Outsourcing 101: A Complete Guide on Outsourcing Content Writing

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 With ever-increasing demand and a rapidly changing landscape, content is almost at the threshold of its next evolution. When it comes to content writing, AI can be inconsistent and downright annoying at times. And we all know that writing with a limited group of content writers is equally arduous.

This is where the debate arises concerning whether to look at outsourcing content writing or keeping it in-house. While some organizations go half-and-half by running in-house content parallelly with outsourced content, others stick to one method.

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Outsourcing content writing is quickly becoming the norm as more and more organizations aim to meet their content creation requirements to attract their target audience and boost conversions.

When it comes to smaller businesses, especially, outsourcing content writing can quite literally become a boon as it allows businesses to concentrate on other activities. Outsourcing content writing is a quick and very effective way to ensure the efforts taken with a super quick turn around time. And the fact that it’s also cost-effective can not be overlooked, however, as outsourcing content writing can also free up significant portions of the budget.

In spite of the apprehensions, understanding how to outsource content is sure to be of great help in scaling your content marketing efforts. You’ll be amazed to know that as much as 55% of B2C marketers outsource their content marketing efforts.

What is Outsourcing Content?

Outsourcing content writing involves hiring external content writers to create content. As such, content writers who work on outsourced projects create fresh content from scratch.

Outsourced content writers help strategize a monthly or weekly content calendar, finalize the visuals to accompany the content, and select trending content formats, to increase readership.

These content writers can be freelancers or even affiliated with content marketing agencies. It is therefore essential to identify the considerations when deciding whether to outsource or create in-house. As such, outsourced content needs an initial understanding of expectations, content production gaps, and budgeting.

Why Should Companies Start Outsourcing Content Writing?

Running a business comes with its own set of responsibilities and hurdles that require time and immediate attention for smooth operation. On top of this, creating content regularly and publishing it as per the latest SEO trend or Google update can spiral pretty quickly.

In 2023, at 84%, content creation became the largest domain that businesses outsourced, and the future of content outsourcing is looking just as bright. Marketing statistics show that the primary industry using outsourcing is the content industry. 

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There are quite a few factors that can help companies decide whether to outsource content or keep it in-house. Here are a few reasons why businesses can consider outsourcing content writing.

  1. SEO Boost: Let’s face it. Not everyone is going to have their SEO game on point. And little knowledge is often more dangerous than no knowledge. Thus, businesses should consider taking help from content writing outsourcing companies.
  2. Reduced Workload: At some companies, increased workload can hinder the proper functioning of different departments, in which case outsourcing can help with productive time management and sharing some of the workload.
  3. Shorter Turn Around Time (TAT): Time management is crucial for any and all success. Likewise, businesses can save a lot of time by outsourcing content writing. If there’s an in-house team available, outsourcing every once in a while also allows them to come up with fresh ideas due to the additional time on their hands.
  4. Efficient Utilization of Resources: Outsourcing content writing also holds the potential to save on money, time, and resources. Imagine how much you can save by doing away with the need to find, onboard, and train people. Outsourcing truly is a way to go.

Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

Running an organization comes with a whole host of inherent responsibilities. In such circumstances, outsourcing content writing can quite literally be a godsend. Here are some benefits that businesses enjoy when they outsource content writing.

1. Value Addition:

When outsourcing content, you can choose to go to subject matter experts. This enables the ‘value’ part of the content.

The process and TAT of activation of any writing activity involves hiring the writer, training them, etc., whereas when outsourcing content writing, you already have access to a seasoned writer, reducing the time and effort, thereby opening doors to better ROI. Regarding value addition, Wittypen happens to be one of the best if your considering outsourcing your content writing.

2. Cost Savings:

With the advent of outsourced freelance writers or writing agencies, a business only pays when it needs content. This can have a significant positive impact on the monthly budget. 

Costs are an integral consideration for any and all organizations, and likewise, small businesses must look to cost-saving ideas, so they can utilize their budget correctly and spend strategically. It is no surprise, therefore, that at 83%, small businesses are willing to either maintain or increase their outsourcing budgets.

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Outsourcing content writing is a better option with regards to using the company budget effectively. And because most content writing outsourcing companies have flexible pay models that they tailor to work best for their specific needs, this only acts as further incentive.

Outsourcing can also allow organizations to scale up significantly to meet production requirements while cutting down on costs.  

