Content Writing: Everything You Need to Know

People surf the web before making decisions. Hence, quality content writing becomes the building block of not only your website but also your business. Successful content writing is not just about engaging the readers but also about gaining their trust. It converts visitors into potential customers.

Why Is Content Writing Important for Businesses?

Content writing to drive sales

1. It Drives Sales

Every consumer runs an internet search before purchasing anything. Not investing considerable amount of time and energy in content writing is as good as rejecting a customer who visits your store. Content writing is the closest marketers can get to directly talking to their target market. It is the manifestation of a good salesman who makes multiple sales at the same time.

2. It Builds Awareness

The internet is cluttered with competitors providing a range of options and substitutes to consumers. But this is where content writing makes a difference and helps you in pushing your business. It offers a holistic platform where consumers can explore your offerings and boost engagement. Interesting blogs, newsletters, articles and listicles make you a thought leader in the market.


3.  It Is the Backbone of SEO Strategy

Content writing is what enables the search engine to spot your website and display it in the search results page. Well targeted articles and blogs which include the relevant keywords and meta descriptions connect your business to the right customers. It maximizes your opportunity of  attracting web traffic. It is the key to a successful SEO strategy.

4. Builds Your Business

Through good content writing marketers can tell consumers what their brand and product is about. It informs the consumers about the essence of their products and influences their purchase decisions. Content writing in India is especially relevant as your business can communicate in different tones to the diverse market  with minimal cost. 


5. Good Content Drives Traffic And Sales

Logically, when you generate a higher targeted web traffic owing to your content and SEO strategy there will be an increase in sales. Engaging content piques the readers’ interest while also influencing them in favor of the products, thereby driving web traffic and sales. Increased web traffic also increases the website’s popularity. 

6. Engages New Customers

Apart from retaining your existing customers it is important to generate new customers to avoid stagnancy. A clearly mapped out content strategy is highly effective in generating new business. Content should be regularly updated in order to retain these newly acquired customers. Moreover, updated content often leads to repurchasing.


Content writing requires technical as well as creative knowledge to generate informative and interesting content. Content writing in India is outsourced to companies like Wittypen which match a business with accurately skilled content writers to generate quality content.

Is All Content Writing The Same?

Content writing cannot be generalized as it branches out in different categories to serve specific business goals. Although these types sound mutually exclusive, content writers should maintain consistency across them.

Website Content Writing


It should align with the brand’s tone and not sound bloated or confusing as it is your brand’s first impression on the consumers.

Article and Blog Content Writing


They can be your biggest SEO strength as they attract web traffic and also increase the website’s popularity through online shares and linking.

Content writing for product description


It is a good investment for e-commerce services. The persuasive descriptions not only push a specific product but also make the viewers browse through different products.

PR, Emails and Newsletters

This form of content writing holds weight when communicating with shareholders or formally promoting products and services. The underlying idea is to sound trustworthy and transparent.

Ebooks and White Papers.

These offer a high rate of digital distribution, merged with a lead generation mechanism. It requires technical knowledge, as the audience demands comprehensive information.

We at Wittypen offer a plethora of content writing opportunities to freelancers. Our content writers in India can work at their leisure with flexible deadlines while also being able to choose assignments of their choice. We offer content writing opportunities in India to starters as well as professionals with a reasonable pay per word based on the requirement.

Great Content Marketing Requires Great Writers

And we, here at Wittypen, are the generals who can make that happen for you. We marshall our army of freelancers to provide only the best. Because we believe, it’s what you deserve!

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