Lifestyle Content Marketing: 7 Best Examples To Learn From

Lifestyle Content Marketing examples

Last updated on June 21st, 2024

Lifestyle marketing is a powerful approach that resonates deeply with consumers by aligning products and brands with their personal aspirations and values. This method goes beyond traditional marketing, which often focuses solely on product attributes or price, to create a connection that encompasses the consumer’s entire lifestyle.

Understanding Lifestyle Marketing:

Lifestyle marketing builds on the idea that a brand can become an integral part of a consumer’s identity—reflecting their hobbies, beliefs, and societal values. It aims to celebrate and enhance the desired lifestyles of its audience, positioning the brand as a key component in achieving those aspirations.

For instance, the global wellness industry, encompassing lifestyle products and services, is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by end of 2024, according to McKinsey. This growth highlights the increasing importance of lifestyle choices in consumer behavior. Factors like geography, demographics, social norms, and personal values play significant roles in shaping these choices, making them key considerations in lifestyle marketing.

Today’s consumers are looking for brands that not only meet their aesthetic and functional needs but also mirror their ethical and environmental values. About 88% of consumers express a preference for brands that promote environmental friendliness and ethical practices, underscoring the shift towards more socially responsible marketing.

Accenture’s report supports this trend, noting that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that reflect their own beliefs and values. This connection suggests that modern lifestyle marketing should focus on establishing an aspirational lifestyle that appeals to the brand’s target audience, supported by products that embody these ideals.

Successful Examples:
Brands like Nike and Adidas exemplify this approach by encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle through their stylish, functional athletic wear. By doing so, they do not just sell products; they promote a way of life that is attractive to their customers, thereby fostering a deeper brand connection and loyalty.

In summary, lifestyle marketing offers a strategic advantage by integrating a brand into the consumer’s personal and aspirational lifestyle, making it more than just a choice of product but a part of their identity and daily life. This marketing approach not only elevates brand perception but also enhances customer loyalty and advocacy.

Top 7 Lifestyle Content Marketing Examples You Should Know

1. Vogue

How do they do it? : Their content is relatable and engaging

What kind of content works for them? : Blog posts and videos

Why it’s a hit? : The readers can apply the content to their life

Vogue, the fashion bible, has managed to keep its magazine brand sailing afloat in this digital age with the help of the right content marketing. Their website is intensively Search Engine Optimized (SEO) which gave them 40% of their visitors.

Vogue, through its blogs and articles on its website, targets its readers with its daily dose of content. The content is relatable and keeps the readers asking for more. A special column dedicated to “How to” for readers to learn trends they can apply to their daily lives.

Apart from the blogs, they have also been asking their subscribers for stories of the experiences they had when they first got their Vogue issue keeping their readers engaged.


2. Apple

How do they do it? : Selective Content pieces

What kind of content works for them? : Chic, tech-driven and UGC

Why it’s a hit? : The content is backed by powerful legacy brand name, a new design language


Apple products have transcended their original status as mere gadgets to become symbols of prestige and innovation. This transformation is largely due to Apple’s customer-centric approach, which prioritizes a clean, ingenious, and innovative technology environment. Apple’s marketing strategies and product design philosophies focus not just on functionality but also on the empowerment of its users.

There branding strategy not only differentiates Apple from its competitors but also cultivates a loyal customer base that views Apple products as essential to a lifestyle that values creativity and empowerment.

3. Zomato

How do they do it? : Content based on trending topics

What kind of content works for them? : Funny and Quick-witted content

Why it’s a hit? : The content has a powerful SEO and is very interactive

Zomato, an online directory to find restaurants around you, operates in 23 countries. Zomato is acing at the Content Marketing game with its Bold, Quirky, and Quick-witted content.

It is ranked 175 in India’s Alexa rating with a strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that gets 60% of its visitors to the website.

The content is usually about trending topics & news, making it relatable to the audience. They understand their audience; they keep them engaged by reaching out to them & with their creative content by giving them exactly what they need.

Tempting pictures of delicious food, quirky blog posts, and witty comebacks have made them one of the best. Zomato’s strategy focuses on using more images on all social media channels. Their content is entertaining, fresh, and relatable. It engages the audience. They make use of every opportunity.

