13 Real-World SEO Examples: How Brands Optimise Their Websites 

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Last updated on June 20th, 2024


To enhance your website’s visibility and drive more organic traffic, leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential.

SEO optimizes your website’s performance, improving its ranking on search engine results pages. This strategy encompasses various techniques, including keyword research, content optimization, link building, and improving user experience. It also involves local search optimization, regular content production, and the development of a strong online presence.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy can significantly boost your website’s visibility, increase organic traffic, and enhance customer trust.

Let’s dive into some SEO examples to illustrate how these strategies can advance your business.

Top 10+ Best SEO Examples and Case Studies to Inspire From

Read on to gain insights from the best SEO examples to inspire you to create your SEO campaigns. From leveraging keywords to creating content that meets customer needs, discover the 10+ search engine optimization examples that have achieved tangible results.

1. monday.com 

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Monday.com is one of the best SEO writing examples. The organization had explored the paid or non-organic channels of marketing and customer acquisition and was yet to unlock the exponential growth that SEO could deliver.

With the help of Semrush’s keyword research tools and a bunch of other SEO tools, scaled content creation by ideating content and creating content briefs, all of which targeted and prioritized keywords centered around their brand.

The keywords were chosen based on a scoring system that took into account three things: volume, keyword difficulty, and user intent. This step then helped the team of writers and editors to optimize content based on the scores and optimize accordingly. 

By implementing these SEO strategies, monday.com was able to increase rankings of 49% of their content pieces, of which 38% feature in the first pages of the SERPs. 

2. Freshworks 

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Freshworks, Inc., is the parent company of Freshsales, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to help businesses manage and nurture their customer relationships. Freshsales used SEO to generate quality leads by targeting keywords focused on users’ search intent and maintaining a keyword density that would push them to the top of the SERPs.

They used tools like Ahrefs to understand the related searches by users around their target keyword and create a long-form content piece based on that. Finer details were also touched upon, including the URL, page title, and meta description.

Freshsales also strengthened their backlinking game. Backlinking or inbound linking, the second most important step after content creation, is the process by which your content gains acknowledgment by other websites, which in turn informs search engines of the credibility of your site, recommending it to more and more users. 

As a part of their B2B lead generation processes, Freshsales also directed their attention towards interlinking that captivates readers’ interest and increases their knowledge pool, which further moves them towards conversion.

As a result, Freshsales witnessed an average increase in leads by 9.7% every month, and in ten months, 61% of the total leads were through organic channels. 

3. Canva

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When it comes to a company that is one of the best search engine marketing examples, Canva tops the list. Their enormous content marketing empire earned them a community of more than 100 million people across 190 countries – more than half of their customers being Fortune brands. 

Canva has focused on understanding the intent of the searcher, developing parent and child landing pages, implementing scalable landing page structures, and investing in backlink outreach. 

The $40 billion design juggernaut has created an impressive backlink empire that helped it build domain authority for itself and increase ranking on the SERPs. Further, Canva’s landing page templates, designed to target different use cases and long tail keywords, enabled it to achieve scalability and rankings.

Essentially, Canva’s success is attributed to multiple inbound marketing strategies such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and backlink building.

4. Airtable 

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Airtable is an incredibly popular cloud-based database and collaboration platform, and it has gained significant traction in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

By making it easier for users to store and access their data, Airtable has quickly become a go-to resource for businesses looking to supercharge their SEO efforts and make it to the list of best SEO website examples.

Airtable allows users to customize their database structure, making organizing data and finding the information they need easier. This helps businesses keep track of important SEO metrics like page impressions, keyword rankings, and conversions. 

Additionally, Airtable provides an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking search engine performance, making it easier for businesses to evaluate their SEO success quickly. 

Overall, Airtable is quickly becoming a popular tool for businesses looking to increase their SEO performance.

5. Wordstream

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In a recent case study, Wordstream, an online advertising platform, sheds light on the SEO strategies that helped its client increase website traffic by 600%

  1. Firstly, Wordstream analyzed content that attracted traffic to the website and unpublished the rest. Some of the unpublished content was either revamped, optimized, and republished, or for the ones with negligible or zero SEO potential, a redirect to the homepage or another relevant content asset was set up.
  2. Secondly, the company offered value to websites that had content on a similar topic or had earlier linked to similar content. This helped increase conversion rates.
  3. Thirdly, content that was not only valuable but was optimized with the right keywords was produced regularly.
  4. Lastly, internal links and anchor texts were updated to boost traffic. 

The four techniques used to achieve this massive traffic growth were an in-depth content audit, link-building outreach, regular SEO-focused content, and the implementation of an internal link-building strategy.

6. Belden Brick Company

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Belden Brick needed to increase its online presence to better compete in their market. To do so, they recruited digital professionals and online marketing strategists at TKG SEO, an SEO firm, to create a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

The strategists started by building a worldwide header and footer for the website. This allowed them to keep the website updated whenever they launched new products.

A new lead-generating campaign was also created, which also happens to be one of the greatest SEO campaign examples. This involved streamlining the code and content of the website, as well as improving the overall usability.

The results of the SEO strategy were soon visible, with traffic increasing by more than 85% within a year. TKG’s efforts to adapt the web marketing approach for 

Belden Brick also led to more repeat visits and improved the quality of leads. The strategy proved successful, and Belden Brick was able to compete better in its market.

7. Walmart

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Walmart’s SEO strategy is focused on two main pillars: creating content that is useful to consumers and optimizing search engine algorithms. 

To achieve these goals, Walmart has implemented a range of tactics, including creating content that educates consumers, such as

  • how-to guides, 
  • product reviews, 
  • video tutorials,
  • optimizing their website for mobile devices, 
  • building out their social media presence, and,
  • leveraging internal linking to improve user experience and visibility.

