25+ Trending Article Ideas to Rank #1 on SERPs

25+ Trending Topic Ideas for Content Writing to Rank #1 on SERPs

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

Have you been staring at the computer screen searching for the best topics to write an article on? What you actually need is the right approach for deciding on a blog topic. Confused about where to start? This guide will help you navigate more than 25 article ideas for creating engaging blogs your audience will love to read and search engines will love to rank.

Best Article Ideas and Topics to Make a Splash

The secret of a successful content writer’s magic lies in their research. The better your research, the more meaningful and informative your content will be—which is what your readers come to the web for.

Let’s take a look at some trending topics to write about across various industries.

How-To Guides

How-to guides have become the most sought-after blog form writers love to write and readers love to read. These blogs focus on delivering step-by-step instructions to the audience, guiding them on “how to” do things.

For example, some trending topics to write about in how-to guides would be:

Topic: A step-by-step guide to investing in ABC

Topic: How to update XYZ software

Such guides are information-focused and often targeted to help the reader achieve a certain goal. Unless your how-to guide does that, there’s no point in writing it.

By nature, how-to guides are best suited for the SaaS and finance industries. Why? With technology and finance, there’s always scope for doing better and gaining more. People want to know how they can maximize their returns from technology and investments.


People have become more financially responsible after the shock of the pandemic and are seeking ways to grow a corpus to support them during the rainy days. This forms the backbone of most personal finance blogs today. The blog topic below hit the mark:

Topic: “A step-by-step guide to build a personal financial plan” by Principal


The digital revolution has brought forth a huge wave in the adoption of cloud technology. SaaS has become ingrained in the network of work and business.

How-to guides that help professionals make the most of their SaaS products have thus gained popularity today. This How-to-Geek blog is a good example:

Topic: “The Beginner’s Guide to Google Docs” by How-to-Geek

Interview-Based Blogs

Consider this: what would you rather believe—your relative’s adventures with his investments or a finance professional’s own words regarding how to handle your money?

In situations where credibility is important, you should turn to interviewing industry professionals and writing blogs (with their permission, of course) with insight. This is the kind of knowledge that the audience seeks.

Words coming straight from an experienced expert’s mouth are more likely to be followed, shared, and believed rather than your own take on the capabilities of complex technology or on which stocks to invest in.

Needless to say, sensitive, ripple-creating industries like finance do best with interview-based blogs.

Some of the most trending topics to write a blog in the interview-based form would be:

Topic: What’s trending in crypto? In interview with XYZ

Topic: Fixed deposits: What to expect?

Finance and Crypto

Companies like Forbes and Forrester do a lot of interviews to corroborate the information and insight they deliver through their content. This is one of the major reasons their blogs are highly regarded, referenced, quoted, and cited by many other bloggers.

In the example below, Forbes broadly covers the same topics and quotes insights from an interview:

“Forbes’ First Crypto Exchange Rankings | Exclusive Interview With Our Data Director” by Forbes


Listicles: blogs that are written in the form of a list. This blog form is suitable for when you wish to tell your readers about a lot of things, but you know that the audience is impatient. How do you deliver loads of information in a precise manner without losing out on the engagement midway? You make a list.

Lists allow you to quickly let your readers scan what you would be talking about. It throws the ball in their court—you’ve made a list; now they can choose what they’d like to read about.

Listicles are best suited for eCommerce and SaaS industries where there are more products than stars in the sky. You can cover a lot of bases by picking one kind of product and creating ideas for content writing through listicles.

Here are a few best topics to write an article in listicle format:

Topic: “Top 10 best [product] in India 2022”

Topic: “The Ultimate List of [SaaS technology products/services] for [Month/Year]”


The Economic Times really capitalizes on eCommerce listicles:

“Best 15 Litres Geysers in India” by The Economic Times

And so does the eCommerce brand, Purplle:

Topic: “Top 10 Shampoo Brands In India 2022” by Purplle


With more and more competing SaaS tools in the industry today, the audience needs to be given a bird’s eye view of their options. The SaaS listicles shown below really help drive the point home:

Topic: “The 14 Best Free Note Taking Apps to Use in 2022” by ClickUp

Topic: “13 Best AI Photo Editor Software in 2022 (Compared & Reviewed!)” by Expert Photography

User/Customer Story Blogs

Relatability drives empathy. Empathy is a great way of connecting with the audience. The best way to do that is through content writing ideas that center on telling a real-life story.

If you’re a business and seek to connect with your target audience, you can request one of your happy customers to tell their story of transformation while using your products.

Because of the nature of customer story blogs, they’re best suited for healthcare and EdTech industries—both are extremely user-centric and directly impact their lives and futures. This weighs heavily on the readers’ minds and urges them to try the product or service being talked about.

A few great examples of easy articles to write about in customer story blogs are:

How [product/service] is transforming the lives of [community]

What our customers are saying about [service/product]

The important thing to note about these blogs is that you should have actual results to show for the blog you’re writing—numbers, statistics, and a measurable impact, preferably. You can also include the methodology adopted, solutions used, and technologies involved to drive more awareness.



In healthcare, people want to know that patients get better. CTOAM does this beautifully:

Topic: “Patient Presentation: Squamous Cell Parotid Gland” by CTOAM

Remember: healthcare is also about technologies, not just treatment. A B2B blog can also be successfully written in that vein:

Topic: “Southern Cross Healthcare Migrates Critical Patient Records to AWS” by ORION HEALTH


Since eLearning, remote schooling, upskilling, and reskilling became big after the pandemic, brands like Cisco capitalized on customer success stories:

Topic: “Customer Spotlight: How One Montessori School Delivers Engaging and Inclusive Learning Experiences with Webex Rooms” by Cisco

EdTech runs on technologies, which is showcased beautifully by the blog shown below: a combination of customer story and interview blogs:

Topic: “A Full-Circle Connection Customer Success Story with Microsoft in Education” by Connected

Product Comparison/Alternative-to Blogs

With high purchasing power, people want to know what they’re investing their money in. Detailing how various products and services stack up against each other gets consumer attention very quickly.