Zomato Blog

4. Red Bull

How do they do it? : Appeals to the audience through content on great adventures

What kind of content works for them? : Blogs, videos, and extreme sports

Why it’s a hit? : There is no other close competition to their content genre

Red Bull’s level of content marketing and its strategies have been unmatched for a while now. They took the highway and made their way with adrenaline-pumping content on adventure sports.

The content on their website focuses on blogs, articles & videos with trending events and news about athletes and risk-takers on their website.

They have followed their tagline in all their content creation “Red Bull gives you wings,” giving wings to Felix Baumgartner for his jump from the stratosphere.

Red Bull also has a content pool, a website that provides high-quality stock photos and videos for editorial use by publishers, news agencies, TV stations, etc., often using a Red Bull logo somewhere in the content. This widens their marketing for their brand to other sources.

Redbull stories

5. Tanishq

How do they do it? : By Building trust in their customers

What kind of content works for them? : Blogs & videos focusing on togetherness and showing love through their products

Why it’s a hit? : Powerful SEO brings 66% of their visitors

Tanishq’s content marketing strategies shine out with their uniqueness, like their jewelry. They have experimented with their content but mostly cashing in on the emotions and trust of their customers through videos with stories.

Their aim has always been to build a connection with their audience by engaging them through storytelling or by asking them to share their story.

Their jewelry brand Mia also had a campaign along with a contest where they encouraged women to share stories of their work life on various social media platforms. The content comprised some DIY tips and short films.

The content that excelled the most on their website was the ‘Tanishq Promises’, where they got their employees in front of the camera sharing their stories, and experiences along with answering questions that every customer has in their mind about the quality, purity, clarity, craftsmanship, and more. This content eventually helped in building trust in their audience.

Tanishq Blogs

6. Koovs

How do they do it? : Makes their product more appealing with the content

What kind of content works for them? : Blogs and social media posts

Why it’s a hit? : Refreshing ideas and blogs

Koovs, an online fashion store, has been trending in fashion in India with its content marketing. They have collaborated with many Fashion Bloggers on social media who create content in styling and DIY.

Their onsite blog gives ideas on how to wear an outfit, Mix & Match, and Places you could get similar celebrity outfits, as well as blogs with attractive titles like “NYE Looks to Die For,” which has led to its Alexa ranking in the Top 1000 in India.

Koov’s latest campaign #Koovsxyou, is an interesting one, where you upload a picture wearing an outfit from Koovs on your Instagram while tagging them, and they put it up on their website engage the audience.


7. MakeMyTrip

How do they do it? : Storytelling

What kind of content works for them? : Blogs, articles, and videos.

Why it’s a hit? : The content is easy to very access and categorized

Make My Trip an Indian Online travel company aligned all its content marketing to fit the three pillars, which are: Inspire, Travel Discovery, and Demonstrate. They have an Alexa ranking of 64 in India.

Their blog posts are rich in content and attractively titled, such as “10 Laid-Back Weekend Road Trips from Delhi” They made their content for all sorts of trips that you will be tempted to read or watch even if you aren’t going on a trip

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Their storytelling captures ‘Customer First Stories’ with the happy stories of customers, where they address specific hurdles that MakeMyTrip sorted out, enabling a hassle-free journey.


8. Ixigo

How do they do it? : Creative budget content

What kind of content works for them? : Travel stories and visuals

Why it’s a hit? : They give importance to their content

Ixigo, is a travel search marketplace connecting over 70 million travelers with content & deals. They have achieved 46% visitors because of a good SEO.

Ixigo has been a leader in content marketing for creating viral content out of shoe string budget, and if they can, so can you. The content marketing team has been using creative content, visuals, and videos to increase their user base.

As Aashish Chopra, Head-Content Marketing, said, “In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, social media strategy for any brand revolves around remarkable content. Content must be compelling and share ­worthy, period. Every brand today is turning into a media company,”


Over to you

The businesses in Lifestyle, most of them are aware of what the audience wants, and they provide them with that, but the reason that these brands are doing much better than any of the others is that they are doing it differently.

They have experimented and included their product as well as their brand’s personality in their marketing and the way they want to present it. Strategic content marketing is the key to getting better at it.

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