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7 Ways for Transforming Your Kitchen into a Luxe, Modular Space

Lifestyle Professional March 19, 2020

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Home is where the 'heart' is, or should we say the 'hearth' is while talking about a typical Indian household where the kitchen is perhaps the most used space.

When a space experiences so much movement every day, who would like the sight of uncovered spaces, unkempt shelves, dull walls, and run-of-the-mill hues?

It's time to revamp the look and give your culinary space a style boost.

Indulgent cooks with a passion for the culinary arts and a strong sense of aesthetics will love the idea of a makeover even more. Gone are the days of old-style layouts that didn't pay much attention to how appealing your space looked or whether it added functionality to the design.

Sleek modular kitchens with luxurious finishes are the order of the day, and the best thing is that you don't need to break the bank to achieve that perfect look for your kitchen.

Tips for Giving a Modular Touch to Your Kitchen

According to IKEA, home decor is moving towards personalization. Here are a list of ideas that can make your kitchen more inviting so that the routine cooking activity feels less of a chore.

1. Refurbish old cabinets to new


Old and worn out cabinet doors kill the look of your kitchen. Consider replacing the old ones or sand and refinish them to breathe a new look. Choose the look from sober and classy to glam and exciting based on the style that's true to you.

2. Color it light


The kitchen is one space that looks best with light color finishes on countertops, cabinets, and walls. Bright colors look gorgeous and create the illusion of larger areas.

Light shades also have the quality of reflecting light and covering minor imperfections. Ask your interior designing specialist to suggest shades that will enhance the appeal of your kitchen.

3. Update the illumination choices


Aesthetically designed light fixtures with a modern touch are great additions to the kitchen space. Browse through numerous designs that will add a perfect finishing touch to the room and brighten it for the cooking enthusiast in you. Several energy-saving options are available today to conserve energy.

4. Upgrade the hardware


Achieving a modular look for your kitchen requires paying heed to the pulls and knobs you use on the drawers. Use different designs for coordinating drawers, but choose the same finish for uniformity. Whether metallic or woody, your interior designer will have the right suggestions for the hardware finishes matching your taste.

5. Opt for sleek, designer faucets


Kitchen faucets are available in several designs, configurations, and finishes, and your choice will entirely depend on the décor scheme. Forget the standard valve and look for more interesting ones with radiating finishes to add a new dimension to the sink space.

6. Revamp the flooring


Add a show-stopping element to your kitchen with wood laminates or tiles. Tiles with a wooden finish are very aesthetically pleasing. Eco-friendly flooring options make a world of difference to any space and make it look more inviting.

7. Go for a custom interior design company


It works best to hire a professional interior design company when you want to be privy to the best ideas while sticking to your budget at the same time. All you have to do is share how you visualize your cooking area to be, sit back, and relax!

In addition to delivering what you require on a budget, the interior design specialist will provide a personalized design experience, save you heaps of time, render convenience, and will remain at your service even after.

Luxe Modular Makeover on a Budget!

An experienced interior designer understands ergonomics and suggests ideas that can help in the maximum utilization of space. From amazing ideas for concealing clutter to utilizing corners very well, they possess all the know-how for giving your culinary area a fabulous boost in character and appeal.

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