2. Access to Expert Content Writing

Nowadays, it’s very easy for organizations to fall victim to mediocrity as a result of rehashing the same content into various formats. This can affect viewership and, eventually, the company’s ROI because readers will get bored and probably abandon the website in the future.

However, fresh perspectives from outside sources will allow the content to take on a new tone and direction. Outsourcing content writing will bring in new ways of engaging the audience and, most likely, untried ways of promotion as well.

It’s worth noting that content writing outsourcing companies, in most cases, are industry experts. They know what will increase the views and likes and the types of content that will keep the viewers hooked.

With writers from sites like Fiverr, Wittypen, or Upwork, you open doors to a vast pool of talented writers who work in various niches. For example, if a company deals with pet grooming, it is always a good idea to go for a writer with previous experience in writing for the niche.

3. Productive Time Management

Time management is integral, regardless of what it is that you are trying to achieve. We know that, when it comes to content marketing, trends keep changing. And marketers have to keep up with them to produce content so as to maximize readership. Now, if the in-house content team handles all the content-related tasks, they won’t have enough time to deal with new clients, which can ultimately affect the bottom line.

By outsourcing content writing, the in-house team can take a substantial bit of the burden off of them and can concentrate on the necessary tasks that the company requires them to deal with immediately. 

Streamlining the content production process becomes easy once a company decides where to outsource content writing.

With partners such as Wittypen, businesses can save a lot of time and use it to focus on increasing their profits. Boasting an expansive pool of diverse writers, Wittypen ensures quick content delivery across various niches. Even the writers associated with Wittypen are close to operating on the level of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), having worked on specific niches for prolonged periods.

Additionally, the transparency and ease allowed in the payment process and being able to select and pay as per the level of content required only adds to Wittypen’s credence. Wittypen is also making strides on the Artificial Intelligence front with the introduction of AI brief generators and the likes.

How Do Businesses Outsource Content to the Right Writing Companies?

Finding outsourcing companies that meet your content needs and strategy requirements can be quite a hassle. Here are a few pointers that businesses can consider when deciding on the right outsourcing partners so that their content queries meet sound solutions:

1. Defining Goals and Needs:

To effectively outsource content writing, a business must have a clear understanding of its content marketing strategy and the goals it wants its content to achieve.

Some may wish to inform or educate their readers, while others aim to entertain or sell their products. Before outsourcing content writing, a business must determine which objectives they want their blogs to fulfill.

The tone, style, format, language, and perspective are building blocks that help a company convey its message and engage the target audience effectively.

Outlining content goals helps narrow down the possible content writing outsourcing companies. Here are a few things that can help define the needs of any company looking into outsourcing content:

  1. What is the KPI for your content? What do you want the audience to do with your content, like and comment on, or interact with your website?
  2. Who is your target audience, and what channels do they use to communicate with your company? In what ways does your content fail to meet their demands and expectations?
  3. How frequently are you expecting content when outsourcing content writing?
  4. How much can your company invest in an outsourced content writer?
  5. What type of content do you want the outsource writer to handle?

2. Research and Evaluate Content Writing Services:

Thorough research is crucial before investing in content writing outsourcing companies. It’s only after recognizing the pain points and gaps that businesses should select the writer or agency that best suits their content creation needs.

When outsourcing content writing, it is essential to pick experienced and well-reviewed content creators specializing in the company’s niche. This ensures quality content that meets market standards and ranks on Google.

Numerous online platforms have a selection of creators who specialize in specific niches and are transparent about the pricing models they accommodate. They have client testimonials on their sites to help businesses make a firm decision as well. Detailed client reviews can assist businesses in understanding the benefits of choosing a freelance company by evaluating experience, response time, revision process, and other essential factors.

These websites show the previous work that their writers have provided, and some offer free consultations, which allows first-time users to understand their services better.

A great example of such an online platform is Wittypen, which offers transparency regarding pricing models and the niches that they handle. They even boast case studies on their website for added impact. 

The platform offers free samples so that companies can understand the workings of the platform clearly and make a well-informed decision that can help expand readership with their collaboration.

3. Communication and Collaboration:

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Clear and timely communication is key to the timely completion of requirements and the effective use of resources.

Online tools like Hive, Zoho Projects, and many others allow effective project management among team members, providing them with an effective communication platform. Likewise, online content writing outsourcing companies utilize well-known tools like Trello, Wrike, and Slack to ensure smooth communication and efficient content production.

That said, platforms like Wittypen have ensured that writers and editors have a space to interact so that they produce high-quality content by allowing them to comment on and discuss content pieces. 