Some catchy titles for articles in the comparative niche could be:

Topic : [Product 1] v/s [product 2]: which is best for you?

Topic: Features to consider when choosing the best [product/service]

When you think about it, such blogs are the best-suited formats for the SaaS and eCommerce industries. You can also write comparative blogs for OTC products in the healthcare industry.


Countless cloud-based apps hound the internet today, and users are left confused about which ones they should use. Zapier expertly capitalizes on this conundrum:

Topic: “Evernote vs. OneNote: Which note-taking powerhouse is right for you? [2022]” by Zapier

Every tech industry has its own take on various SaaS apps and technologies:

Topic: “Should You Use SharePoint or Google Drive?” by Dock


Writing alternative-to blogs is a great way to insert desired products in the list as a second option for your customers. Shopify proves it with this blog:

Topic: “Conquering Our Caffeine Addiction: 8 Surprising Substitutes for Coffee” by Shopify

There are also plenty of content writing ideas for educating customers about products that your eStore offers:


Product Update Blogs

Product update blogs can be a bit tricky to write—they must be timed correctly to generate the kind of audience traffic you need.

You need to be engaged in following a product and related news like a hawk in order to quickly put together a blog whenever something new is announced. This seems daunting but is actually easy when you’re an avid follower of a technology or product.

These blogs, needless to say, work best for SaaS and Healthcare. eCommerce is a contender industry in the list, but with the wide range of content already available in the niche, your update blog may get lost in the noise.

Some good examples of content writing topics in the niche are:

[Product update]: everything you need to know

How to prepare for [product update]

What to expect from [Product update]

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Search Engine Journal demonstrates how product update blogs are written best:

Topic: Yoast SEO 19.10 Update – Know This Before Updating by SearchEngineJournal

You can also cover update history timelines for SaaS marketers, like SemRush:

Topic: These Are the Most Important Google Algorithm Updates (That Still Matter Today) by Semrush


Blogs that focus on medical innovations are a great topic for update-oriented articles:

Topic: “GlucoRx showcases “world’s first” multi-sensor non-invasive CGM at MEDICA” by MED-TECH Innovation

Company Culture Update Blogs

Company culture blogs are all about letting the outside world know about how a company is responding to trends or keeping its employees happy.

The topics can also focus on social and community issues, new launches, major overhauls, and a lot more—that’s what makes these blogs interesting. Think about Tesla: aren’t you always curious to know what happens behind the scenes?

Such blogs can have topics like:

Topic: How [Company name] is responding to XYZ crisis

Topic: How XYZ initiative helps employees boost productivity

Topic: Coming Soon: [Company news]

Even better if you write about your own company after running the blog through the content administrators. These blogs do best in healthcare and finance.


Look at how CHG creates healthcare blogs about how to improve company culture:

Topic: “5 key strategies for strengthening your company culture after the pandemic” by CHG Healthcare


And finally, Great Place to Work shows how to write company culture blogs for finance:

Topic: “Great Companies Show Finance Can Be Fun: by Great Place To Work

Tips to Generate Content for Topics Faster

Getting to the market first is everything today. With this much competition, how do you get content writing ideas and bring them to fruition faster? 

Follow the steps below to streamline and accelerate your content creation process:

  1. Develop a Content Strategy: You need to figure out why you’re creating content. You also need to know the kind of readers you have to align the content better.
  2. Make a Schedule: There’s no greater motivator than a deadline. When all your topic ideas are in place, put them on a calendar.
  3. Prepare Extra Headlines: Headlines are subtle CTAs. Unless they are catchy, the content won’t get read. Have a few extra headlines for each content handy.
  4. Speed up Content Generation: Gather interviews, request users to create their own content for you to share, and compile something like “insider stories”—it helps fill the content gaps and is highly relevant.
  5. Be Channel Agnostic: Ensure all your posts are responsive and can be inter-shared between platforms.
  6. Know When You Work Best: Clock your productive times. This is when you should be writing to create content the fastest.
  7. Let the First Draft Be: Don’t over-criticize your writing. Just write the first draft uncensored, and start editing from there to save time.

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Content marketing is a surefire way to increase traffic on your digital channels. The more interesting and SEO-polished your content is, the higher hits you will receive.

Leverage the guide above to make a smart selection of content writing ideas and create content on schedule.

Go on, get writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is content writing?

Content writing is an arm of digital marketing that involves planning, creating, editing, and posting content for the web that aims to generate online traffic for a business.

How to become a content writer?

Content writing is skill-based; you don’t need a formal education to begin your career in content writing. If you have a strong command of any language, you can build your own brand online. Alternatively, you can sign up as a writer on content writing platforms like WittyPen.

What are content writing skills?

As a content writer, you should possess the following skills:

  • Capability to write in different styles
  • Strong skills in information research
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Clear, expressive writing skills

How can I get ideas for content writing?

The best way to get content writing ideas is to follow the topics that are trending. It can be in any industry, like entertainment, politics, technology, lifestyle, or travel.

What are the ways to improve my content writing?

You should write catchy headlines, keep your content easy on the reading scale, stick to the word count, always do a fact-check and keep content relevant, and most importantly—keep practicing!

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