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10 Ways To Manage Your Weight During Pregnancy

Healthcare Professional November 30, 2021

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Obesity or a high body mass index (BMI) during pregnancy is a sign of increased health complications. Though pregnancy is a period of bonding between a mother and her unborn child, it is also a time fraught with weight gain issues.

While it is common knowledge that the waiting period is thick with medical monitoring for these issues, the unproven myth of 'eating for two' is a huge contributing factor to this difficulty that expecting women face.

Here, we try to debunk this popular myth and talk about ten things that pregnant women should minister to manage their weight appropriately during pregnancy.

Regulate Your Diet

When it comes to pregnancy, regulating your diet is super important for both you and your little one. You see, what you eat directly affects your baby's growth and development.

By focusing on nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins, you're providing essential vitamins and minerals that support your baby's health.

Modulating one's diet is the first step in retaining normal weight during pregnancy. Foods such as fish, eggs, meat, beans, cheese, milk, and nuts are rich protein sources.

Multi-grains are the recommended source of carbohydrates, while veggies, cooked with little or no oil, will take care of a pregnant woman's mineral and vitamin requirements.


Obesity during pregnancy can lead to numerous health complications for both the mother and the baby. Maternal risks include gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and an increased likelihood of needing a cesarean delivery. Obese pregnant women are also at a higher risk of developing blood clots, infections, and postpartum hemorrhage.

Pregnant woman exercising

Managing weight before and during pregnancy is crucial to reduce these risks and promote a healthier pregnancy outcome for both mother and child.

Regular exercising, which includes brisk walking, yoga, low-impact aerobics, swimming, can be very helpful in abating weight gain.

30 minutes of activity is enough to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Still, each individual's actual duration will vary according to the body type, fatigue levels, and requisites for weight reduction.

Minimise Your Calorie Intake

Minimizing your calorie intake during pregnancy is important because it helps maintain a healthy weight for both you and your baby. By focusing on nutritious, balanced meals, you ensure that you're getting all the essential nutrients without going overboard on calories.

This approach helps prevent excessive weight gain, reduces the risk of complications like gestational diabetes, and promotes a smoother delivery. Remember, pregnancy is a time to nourish your body, so consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations and enjoy this beautiful journey!

But don't take drastic measures while trying to cut calories. The optimal intake should be 1700 calories per day, ensuring both the mother's and baby's health.

Monitor Your Weight

Your weight gain during pregnancy is a good indicator of your baby's growth and your overall health. Keeping track of it helps healthcare providers ensure that everything is on track and identify any potential issues early on.

Plus, it's a way to make sure you're getting the right nutrition and staying active, which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Remember, it's not about obsessing over the numbers, but rather about maintaining a balanced weight gain.

Keep checking your weight at regular intervals and try to keep it from increasing unduly. It is good to know the amount of excess weight to modulate weight effectively without having to take any extreme measures.

Focus on Healthy Lifestyle changes

You see, taking care of yourself during this time not only benefits you but also your growing baby. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you're providing a nurturing environment for your little one to thrive.

Eating a balanced diet, filled with nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains, can fuel your body with the right nutrients. Staying active with pregnancy-safe exercises helps you maintain strength and flexibility.

Oh, and let's not forget about the beauty of getting enough sleep and managing stress levels. Remember, taking care of yourself is a gift you give both yourself and your baby.

Drink Plenty of Water

Growing a tiny human inside you is hard work, and staying hydrated helps everything run smoothly. Water keeps you and your little one healthy and happy. It helps maintain the amniotic fluid, which is like a cozy home for your baby.

Plus, it helps prevent pesky problems like constipation, swelling, and even those dreaded pregnancy headaches. So, don't forget to grab that water bottle and sip away, mama! Your body and your baby will thank you for it.

Hydration is the mantra to prevent constipation which is caused by low water in the body. Drinking water can also make you feel satiated between meals, leading to inhibition in the consumption of excessive amounts of food. However, take care to keep off fizzy drinks.

Try Counselling Sessions

Going for counsel can help you with a host of things, such as first-hand advice from mothers and pieces of advice to keep negativity at bay that might creep in during this period.

Counseling is not one-dimensional but has multifarious aspects that could include going to a dietitian, doing yoga, listening to calming music, spending time alone, etc.

These sessions provide you with a safe space to express your fears, concerns, and joys. A counselor can help you navigate the ups and downs, offering support and guidance throughout your journey.

They can help you deal with anxiety, stress, and any emotional challenges you may be facing. Remember, it's okay to seek help. Counseling can empower you and ensure a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Be Informed

Being informed is being aware. Read up different books on pregnancy. Be informed about the various facets, such as foods to eat and avoid, medical examinations to undergo, vaccinations that you might need, medications you should take, etc. A positive step in this direction could come in the form of self-help, which is when you could still take care of yourself if no one were around.

Give Into Cravings from Time to Time

While cravings can and do strike frequently, giving into it on an occasional basis is fine. Little things like these can keep you in a happy state of mind. And, for the time when the cravings hit you, you can make the most of it by munching on healthy foods, such as nuts, fruits, muesli, etc.

Try to Begin Pregnancy with a Healthy BMI

If the pregnancy is planned, try to start your journey with a healthy weight. This will also tell you how much weight you should try to maintain and teach you about the foods you should eat and when, how often you should monitor your weight, how many calories you need, etc.

Final Word

The period of pregnancy is a period of an array of new beginnings, especially for first-time mothers. To stay fit, healthy, and happy, there is a lot you can do to make sure that this period is filled with love and joy. This can only be ensured if you are armed with knowledge.

Keep this in mind and find ways to inculcate everything you learn, and rest assured, everything will fall into place. Visit Pregacare to learn everything about caring for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during pregnancy.

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