With seamless communication between the writers and editors, the outsourcing content writing process is error-free, making sure the content reaches companies through thorough quality checks to ensure unique and informative content each time.

Managing Outsourced Content Writing Projects

Outsourcing content writing can be an excellent solution for content production, and with the right approach, it can be a smooth and efficient process to boot. While it may be daunting initially, effective project management skills and strategic planning can make outsourcing a profitable venture.

Let’s look at some ways to manage outsourced content writing projects.

1. Setting Clear Expectations:

When a business decides to outsource content writing, providing clear and specific instructions to the content creators can greatly impact the quality and effectiveness of the content. By providing precise guidelines and expectations, businesses can ensure that the writers understand the brand’s tone, style, and objectives.

Here’s a look at a few things a business can provide content writing outsourcing companies with for seamless content production.

  1. Why you are optimizing your content: Chalking the end goal is essential to creating satisfactory content. Do you want to educate, entertain, instruct, recommend, or sell? Understanding this can help writers deliver content that’s tailored to your unique needs. 
  2. The SEO you want in your blogs: Businesses must be precise about the links or CTAs they want to see in their content so that potential clients can connect with them in their desired way. Businesses must also be clear about the keywords they want to use and the ones they want to avoid in their content.
  3. What visuals would you like in your content: Businesses must be clear about the images or other visuals that are to be included in the content pieces, so the content doesn’t miss out on this important aspect.
  4. What will be the frequency of the content: How frequently a business needs content forms part of the foundation on which content companies will build their content calendars. There needs to be clear communication on this, or unfulfilled deadlines can pile up.
  5. The revision process and the revision rounds for a content piece: Discussing the revision round with the content writing team beforehand allows them to be aware of the time within which they have to close an assignment.

2. Communicate with the Content Writers:

When businesses outsource content writing, effective communication becomes paramount. Constant, to-the-point feedback can help writers see the errors and changes they need to make in the content.

Rapid digitalization has blessed us with tools that have made it easy to maintain clear communication. Tools like Brosix, Slack, Basecamp, and ProofHub smooth out communications substantially. Furthermore, tools like Slack also allow trackers and reminders for tasks and upcoming deadlines for effective work completion.

Timely communication of expectations allows companies to avoid delays and shortens the content production cycle as well as the revision expectations, thereby ensuring smoother long-term content creation processes.

Content writing outsourcing companies like Wittypen offer a platform that provides businesses with transparency regarding how content writers and editors work in collaboration to tailor each content piece and project. And due to Wittypen’s transparent way of going about things, businesses can better understand how to outsource content and integrate it effectively into their marketing strategy.

Wittypen also boasts great project management capabilities due to the fact that project expectations and requirements are communicated clearly and timely to the writers. 

3. Review and Feedback Process:

It’s no secret that review processes must be elaborate and easy to comprehend, so everyone on the team can understand the shortcomings, which in this case can be outsourced content. As such, swift action is necessary to address any issues arising in the content to prevent loss of viewership and ensure a seamless user experience.

That said, feedback forms and annotation tools can be a great way of addressing such issues, as they allow businesses to put forward their dilemmas in a structured and detailed way.

Content writing agencies, like Wittypen, have taken things a step further by incorporating features such as commenting, thereby opening the doors to timely, to-the-point feedback. The editorial process strives to meet the highest standards of quality, making Wittypen an even more worthwhile avenue.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing Content Writing

Businesses new to outsourcing content writing can find themselves facing certain drawbacks. Let’s look at a few common mistakes and how to avoid them for a smoother content production process.

1. Unclear Instructions and Irregular Communication:

When outsourcing content writing, ambiguity can lead to errors that take time to rectify. If a business is unclear about the tone and structure they want to incorporate into their content, the content will fail to get the desired attention, affecting readership and resulting in an inability to build a target audience.

To avoid confusion, businesses can draft a detailed content brief to help content writing outsourcing companies understand the content that they need to deliver. Such briefs can contain details like frequency, content format, keywords, deadlines, tone, and the visuals a business would want.

When a business begins working with a writing platform, it is a good idea to conduct regular meetings to discuss the content writing and follow-up revision process in detail. Regular and timely exchange of vital information can help writers and content managers address doubts and get immediate responses to queries.

Clear and concise communication results in fewer problems. Moreover, making expectations and requirements clear at the beginning can be time-saving for the business and content writing outsourcing company, as there will be less ambiguity to deal with.

