5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important With Its Strategy

Importance of Content Marketing
Importance of Content Marketing and its strategies

Last updated on October 9th, 2022

Content Marketing is all about gathering innovative content ideas, fitting them into a proper plan, and sharing them with your focused audience at the right time. Regardless of your business model, content marketing is bound to leave its footprints in your journey towards desired goals. According to a HubSpot report (2021), 82% of marketers have been using content marketing as a brand awareness and promotional technique!

Now let’s talk about a few key aspects –

The Foundation Of The Content Marketing Strategy!

  1. SMART Objectives: Quite often, desired goals need an action plan and that is when your SMART objectives come into the picture, as they work as a navigator tool. Specificity, measurability, attainability, relevancy, and time-bound (timeline) are the limbs of your objectives. Setting SMART objectives lets you prioritize your efforts which leads to a greater chance of achieving your goals in an allocated time window! 
    Moving forward, the S (specific) allows you to have a clear vision of business areas to focus on. The M makes it possible to measure the outcome of your goals and help you be on the right track. The A (attainability/achievability) is another important aspect as it ensures that there will be a maximum chance of success in the long term. Sure, the attainable goals make you come out of your comfort zone, however the R (relevancy/realistic) lets you have a reality check of your own capability. Last but not least, the T (time-bound/timeline) could be the backbone of your SMART objectives. Having a certain action plan schedule will ensure achieving predicted results and reduce roadblocks.
  1. The Ws: Have a clear picture of why and what you want to promote to the buyers. Ideally, the Ws may help to plant the quiddity of your business. Not to forget, your customers can be the best cheerleaders and the harshest critics of your business. 
  1. Target Audience: The group of people your content is geared towards is known as your target audience. For instance, if you were to promote an FMCG-Baby Care brand, creating content for people between the age group of 24-40 will make a huge impact as these would be your repeat buyers for several years. Nevertheless, your target audience may also vary according to parameters such as age, gender, education, income, etc. 
  1. Empathy Map: The empathy map is one of the powerful approaches to gauge your audience’s behavioral pattern, point of view, and needs. Such data could provide detailed insights that can be used to come up with an effective content strategy.
  1. Content Calendar: Consistency is the key to making your digital presence solid through content marketing. Having a specific schedule, including content type, social platforms, time of posting, etc., will allow you to adhere to your content plan. 

What is this fuss about content marketing strategy, you may ask? Well, here are some important key points!

Just like a potter moulds clay dough into various shapes when making earthenware, a content strategy helps you shape and shoot the content in a tactical manner. Even so, such an approach actively encourages/nurtures your readers in terms of brand awareness, engagement, and retention.

  1. To Build Trust: Building trust is one of the important touch points when it comes to buyers. Did you know, 78% of customers do their background research on your company by reading articles on what you sell? Based on shared content, buyers decide whether to avail of your services or not. Moreover, content creation may allow you to better know your customers. While perusing through your content, the reader will most certainly have their opinions, most likely resulting in a positive brand image and an inclined trust.
  1. To Increase Retention Rate: Great content is enough to make your existing, as well as potential customers, have a worthwhile experience. This can act as your opportunity to seize customers’ attention by building an effective brand reputation consistently. 
  1. To Generate More SEO Traffic: Content marketing undoubtedly helps your brand improve Search Engine Optimisation efforts. In order to get the desired results, content needs to be optimized in terms of keyword rankings, quality of the content, etc. In simple terms, ‘more content + more pages + increased content (food) for search engines = significantly better results in SEO efforts. For example, writing blogs/case studies on various relevant topics allows you the possibility of having more ranked keywords.
  1. To Nourish Your Audience With Digital Content: An engaging content piece helps the reader know more about your company and offerings. Such pieces can come in the form of blog or white paper content format, which you can funnel across your social media channels. This means you can re-use the content to nourish/feed your readers/prospects in a much more systematic and effective way. As per research, people spend 20% of their time reading content, preferably online pieces. 
Image Source – Google
  1. To Strengthen Social Media Presence: In this digital age, it is important to maintain and grow your brand’s image on social media platforms in order to make them look crispy. Over 91% of marketers have stated that social media helps increase brand visibility and improves user experience. Sharing content across your media channels could increase visitors’ curiosity; hence, they will most certainly visit your pages repeatedly. Such activities will result in increased social media engagement and traffic.
  1. To Have Tremendous Growth Within Budget: Every content piece provides specific information to the readers. Likewise, the diversity of the content provides thorough knowledge of your brand and its values, as there are no extra charges, such as paid ad campaigns. Perhaps, posting the same content across various media channels enables you to cover the maximum chunk of your target audience. Hence, it can be said that through content marketing it is possible to reach out to as many people as you would like at a minimal cost. 


Content marketing is indeed one of the booming marketing tactics you can use to position your brand in the world. Moreover, a good content marketing strategy can also increase your organization’s goodwill, customers’ trust, and most importantly, their stand in the market. 

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So, now you know why there has been a buzz around content marketing! We hope this article has brushed up the strategy part and helped you modulate your content marketing even more effectively. If you’re looking for the best content writing services, Wittypen is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

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