • Compare different Chrome extensions to determine which ones will be best suited for you
  • Make sure you have the Chrome browser installed on your device
  • Activate it and make the most out of it to improve your marketing game

Make sure you check reviews beforehand and install trustworthy extensions that will not harm your website or device in any way.

  1. Are there any free Chrome extensions for SEO?

Yes, there are many free Google Chrome extensions for SEO. Some of them are MozBar, Whatsmyserp, Woorank, SEO Spider, SeoStack Keyword Tool, and SEO Minion. Some of these also come with paid versions, but you can try the free version first before taking the paid subscription if you want to.

  1. What Chrome extensions are good for keyword research?

Various Chrome extensions can help you conduct thorough keyword research and boost your website rankings. Some of them are Keyword Surfer, Keywords Everywhere, SEOStack Keyword Tool, SEMSTORM: Keywords, Glimpse, and MozBar, to name a few.

  1. How do I choose the right Chrome extension for SEO?

There are a plethora of Chrome extensions available today. In order to choose the right extension, you have to have a clear understanding of what your SEO strategy looks like and what it requires. Once you have a fair idea of what you want, look for the best Chrome SEO extensions that are popular and have good reviews online.

On top of that, don’t forget to analyse and compare different extensions and the features they offer. Based on that, select extensions that are easy to use and serve your purpose in a hassle-free manner.

  1. Can Chrome extensions help with website optimisation?

Yes, Chrome extensions can be highly beneficial when it comes to website optimisation. There are various aspects that can be improved by Chrome extensions, such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, analysing backlinks, identifying technical errors, and more.

  1. What Chrome extensions are useful for backlink analysis?

There are several Chrome extensions that are useful for backlink analysis. Some of them are Ahrefs, MozBar, SEMrush, Serpstat, Link Miner, and Open SEO Stats, to name a few.

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