Top 8 Multi-Channel Marketing Examples for Boosting Sales

Top 8 Multi-Channel Marketing Examples for Boosting Sales

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023

Are you still just communicating with your customers using just one channel? 

If you’re wondering why that isn’t working as well as you’d planned, maybe it’s time to rethink your marketing strategies and include multi-channel outreach in it.

Multi-channel marketing is nothing but using multiple communication channels to interact with your customers. Ahead in the blog, learn how 8 famous companies boosted their sales by implementing multi-channel marketing techniques.

Multi-channel marketing is the method of communication with customers through multiple distribution channels. These methods include but are not limited to – email, websites, physical stores, social media, and mobile.

Multi-channel marketing is important and effective because you reach customers through multiple mediums in their life. The method helps increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and improves the overall customer experience with your brand.

Multi-channel consumers are known to spend 2-5 times more than single-channel customers. It is a simple method of reaching customers through every channel possible, which wildly helps you boost your sales and customer relationship.

8 Examples Of Multi-channel Marketing In the USA

Take a look at these 8 famous companies doing multi-channel marketing the right way. 

  1. Apple
Apple Store in Mumbai

Apple’s approach to multi-channel marketing is a blend of the online and offline worlds. Bringing together personalised customer experiences and strategic retail presence. 

Their global chain of stores is a testament to this blend, serving as more than just outlets, but rather as unique institutions reflecting local culture.

A recent example is their first store in Mumbai, India. 

This store not only showcases Apple’s premium products but also immerses itself in the local culture. 

The Mumbai store brings competition to both the online and offline sectors, potentially boosting Apple’s sales in India’s premium segment. The launch was followed by multiple interviews by influencers, vlogs, and Tim Cook attending the launch ceremony.

It’s a perfect example of how a physical touchpoint in Apple’s multi-channel marketing approach can enhance the customer journey, improve brand perception, and drive growth.

  1. Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is an American industry leader in luxury handbags, accessories, and apparel. The company achieved multi-channel marketing success in two ways:

  • By combining the online and offline shopping experience
  • By implementing a genius SMS marketing strategy

After noticing that customers in-store were checking product details, sizes, and reviews on the company’s website, Rebecca Minkoff knew she had to do something to enhance customer experience. That’s when she came up with the great idea of combining the in-store and online shopping experience using interactive screens as digital tools in-store to help customers streamline their shopping experience. 

Now customers could try clothes offline and if their size wasn’t available, they could order it online at the spot too. This increased Rebecca Minkoff’s sales by 6-7x in just 6 months.

Other than this, Rebecca Minkoff implemented SMS marketing. 80% of their brand traffic comes from mobile users which makes SMS an important marketing channel for them. Texts reminding customers about items left in their shopping cart for checkout have a 45% conversion rate.

  1. Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes benz

Mercedes-Benz, as we all know, is a German luxury car brand. They’re at the top of their game, so it just makes sense to learn from their multi-channel marketing strategy. 

Mercedes-Benz came up with a campaign on social media called #clatakethewheel which was based on the redesigning of the 2020 CLA 35 AMG Coupe into a second-generation model. The company also used content marketing, paid media, and Super Bowl TV ads, and created an online community called Generation Benz to engage customers.

The launch of the 2020 CLA 35 AMG was the biggest product launch for the company in 20 years. Also, the product’s sales numbers went up by 25%.

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  1. Starbucks

Starbucks’ brilliant multi-channel marketing strategy includes its Starbucks Rewards program. Starbucks curates a streamlined and enjoyable consumer experience that builds customer loyalty and encourages them to return. The Starbucks Rewards program enables customers to earn ‘Stars’ with every purchase. 

After a certain amount of accumulation, customers can then use the stars to get free coffee and refills, among other rewards. Customers enjoy many perks, and can also manage their instantly-updated accounts through multiple channels including the Starbucks app, website, or any physical store. 

The Starbucks Rewards program ensures multiple visits by customers, thus building customer loyalty and increasing sales. 

  1. Disney

Disney understood the importance of optimizing their website for every medium and provides a great UX irrespective of what device you’re using to access it. The home page lets you book tickets for locations directly, and the website provides easy access to the shop, entertainment, and vacation planner.

The vacation planner is a great addition to the website which improves UX and makes planning trips to Disney’s parks fairly easier. The website takes the user through every step of the stay and even lets them create their entire trip itinerary.  

Disney optimized their websites for multiple devices to provide easy access and information to all their customers, which is a great way to streamline customer journeys to their parks.

  1. The Home Depot
The Home Depot

The Home Depot used to pay plenty of attention to physical stores but then realized that they need to target customers where they’re mostly now – phones and laptops. The company made heavy investments in improving its digital customer experience and incorporated its physical stores with eCommerce.

The company has also used email marketing to offer customers new products based on their purchase history and browsing pattern on the app and website. Multi-channel marketing helped in enhancing customer satisfaction by offering them expert advice, instructions, and DIY ideas through multiple channels.

  1. Under Armour
Under Armour

Under Armour is a famous American sportswear company that uses multichannel marketing quite flawlessly. The company focuses on celebrity endorsements and has featured great names including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tom Brady, and Michael Phelps. Under Armour leverages this to grab audience attention and increase their social media followers.

The company also has its own app called the “UA Shop” which provides personalized and lifestyle-based recommendations to users. A personal UX improves customer engagement and loyalty toward the brand.  

  1. Warby Parker
Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a popular American D2C company selling eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts. The company came up with an impressive “Wearing Warby” series which featured videos of real-life customers on the company’s social media. The series highlighted their unique journeys and inspiring stories and led to the creation of a massive 56k user-generated videos. 

Warby Parker also believes in a mobile-heavy future and has two great mobile apps along with their mobile-optimized website. Mobile apps also help brands create a personalized customer experience, which encourages customer engagement and builds loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Multi-channel marketing is an underrated way to achieve your marketing goals with ease. The method helps you build outreach, increase customer engagement, reach consumers through various channels, and build customer loyalty.

Learning from these companies and implementing their strategies into your own business model can greatly help your business scale its growth. Rethink and rebuild your marketing approach to reach greater heights today.

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  1. What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is the method of communication with customers through multiple distribution channels. These methods include but are not limited to – email, websites, physical stores, social media, and mobile. The method helps increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and improves the overall customer experience with your brand.

2. What are some multi-channel marketing examples?

One great example of a company performing multi-channel marketing is Under Armour. The company focused on celebrity endorsements to increase its social media presence and following. It also focused on providing a great customer experience to its customers using apps with personalized features and a great UX.

3. How can I implement multi-channel marketing for my small business?

Multi-channel marketing is simply a method of reaching customers through every channel possible. Small businesses can implement multi-channel marketing by including communication channels like email, websites, physical stores, social media, and mobile in their strategy.

4. What are the benefits of multi-channel marketing for digital marketers?

Multi-channel marketing is important and effective for digital marketers as it helps them reach customers through multiple mediums in their life. The method increases customer engagement and brand loyalty, and improves the overall customer experience.

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