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Our Story

Aren’t you fed up from continuous low ROI from your Marketing efforts?

So were we and that’s why we started WittyPen. We are working with an ideology to create a platform that helps you get quality content from best writers in your industry with minimum efforts. Content Marketing is booming and you need a way to connect with your users in a consistent manner, this is where WittyPen comes in to make things easy.

We are one of the youngest Startups in India but we have created a huge impact with a small team!
Here’s what we do when we are not helping you¬†grow your business:

We talk and share our knowledge about Content Marketing at events like The August Fest

Anshul Motwani WittyPen

We organise writing events/meetups to help our writers learn and grow!

Wittypen Content Writing Workshop

We have code fights! ‘The Social Network’ fans

WittyPen Developing Team

We love ordering food when we pull all-nighters at WittyPen office


Do you read? At WittyPen we have a tradition of gifting books. It is not just the team, but we gift books to our writers, mentors, and well-wishers too!

We show-off our quirky t-shirts!

Also, we do have AMAZING PARTIES, but let’s keep it a secret till the time we celebrate together!

Our vision is to change the way people create content and connect with their users, if you agree with us and want to be a part, shoot us an email at hello@wittypen.com

We are hiring!

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