Implementing the Topic Modeling Approach in 2020

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What is Topic Modeling in Content Writing?

Content writing in 2020 has drifted away from the standard keyword-focused SEO practices. This is a result of more and more businesses churning out content filled with keywords, making it repetitive and bland.

Therefore, search engines have created an algorithm based on topic modeling or topic modeling, which focuses on the relevance of the content, apart from the keywords themselves. This algorithm is called Hummingbird, which is crafted by Google. With this, the context and relevance of your content are as important as keywords to gain visibility on the search results page.

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How Does Topic Modeling Work?

Topic modeling is not as tasking as content writing services make it sound. It draws from ethical content writing practices which eliminate keyword stuffing to attract more web traffic.

For example, a user is trying to search for a recipe for a dish they ate in an Italian restaurant but is unable to remember its name. However, they’re able to describe it, and type the description in Google’s search bar- ‘Italian dish with rice, cheese and mushroom’. By analyzing the motive behind the query, the search engine will display results for Mushroom Risotto recipes. It will load recipes on Youtube, Wikihow, Allrecipes and more. Google makes this possible through Hummingbird, which has a large amount of data.

It goes through every word in your query to gauge exactly what you are looking for and displays appropriate results based on logic.

How to use E-A-T to Increase Webpage Ranking?

E-A-T refers to experience, authority and trust when it comes to Google’s search results page ranking. These three factors are a prerequisite to increase your webpage’s ranking in Google’s ever-evolving ranking algorithm. If your website content or blogs fail to get high EAT scores, then you will essentially lose web traffic and substantial amounts of revenue.

1. Expertise

Certified professionals or scholars in a particular domain have deep knowledge and expertise about their niche. This in-depth information and key insights are hard to fake due to which you are often referenced by other websites and authors. This increases your reliability in Google’s eyes and automatically increases your score. A brief bio of the author at the end of a blog often comes in handy to get a higher score. Content writing services should diversify their writer portfolios to accommodate this factor.

2. Authority

Content writing in 2020 has already established the importance of this factor. Authority stands for reliability and accuracy. Google wants to ensure that the user gets the best available source of information. Therefore, it relies on the number of backlinks and mentions to establish the authority of a blog as people won’t mention an irrelevant or pointless blog. One of the reasons Wikipedia trends on the results page is because it has numerous inbound and outbound links.

3. Trust

Trust refers to honesty and genuineness. Google measures a website’s trustworthiness over a period of time. It uses a number of metrics to calculate trustworthiness, such as positive organic reviews, direct feedback and contact mechanism, code of conduct or ethics statement and domain security. These factors establish the reality of a business’ existence and functioning. Moreover, it gauges the genuineness of content through plagiarism checks and black hat SEO practices.

Important Factors Of Topic Modeling In Content Development

Content writing ideas which include search query keywords are a must, but to pass the topic modeling mechanism the content which follows should expand those keywords into relevant information.

As the topic modeling doesn’t have any fixed factors, it’s beneficial to craft an anchor text which includes keywords or descriptive words about the main theme. When an image is rooted in the content, the anchor text can draw in larger web traffic. Here, choosing the right keywords becomes important as it’s not just about drawing traffic, but also about context.

How To Optimise A Webpage Using Topic Modeling Approach?

As we have established, quality content writing is more important than keyword density. Content writing services should focus on the following factors to enhance their ranking and user experience:

  1. Long-tail keywords which are descriptive in nature and tend to attract more users.

  2. Description of your topic and its elements as being imperative to increase your search ranking.

  3. Target phrases or element words should be a part of your anchor text, header, title and body text.

  4. A feedback mechanism or comments section where you respond to users.

Wittypen harbours the benefits of the E-A-T approach and topic modeling by providing highly qualified writers for different domains with superior digital marketing knowledge. We stay updated with trends in content writing services and provide highly creative and effective content writing ideas which factor in newer algorithms like Hummingbird.

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