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Unique Ways to Generate Blog Ideas To Attract More Traffic

Oct 2, 2022
Unique Ways to Generate Blog Ideas

Unique Ways to Generate Blog Ideas To Attract More Traffic

As content marketers, one of the biggest challenges that we often face is to generate blog ideas to write about. We can’t shy away from our responsibility of producing quantity and quality content.

Producing good content on a regular basis is very important as it helps any brand build authority and gains trust amongst its user base. Consistent content creation also helps a brand maintain healthy traffic. So how can one generate “good” blog post ideas on a day-to-day basis?

Sit Back, Relax and Read on. Here are some tools to solve your query on how to become the best content writer.

Ways to generate blog ideas

Know your users better

Your users would love you if you write about solutions that solve their problems. How can you know about their problems and get blog post ideas? Well, It’s easy. ASK THEM QUESTIONS AND TAKE THEIR FEEDBACK.

Quick call

A quick call to your users can help you with tons of blog ideas in almost no time. Knowing the pain points they would be hearing from the horse’s mouth. And, while you answer them, you can form a better bond with them, and also answer questions from others with a similar problem.

Quick survey

Taking feedback from a tool like Typeform or an email can help you too. You can create a list of questions that you would want to ask, and their responses would be the doorway to new blog topic ideas.

Here is an example of how you can create a survey on Typeform.


Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a great way to explore ideas. How this works is really easy. Follow the steps to understand

Type your target keyword related to your website or area of work.

Moz Keyword Planner

You will see keyword suggestions by Moz. Click on that to proceed ahead.

Keyword Analysis

Inside the page, click on “Display keyword suggestions that” and you will see a dropdown list. Select “are questions”.

Moz keyword Suggestion Questions

Voila! You have so many questions to choose from based on the monthly volume and relevancy.

keyword questions suggestions

Google Keyword Planner

Though originally meant for complementing Google Adwords, Google Keyword Planner also acts as a friend in need to content marketers when it comes to finding new blog topic ideas.

It tells you the monthly searches made for that particular keyword, and you can craft questions/topics around the same. For example, keyword planner has monthly searches of 100K -1 M, meaning that it’s quite searched for. Sift through your keyword suggestions accordingly.

Your topics could be –

  • This the most incredible article about keyword planners you’ll ever read
  • 3 reasons why you should embrace keyword planner
Google Keyword Planner

Use Forums Like Quora and

Quora is a popularly used site for questions and answers. Millions of questions are asked, and millions of responses are posted. Which makes it a perfect place for you to hunt down your content marketing topics and content ideas.

How? It’s easy. Type in your “keyword” in the search box and you will see many questions related to your keyword. You can generate blog topic ideas from those questions. These questions are popular and are asked by so many, and this makes them the perfect choice for your next blogs.

Quora keyword research is a close-knit community of inbound writers that constantly share the best new ideas, events, and jobs related to content marketing.

You can find cool things to blog about from the hottest topics or from the articles that are gaining popularity and lots of upvotes


Use Google Autosuggest Results

You can use Google autosuggest results to generate blog post topics for your next post. You need to open an incognito window in your browser and do a google search of topics that you want to write about or are related to your field of work.

When you type in your keyword, Google automatically auto-suggests the phrases (containing that keyword) that people are already searching for. The example below will make things clearer for you.

Use UberSuggest

A powerful tool and Neil Patel’s Baby – UberSuggest is a great support system when it comes to generating blog ideas. All you have to do is enter your choice of keyword, and it gives you back multiple topics instantly.

Follow the example to understand.


Use BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo helps in generating topics, and also displays the number of shares and backlinks that a particular topic receives. By focussing on the trending topics of Buzzsumo, you can create truckloads of blog posts for the coming days!


Do some competitor research

A little bit of competition is always healthy in the longer run. You must always keep an eye on how the competition is doing. Using Similar Web you can easily get to know your competitors.

Look at the blog ideas that they write about and see if they are relevant to you. You can maybe write a much better and more comprehensive article on the same topic!

Buzzsumo keyword research

Once, you have decided on the topic that you want to write about, you might also want to come up with an attractive blog title. For those reasons, I recommend you a couple of tools to check out.

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HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator – This is a handy tool. All you have to do is enter your choice of nouns in the search boxes and the blog title generator gives you blog ideas for your next blog post.

Hubspot heading generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator – A free blog content generator. The blog post titles generated have a funny bone in them, and can easily strike a chord with the audience. Find interesting topics to blog about using this.

Linkbait Title Generator –Yet another tool that can help you write catchy headlines for your next blog post. Check it out for yourself.

Headline generator

You might also want to look at the kind of headlines that drive traffic, engagement, and conversion. Here’s the link to the full blog.


Blog regularly, and follow these tips to generate blog ideas to have your users glued to your content. To get some awesome content yourself, download the e-book below!