Walmart has implemented an effective SEO strategy that has helped them to generate $43 billion in online sales in 2021. This strategy includes the use of a parent-child structure for product pages, which helps pages to rank for different keywords. 

Additionally, Walmart.com is ranked #19 in the US with 854.9 million visits in December 2022, with desktop being the main source of traffic (56.14%). 

This indicates that Walmart is a popular website for its audience and that its competitors, such as Amazon, eBay, and Target, are also receiving traffic from this audience – making Walmart a good example of search engine optimization.

8. Zapier

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According to Ahrefs, by 2022, their organic traffic had increased by a significant 190%, while their organic search ranking had increased by an average of 8.2%. This was further corroborated by their impressive 18.6% click-through rate, indicating that Zapier’s content was both engaging and relevant to their target audience.

To create content, Zapier identified keywords and topics that were relevant to their target audience. They then created content around these topics and updated the website regularly, ensuring that content was continuously fresh and engaging.

Additionally, they optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs to ensure maximum visibility on search engines. 

Lastly, Zapier implemented structured data to their website, allowing them to be more visible on SERPs and to stand out from the competition. They used structured data to indicate the product’s features and attributes, which helped them to better inform potential customers.

9. BankBazaar 

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BankBazaar is an online marketplace for banking and financial services in India. Their SEO strategy has been incredibly successful and one of the best SEO examples, resulting in 22.6 million monthly organic visits, as well as increased brand visibility and loyalty. 

The bank’s approach to SEO is centered around creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that offers value to users and answers their questions. This content is then optimized for search engine visibility and optimized for user experience so that visitors stay on the website longer. 

BankBazaar also has an active social media presence, and they use social signals to drive traffic to their website. They run a lot of campaigns and PR initiatives and use search engine advertising to gain visibility and drive more traffic.

Finally, the bank has a comprehensive link-building strategy, which involves creating backlinks from authoritative websites, creating infographics and videos, social sharing and bookmarking, and building relationships with bloggers and journalists. 

10. Venngage 

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Venngage, an online visual design platform, implemented an effective SEO strategy focused on understanding their customers, optimizing content to reach the right audiences, and leveraging quality backlinks. 

The company first conducted extensive market research to understand what its customers were searching for. This helped them create relevant content tailored to their customers’ needs.

They then optimized their content by utilizing relevant keywords and phrases, along with the right meta tags and page titles. 

To further improve their rankings, Venngage sought out high-quality backlinks. They accomplished this by forming partnerships with other websites and building relationships with industry influencers. 

By leveraging backlinks from these authoritative sites, Venngage was able to boost its rankings and visibility. 

It is one of those search engine examples that show outstanding results.

Over time, Venngage began to rank for high-volume, low-intent searches and lower-volume, high-intent searches. This enabled the company to gain significant brand visibility and drive product sign-ups. 

As of August 2022, Venngage has 150,000 new user registrations month on month.

11. REI 

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Google has indicated that site speed (and, as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. A slow page speed indicates that search engines can crawl fewer pages with their crawl budget, which could negatively affect indexation.

Rei is amongst the best SEO examples that prioritize fast loading times.

To achieve this goal, Rei has adopted a comprehensive SEO strategy that involves leveraging various tactics to improve visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. The website implements keyword optimization, internal linking, and other strategies to maximize its organic reach.

Additionally, Rei employs various technical SEO tactics to improve page speed and optimize its code for search engine crawlers. These include caching, compression of media files, and enabling browser caching.

12. SweetWater

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Sweetwater.com has implemented an impressive SEO strategy to increase organic search traffic and drive sales. By first looking into their BrightEdge Data Cube and Ignite Analysis, Sweetwater.com identified potential concepts that could be optimized and organized for better search engine visibility. 

Sweetwater.com has also used StoryBuilder and ContentIQ to track the success of its SEO strategy over some time and stands as a good on page SEO


By leveraging BrightEdge’s objective reporting capabilities, Sweetwater.com has seen a 63% increase in page 1 ranked organic keywords, a 39% increase in overall ranked organic keywords, a 38% increase in organic-assisted transactions, and a 20% increase in new organic sessions.

By creating a unique and personalized experience for customers, driving organic search traffic, increasing profits, and ultimately reaching more potential customers, Sweetwater.com has become one of the good on page SEO examples.

13. Beauty Bay 

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In December 2002, Beauty Bay had 2.8 million visits to its website, with an average duration of more than 7 minutes.

Beauty Bay has mastered its SEO strategy to help it rank highly in the competitive beauty industry by targeting relevant keywords and optimizing its website content for better search engine visibility. They also ensure their website is mobile-friendly and has an optimized layout for an ideal user experience. 

Their link-building strategy- a good search engine optimization example, includes a combination of outreach efforts, guest blogging, and strategic partnerships to generate backlinks from highly respected websites.

In addition, they use relevant anchor text and keep their link profile diverse by using a variety of websites.

Finally, Beauty Bay takes advantage of different marketing channels, such as social media and pay-per-click ads, to drive targeted traffic to its website. They also have an active presence on multiple channels to keep their customers engaged and informed.

By leveraging all these SEO strategies, Beauty Bay could stay at the top of search engine rankings.


Optimizing a website for SEO involves a holistic approach that is both technical and creative. It can range from improving the structure of a website’s content to creating social media campaigns to link back to the site. 

The examples of SEO businesses mentioned above are a mix of content creation that meets their customer’s needs through efficient keyword use, utilizing the right formatting techniques, creating meta tags and titles, utilizing internal and external linking, and using features like rich snippets to improve visibility.

At Wittypen, we provide professional SEO content writing services, to enhance SEO and content efforts.

Leverage these strategies and make it to the top of the SERPs now!

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