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5 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Should Be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy!

Jan 28, 2020

5 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Should Be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy!

The importance of blog writing and article writing in content marketing is ever-increasing. It is impossible to craft an effective SEO strategy without blogs because of their role in drawing web traffic through relevant keywords.

Guest blogging takes traditional article writing a step further. Its primary objective isn’t to draw in web traffic but to build trust in your brand and its content. In simple terms, it means publishing a blog on a third-party website to draw backlinks back to your website. Guest blogging is not necessarily promotional, as it tends to educate and provide valuable insights.

It’s more effective than traditional article writing services because third party websites have a wider audience reach, which is crucial in generating awareness about your brand.

Additionally, guest blogging done on the right portal will lead to your brand being exposed to the right audience instead of just a wide one. This niche audience connection is exactly why guest blogging is gaining momentum in successful digital marketing campaigns.

How To Find The Best Websites for Guest Blogging

Finding the right platforms to publish your guest blogs on is crucial to getting the process of generating backlinks started. Here’s how you can find the right platforms –

1. Establishing Direct Contact

The best way to get a third party website to publish your blog is to pitch it directly to its editors. Popular websites are usually looking for niche content and hence provide an email address to which brands and individuals can send in their pitches.

However, editors receive numerous pitches, and to make yours stand out, your credentials, writing style, topic and domain-specific knowledge should be highlighted. Additionally, given their lack of time, your best bet at having the editors take the time to read your pitch is by grabbing their attention through a catchy subject line.

2. SEO Search

This is an interesting way to use an SEO technique to get SEO benefits. You have to ensure that you find the right audience for your niche and that your blog’s message aligns with not only yours, but the guest site’s interests as well. The best way to choose the appropriate site is to follow the
‘relevant keyword + blog/article’ approach.

For example, if you are a kitchenware provider and want to start guest blogging, then you would search for ‘basic cookware + blog’. This will bring up a list of food and lifestyle websites, some of some of which could be open to accepting guest blogs.

When choosing the right platform however, you must also ensure that the gust site’s Domain Rating (DR) is at the very least, similar to yours. However, a higher DR is preferred, as the resulting backlinks from posting a guest post on such a website can help boost your DR too!

3. Social Media Profiles

Social media timelines tend to show you profiles that might interest you and are closer to your niche. Following these profiles and starting a conversation with them can help you build a connection which you can then leverage to pitch your idea. You can even look out for article writing services who are looking for guest bloggers.

Key Advantages Of Guest Blogging

While we have already established the importance of guest blogging, its benefits outweigh the efforts.

1. Authority & Credibility

Once a site posts your article, it basically means that they see you as a credible source. It builds your authority among your competitors and establishes you as a thought leader in your niche.

2. Building Backlinks

Guest blogging has intangible SEO benefits. Once a website links back to you, it generates backlinks or inbound links. This increases your credibility in the eyes of the search engine algorithm, and organically boosts your ranking on SERPs.

3. Increases Organic Traffic

Investing in guest blogging is essential in driving web traffic. A guest post sends quality traffic to your website due to inbound marketing. Moreover, the enhanced SERP ranking draws higher organic traffic.

4. Increases Brand Awareness

Featuring on a popular website provides you with wider exposure. A new audience is exposed to your brand leading to new leads and possible conversions down the line. These potential leads will drive new business and strengthen your brand equity.

5. Expands Business Network

A positive association with popular websites increases your brand value. Moreover, the industry views you as someone who is highly informative and knowledgeable. This helps in generating new contacts in the industry and opens the possibility of advancing your business venture.

In Conclusion

While guest blogging might not seem very different from traditional blog writing, it is poised to be a crucial aspect of your content marketing efforts going forward. Publishing guest blogs on the right platforms can do wonders for your SEO and ranking, leaving no doubt about the fact that you should implement this as soon as possible. There are several other content marketing trends that are bound to make an impact in the future too, and you can read more about them here.

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