Wittypen is quite the gold standard when it comes to communication and project management as there are dedicated managers to take care of all operational tasks.

2. Choosing the Cheapest Option:

Say you get your content generated by AI because you don’t want to incur the costs associated with hiring writers. This is kind of risky, as AI content often contains a high degree of plagiarism and requires fact-checking, which can be time-consuming.

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Likewise, outsourcing content writing may seem expensive, but it is a more cost-effective option in the long run, as it often leads to an increased return on investment (ROI).

Outsourcing relies on human-generated content crafted by talented writers with years of experience in specific niches, and rich portfolios. These professional creators possess the essential writing skills to produce engaging content, which they have acquired over years of working in the industry. Most experienced writers have a portfolio, which gives businesses a glimpse at the work they have handled in the past. 

As such, establishing long-term collaborations with writers or content platforms can be an effective way for businesses to produce high-quality and well-informed content.

Such collaborations can result in a better understanding of the company’s goals, values, and target audience, which can help content creators tailor their work to meet specific needs and expectations. It can create a sense of trust and familiarity between the company and the writers, leading to more creative and innovative content outcomes.

3. Lack of Feedback and Revision:

If you’re considering outsourcing your content writing, you must remember how important it is to provide regular feedback to save time and streamline the process. Detailed feedback is always the best option because it helps fill in the gaps better, and businesses also get work that’s as per their requirements.

Businesses need to remember that they must communicate clearly with their content writing outsourcing company of choice to let them know their expectations. Deadlines, revision timelines, structure, tone, formats, and visuals might seem like inconsequential details, but they are equally crucial.

Case Studies and Success Stories of Outsourcing Content Writing

Catching up on the success stories of companies that have benefited from outsourcing content writing can help gain significant clarity on how to outsource content writing. Specific names and ranking differences can help businesses make informed decisions when deciding from where to outsource content writing.

Here are some companies that have seen impressive changes by outsourcing their content.

1. Square Yards: Scale organic traffic

Wittypen Case Study 1

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With content managers, editors, and writers boasting expertise in the real estate domain, Square Yards managed to scale organic traffic to 1 million+ viewers each month. 

With the help of Wittypen, Square Yards has transformed into an integrated firm that includes multi-faceted services like mortgages and property management services. And for this, Wittypen has employed several content formats to scale up organic growth.

With Wittypen’s efficient and fast-running content engine, Square Yards reached its monthly goals without hiccups and saw exponential growth with localized content that engaged the target audience.

2. Webmyne: Building Organic Growth with 1500+ Blogs

Webmyne - Wittypen Case Study

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Communicating their brand’s requirements and voicing their goals clearly allowed Webmyne to experience a noticeable uptick in traffic.

In an incredibly fruitful partnership with Webmyne, Wittypen divided the content into lead-generating pieces, which expedited their reach by 2X in 2022.

Webmyne also scaled its content to over 1500 diverse blogs with the help of Wittypen’s efficient team of content creators.

Wittypen’s expertise in digital marketing allowed them to produce high-quality content on the topic and go beyond expectations with a tremendous increase in organic growth.

3. Acquire: Scale up Guest Blogging Opportunities

Wittypen Case Study 3

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Acquire helps companies elevate the customer experience, so they see a better turnaround.

In collaboration with Wittypen, Acquire increased its DR to 80 in under two years with over 630 guest posts. The brand was also able to connect better with other reputed names in the industry and establish itself as a thought leader in the niche.

As such, Wittypen’s expert team understood the multi-faceted problem at Acquire and tweaked the articles accordingly. Timely and regular adjustments to the blog’s requirements and outcomes allowed the team to meet Acquire’s standards very well. 

Empower Content Marketing by Outsourcing Content Writing

One of the key components of a successful marketing strategy is creating high-quality content that engages and informs potential customers. It can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially for businesses with limited resources or expertise in the niche.

That’s precisely why outsourcing content writing can be a smart move for businesses looking to empower their marketing efforts. By outsourcing content writing, businesses can tap into the expertise of professional writers and enjoy compelling, informative content that resonates with their target audience.

Looking Forward

Businesses with a working understanding of how to outsource content need to find suitable providers who meet their expectations with regards to niche specialization.

Platforms like Wittypen have changed the content writing game with their easy-to-use platform and reasonable price plans. Their pricing models have been divided based on the pay that a company can afford and how much content assistance they need.

Wittypen Pricing Model

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your content to the next level. Get in touch today. 

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