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Content writing services in Bangalore that cleverly capture the city’s essence to make your content stand out.

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Content That You Can Create With WittyPen

WittyPen offers you the choice of creating ten different types of content to effectively market your brand in Bangalore.


Blogs that are carefully curated to effectively market your business and exhibit thought leadership.

How To Articles

Informative content that effectively ticks all the boxes of content marketing by solving a problem for your audience and thus reinforcing your company’s value.

Guest Posts

Articles that help drive traffic back to your website and increase visibility.

Press Releases

Crisp press releases that ensure that your growth doesn’t go unnoticed.


Website content that is sure to make the best first impression.

SEO Landing Pages

Carefully optimised articles that will put you on top of search engine results.

Pillar Pages

Pillar content that positions you as the flagship thought leader on a given subject.

Comparison Pages

Effective and comprehensive comparisons that build on your brand’s reliability on the web.

White Papers

Persuasive, in-depth content that pitches your brand as the solution to your audiences’ problem, thus generating valuable leads.

Product Descriptions

Effective and persuasive product descriptions that lead to valuable purchases or subscriptions.

How Does the Process Work?

Ordering tailor-made content has never been easier. With WittyPen’s content writing services, you can choose exactly the kind of content you want based on your requirements and your budget, in just a few simple steps.

Place an order

Place an order in a few simple steps: choose the type of content, the domain, the length, and your preferred package.

We select the best writers for you

Once you’ve chosen our content writing services, we select the best writers for you from a pool of over 700, ensuring that your content is curated by the experts in your domain.

The content is edited to perfection

Every single blog post is carefully edited to perfection by our team of in-house editors.

Your draft is delivered to you

Your first draft is delivered for your approval,so you can figure out what changes you would like if any.

You can request two rounds of revisions

Every blog can be revised twice based for any changes you require, or any additional information that needs to be added.

Why Choose WittyPen?


WittyPen makes things convenient - With an intuitive website, WittyPen lets you order content in just a few simple steps.

Specialized Writers

The best freelance content writers work on your projects to deliver content that speaks to an audience based in Bangalore and takes you to newer heights.

Content Type

Receive content in exactly the kind of format you want by choosing from up to ten different types, including blogs, SEO content and whitepapers, among others.

Content for every budget

There’s content for every budget - choose from three different packages based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Professional Editing

Be assured of the highest quality of content as our editors comb through every word to ensure that your content is error and plagiarism-free.

Simplified Management

Make life easier by dealing with your dedicated content manager, as they take care of all the logistics.

How Content Can Help You Scale Your Business

Generate More Leads

Content is the heart and soul of a brand. They’re how a prospective customer most likely comes to know of you, recognizes you or even values you. With WittyPen, you have access to the best content writing services in Bangalore, along with writers who understand the culture of your city. They carefully curate content for the best SEO results and Call To Action and ensure that it effectively generates leads in your target city of Bangalore.

Generate Leads

SEO Rankings and Traffic

WittyPen understands the importance of having your content make it to the top of a search engine’s results. With the best Search Engine Optimisation, the content created by our highly-skilled writers makes sure that your website is right where you want it to be - at the very top.

SEO ranking and traffic

Build Trust

In today’s world, the most crucial goal for a brand is to have their audience trust them, and especially so if their primary target audience is based in their own city. Without trust, their business would crumble. With WittyPen’s expert content writing services in Bangalore, you can be certain that the content we provide you will help you build your image as a thought leader in your respective industry, thereby generating much-needed trust in your brand.

Build Trust

Improve Conversion

Are your content’s visitors reading through your content, but not taking that last but crucial step of signing up for your services? For a brand with a limited target audience of the residents of their own city, this is a major problem. With a team of more than 700 vetted writers, WittyPen ensures that your content is the best out there and leads to an improvement in conversions.

Website Conversions

Build Authority

Wouldn’t it be great if you could establish yourself as the authority or thought leader on a subject, apart from achieving all the essential goals of the best search engine rankings and increasing conversions? Our writers are tasked with creating content that explains, educates and makes your reader increasingly rely on you for information, and they take care of everything for you.

Brand Authority

The Proof Lies in the Numbers

Writers with specializations in various domains

Companies registered on WittyPen

Content Pieces Successfully Delivered

Content Writing Services in Bangalore to Get an Extra Edge


For content to be effective, it must be relatable. Your readers must be able to understand and possibly relate to the ideas you present to them. If they don’t, its effect falls through the cracks. With WittyPen, you have access to a pool of 1000+ writers from all across the country, several of whom are from Bangalore.
If you’re a Bangalore-based brand that’s looking for content writing services in Bangalore and writers who understand the culture, language and nuances of your city to create content for you, you’re at the right place. Our writers are vetted and do a phenomenal job at bringing the “hyperlocal” into your content, meaning that your readers will feel like they’re personally addressed through your content.

Why Do Top Marketers Choose Expert Content Writing Services as Opposed to in-House Writers?


It gives you more time to build your brand and strategies, rather than having to oversee an in-house content creating team or even doing it yourself.


It costs you far less - outsourcing your content requirements is much cheaper than hiring a full-time writer, or an entire team. Writers with an acute understanding of your city can take a huge chunk of your troubles away.


Outsourcing your content requirements to people who understand your target area lets you create more content that’s relatable and can be published more frequently, keeping your audiences constantly engaged.


Outsourcing your content requirements to a platform with hundreds of writers offers you the benefit of being able to get varied perspectives and approaches, and also have Subject Matter Experts weigh in for the best results.


Outsourcing is far more flexible than having an in-house writing team. You can hire multiple writers if you’re short on time, while also being able to decide whose style best fits your brand’s goals and skin.

What our Customers are saying...

WittyPen was quick to understand our requirements and help us scale content creation for CRED. Their pool of vetted writers and dedicated account manager saved us a lot of time when we had to launch experiments in a short span of time.

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Abhishek Patil


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Good experience with timely delivery of work. The team takes feedback constructively and works according to the client's requirements. They have a skilled set of writers and editors which adds value to their firm. Overall, a trusted team to be associated with for content requirements.

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Jagrity Sharma

Content Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions About WittyPen

How is your platform different from other content writing platforms?

Our passion to transform the content industry and provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers is what truly makes us stand out among the competition. We also have the best writers, editors and project management system who ensure that the weight of all your content needs is lifted off your shoulders.

How can I place an order for content on your website?

The process is very simple. You can place an order on our website and provide us with a few crucial details such as the length, format and domain of your content. Our team will then take care of the rest!

How can you provide me with Bangalore-specific content?

We have more than 700 writers from all across the country. If you’re a Bangalore-based brand, we pick out our best writers from Bangalore with experience in your domain to work on your projects. We are thus very well equipped to provide you with the best content writing services in Bangalore.

How many days do you take to deliver a content piece?

We usually take up to five business days to deliver your content. For larger projects, we can deliver as many as 10-15 pieces of content every day.

How do you ensure the quality of your content?

Our editors comb through every piece of content to ensure that it’s error and plagiarism free.

How many rounds of revisions can I request for each piece of content?

You can request two rounds for each piece of content you order.

How do I pay?

We accept payments through various modes, including net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI and NEFT in case of larger transactions.

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