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WittyPen launches Content Marketing Resources

Nov 2, 2017

WittyPen launches Content Marketing Resources

The need for good content resources

Great experiences matter. This holds very true for brands like yours and mine. If your audience is not satisfied with the kind of content you provide, then your brand is up to no good. That is why it is very critical to have a content hub of sorts, i.e a place for all sorts of content marketing resources for your audience

Why did we go for content marketing resources?

We wanted to have a hub where we had all the content centralized. Like a one-stop shop for our audience. The idea stemmed from the fact that we often hop on to different places on the web to get the “right” content and it consumes a lot of our time.

Therefore, we have built a content hub that has brand’s content, curated content, social media content etc in just one place. We as a brand believe that these content marketing resources will help us in stitching the disparate content together and also give us a better control. We also believe that the content marketing resources are evergreen and will be utilized for longer as opposed to the content that is viral now, but might not be tomorrow.

Through this we will be able to speak to the right person in the right content, because we will be able to target specific person/s, industries or verticals.

Furthermore, this will help our audience to find a steady flow of helpful information and entertaining snippets.

Before we proceed ahead, we would like to share our logo for our brand new project.

content marketing resources

You can check out our project here.

Let us also have a look at some brands that have their own pool of content marketing resources.

1.Txchnologist is a content hub created in partnership with GE. The Txchnologist hub shares content related to the great content marketing challenges of industry, technology and ingenuity. They post content that examines ideas that will shape societies, from the developing world to our frenetic and growing cities.

Click on the link to know more about it.

2. Condé Nast owned publication, GQ showcases its content in a beautiful interactive hub. GQ consistently shares content about success, style, fashion and has a provocative mix of great writing & strong visuals.

content marketing resources

Follow GQ to know more about it.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that content marketing resources for us is a way to diversify the type of content we produce. And through this we want to benefit our users in skipping the hassle of looking out for content.

Our suggestion to you marketers: Make a content pool of your own and improve your content distribution strategy 🙂

Our suggestion to you customers: If you are looking out for good content, then ours is the right place.

We love feedbacks(Positive, more ;)). So, keep showering your valuable feedbacks on us, we are eager to know how you like our platform.