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Outsource content writing

Last updated on June 14th, 2024

What is Outsourcing Content Writing?

Outsourcing content writing entails engaging external writers to produce original content. These outsourced content creators not only craft content from scratch but also play a strategic role in planning monthly or weekly content schedules, choosing appropriate visuals, and selecting trending content formats to boost readership.

Content writers involved in outsourcing may be freelancers or part of content marketing agencies. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider several factors when deciding between outsourcing and in-house content production. Key considerations include setting clear expectations, identifying gaps in content production capabilities, and establishing a budget. These steps are essential to ensure that outsourcing aligns with your content strategy and business objectives effectively.

Here is a complete guide for you on how to outsource content writing.

10 Trusted Platforms for Outsource Content Writing Services

1. Wittypen


Wittypen is an all-in-one content platform for your content outsourcing needs that provides businesses with high-quality content at scale and speed. The platform features an expansive team of handpicked writers who have been handpicked through thorough assessment and screening processes, ensuring the delivery of only the best quality content.

Wittypen features a handy set of AI-powered tools that enable businesses to perform quick tasks like brief generation and content calendar.

Businesses can request any kind of content across the table, like whitepapers, blogs, articles, press releases, eBooks, website content, etc. Wittypen provides this content under four key services:

  • SEO content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Content Refresh
  • AI content writing

The pricing tiers are simple and straightforward:

  • The Starter content tier begins at ₹960 apiece.
  • The Professional content tier begins at ₹1,500 apiece.
  • The Elite content tier begins at ₹2,400 apiece.

The platform allows for quick orders within three easy steps – select the content details, provide the customer profile and other details, place the order and pay.

Businesses that require content at scale can sign up to Wittypen for content management at scale.

2. Scripted

Scripted is the one-stop shop for all your content writing outsourcing needs. It provides both human and AI-generated content.

Scripted offers a Starter plan to its clients that has AI-generated content free of charge for one organization and one user. The Pro plan starts at $199 a month.

Scripted is a platform best suited for large enterprises that require content at scale, on schedule, and written by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

3. WriterAccess

Writer Access is a platform that provides businesses with the three essential tools they need for their content marketing strategy – Talent, Tools, and Training. Businesses can leverage AI-powered engines to search for the right writers and streamline their content delivery workflows.

Writer Access also provides managed services, integrations, and enterprise solutions for larger projects or requirements. A free trial is available for 14 days.

The Starter pack begins at $49 per month with an approval time of 5 days.

4. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is an all-in-one content solution for any type of business – publishers, agencies, brands, eCommerce businesses, etc. Regardless of the scale of a company, clients can find vetted writers available on a scalable platform.

The packages start with a Self Service module where businesses can get content written for $99 apiece on a free account. The higher packages bundle more services for a custom quotation depending on the specific requirements of the business.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a great platform for businesses to outsource content writing. It has a large pool of talented freelancers from all over the world, so you can find the perfect writer for your needs and budget.

To get started, create a clear and concise job posting that describes the type of content you need and your requirements. Then, screen freelancers carefully and select the best ones for your project. Once you have hired a freelancer, provide them with clear instructions and feedback.

6. Express Writers

Express Writers, as the name suggests, is a content outsourcing platform that delivers content at higher speeds than its competitors. It is best suited for businesses that require content on a deadline and also require it to be written by subject matter experts.

Businesses can select Managed Services or go for their self-serve option. The Expert category blogs start at $57 with a turnaround time of 4 to 6 business days. The price for general content is $50, with a turnaround time of 3 to 4 business days.

7. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a comprehensive content platform for outsourcing writing services. It is best suited for businesses that require specialized content like whitepapers and eBooks across a plethora of industries.

The basic tier that Writing Studio offers begins at $0.20 per word within 10,000 words, beyond which it gets even more affordable owing to economies of scale. The minimum delivery timeline is 7 days, though, which may not be best for businesses that require express content.

8. Verblio

Verblio is a content outsourcing service specifically meant for marketers and SEO experts. However, they also have an option for enterprises and publishers to order content on the platform directly and at scale.

Businesses can leverage the self-serve option to get content written for as economical a price as $0.06 per word. The platform fee is waived for the first month. For anything higher, businesses can get a custom quote depending on their content requirements.

9. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is the go-to destination for content outsourcing for businesses that require different types of content. For example, if a business needs ghostwriting services for whitepapers but also requires website content under the same umbrella, Crowd Content can make it happen.

The platform offers self-service content through the Marketplace tier, where businesses can enter the type of content they wish written, the number of words, and the quality required. Based on that, the platform generates a quotation for the work.

10. Bloggism

Bloggism is a specialized agency for businesses that require content for newsletters, emails, case studies, business proposals, book writing, essays, and even research papers. Given the nature of the content services they provide, they guarantee a plagiarism-free output that is SEO-optimized.

They have expert writers in fields like Medicine, Market Research, and Journalism.

Businesses also receive revisions and rewritten content if the original submission is not satisfactory.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outsource Content Writing Platform

Finding the right outsourced content writers is already a challenge – however, there are ways to navigate it that can help businesses get the best content for their purposes.

Several factors need thorough consideration before selecting a content platform that can meet all of a business’s needs.

1. The Client Base

The first litmus test of whether or not a content platform is suitable for a business is always the client base. Does the content agency cater to similar businesses? It helps to research the type of content that these brands are uploading on their channels.

2. The Expertise and Experience

Does the platform provide access to subject matter experts? Brands in the technical niches usually require SEO content that has weight and insight enough to appeal to professionals in the niche. So, look for platforms that have proven track records in your business domain.

3. The Dashboard

Countless content writing platforms today have AI-powered features and tools that enable businesses to manage their content and orders seamlessly.

It is best to select an easy-to-use platform with an intuitive UI that has all the tools necessary to raise orders, request revisions, and handpick the writers for each individual project. A user-friendly dashboard makes ordering and receiving content a smooth journey. 

4. The Turnaround Time

In order to get the best quality content, the turnaround should have a good balance of not too late and not too early. Good things take time, and content is no different. However, if you require specific content urgently, contact the professionals via the platform you’re outsourcing from.

This factor needs to be planned with the content agency with high visibility on the content schedule so that delays can be avoided and content can be put live on schedule.

5. The Samples

It helps to read several samples of the agency’s work on its website before deciding on hiring a content platform for writing. The samples give a good idea of what the final product would be like setting the right expectations beforehand.

If a business needs better or different content written, the same can be negotiated with the agency.

6. The Reviews

Finally, the business should look at the reviews of the content agency on online platforms and business directories. The real-world users of such platforms leave verified reviews and experiences working with the content company, giving good insight into the experience of working with them.

Success Stories of Brands Outsourcing Content

For businesses planning to outsource article writing, it is important to check all bases first. This also involves reading about the case studies of outsourced content writing services that really brought about a significant boost in the marketing goals of a business.

Below are two case studies that prove how content writing outsourcing can genuinely make a difference.

1. Hubler – Scaling Content for Organic Growth

In partnership with outsourced writers, Hubler was able to drive 400% weekly organic growth through over 100+ content pieces written.

Hubler is a low-code platform designed to help businesses create custom digital solutions. They were facing traffic scarcity on their website, and the content required a drastic revamp.

Wittypen provided constant and consistent support with content services for two quarters to deliver cross-format content like blogs, case studies, eBooks and more. The result was a 10x improvement in impressions.

2. Nifty –  Lead Generation and Content Refresh

Nifty, a self-explanatory name, was experiencing a slump in leads because of the disconnect between their products and the content on their channels.

They partnered with Wittypen for extensive content services, including the creation of over 40 long-form articles with in-depth research targeted at the MoFu audience. This helped nifty funnel in more leads, increasing their signups by 30%.

Outsource Content That Drives Growth 

When a business decides to outsource writing services, there are several considerations and aspects to keep in mind. For example, it is necessary to have a clear goal defined – the purpose of the content, the targets it needs to achieve, and the target audience it needs to address.

The clearer a business is about the purpose and role of content, the higher the quality of outsourced content will be. In a way, one could say it is entirely up to the business and the strength of the content agency to create content that improves revenue.

This blog features the ten best content outsourcing companies to help businesses make the right selection. Outsource content writing for higher impact, higher revenues, and higher traffic.

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