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Content Marketing Examples
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Last updated on November 24th, 2022

Content marketing is about crafting content that engages the readers while also generating their interest in the product or service offered by the business. A popular misconception about content marketing is that it is solely meant for B2C companies. But, it can yield astounding results for B2B companies as well.

Any marketing strategy is incomplete without clever content marketing, which piques the viewer’s interest in the business.

Here, we present a few successful content marketing examples of B2B companies.

Top Successful B2B Content Marketing Examples

1. Cleartax

If you are looking for successful B2B content marketing examples in the finance sector, Cleartax makes for a great case study. Instead of posting blogs that praise the services provided by them, Cleartax explains how the process of taxation works.

Instead of simply stuffing its content with keywords, Cleartax supplements these primary keywords with secondary keywords, invariably increasing its chances to appear at the top of the search engine results page.


Cleartax runs a parallel social media campaign that alerts its followers about the deadlines and processes on Twitter by using hashtags like ‘#taxseason’ and ‘#incometax’ while also adding the link to an informative marketing blog.

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2. Manipal Education

Manipal Education provides a perfect example of merging the PR goals of a business with its content while generating customer engagement. They create content replete with student and faculty testimonials which boosts their public image while also attracting business.

Manipal Global

It is a good example of inbound marketing where one article persuades the reader to view more content generated by Manipal education. Inbound marketing also helps increase legitimacy and validity with the search engine.

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3. CarDekho

When it comes to a 360-degree content marketing campaign, CarDekho does it flawlessly. CarDekho supplements its marketing blogs with informative videos on its Youtube channel. While their videos don’t qualify as viral video marketing, they have a high sharing rate.


Their blog on the new Hyundai Venue presents a consolidated picture of all its relevant features and the video on their Youtube channel reinforces the information provided in the blog by offering a virtual tour thereby, successfully garnering over 1 million views in just 2 months.

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4. Coverfox Insurance

A key to successful B2B content marketing is choosing the appropriate platforms. No matter how engaging and persuasive your content is, all your efforts will be futile if they are not viewed by your target audience because they simply do not visit the platform where it is posted.


Coverfox Insurance uses this insight effectively by not limiting its content to its website. They are highly active on Linkedin, a platform no company with business sector clientele should ignore. They use Linkedin to not only promote their business through their organic content but also employ outbound marketing to increase their relevance,

At the start of the monsoons, they published an article by ‘Livemint,’ which highlights the necessary insurance covers for the season. This generated results for Coverfox through lead generation and search engine queries.

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5. Babychakra

In an age of personalizing and micro-influencing, creating generic content is a liability to good content marketing strategies. Babychakra is a good content marketing example of providing personalized content while also posting user generated content to increase validity.

Baby Chakra

The website provides help and guidance to new parents on parenting. They have a wide array of content about parenting, and in order to maximize customer engagement, they ask the visitors whether they are at the pregnancy stage, baby stage, or toddler stage and accordingly serve the relevant content.

They merge content with lead generation by asking the reader to sign-up once they are halfway through the article. Moreover, instead of a simple marketing blog format, they use the more recent and interesting listicle format to provide structure.

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6. Freshworks

Freshworks uses high quality content which not only increases sales but also helps with image management. They use a mixture of organic content marketing and paid content marketing. While their articles and blogs are replete with information about their superior customer engagement cloud software solutions, they increase their reliability with a number of news articles.


News engines like Economic Times, Business World, etc. have captured the brand, which has increased their validity with not just customers but search engines too.

When famous and well-known websites link to a fairly new website or business, the validity ranking of that business increases with search engines like Google and Bing, which increases its chances to appear at the top of the search engine results page. Freshworks actively combines its content strategy with social media marketing on Linkedin and Twitter.

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