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7 Key Questions to Consider Before Choosing an Interior Designer

Lifestyle Professional March 19, 2020

Interior designer questions

Are you planning to hire an interior designer to create the home of your dreams?

Finding a knowledgeable interior decorator, sharing your design ideology, and valuing your feedback is crucial to your project's success. According to reports, the US's internal designing market is set to collect a revenue of $16.1 billion in 2020. It indicates the growth, which is an outcome of reliability. But, finding the right person might seem like a task.

Here are seven questions you must ask before finalizing a designer who's your perfect match

1. How do I know you are a professional designer?


An interior designer or architect is different from an interior decorator. A professional interior designer is technically skilled in working on your project and possesses appropriate education, experience, and licenses to take up your work.

You may also ask a designer to share his or her portfolio and client referrals to get clarity on their skills and experience.

2. Have you previously worked on projects similar in style, scope, and budget to my plan?


If the answer is yes, the designer can handle your project well. If not, ask the designer to pull up some images or works from other designers that they think match your criteria. It would help you analyze whether they understood your brief and are on the same page as you or not.

3. Do you have a signature design style?


According to Forbes, millennials are upgrading the concept of less is more by being creative around minimalism. Are you looking for a minimalistic décor or prefer opulent interiors?

Getting a peek into the designer's latest projects and social media will tell you a lot about their style. Do they follow the latest industry trends, make use of modern innovations, or stick to a more traditional design?

If you find the designer's past work appealing and aligned with your vision – you have probably noticed the right match for your requirement.

4. What is your fee?


All designers have a different payment model. Some may charge a single fixed fee while others might charge by the hour, and some others may charge a combination of both.

For a better experience, let your designer know how much money you are willing to spend on the project. Experienced designers are mostly able to work within their clients' budgets. However, if your budget is unrealistic, a seasoned designer will inform you about this to work out a more realistic budget for your project.

5. How will you share designs with me?


It is never easy for a layperson to understand 2D plans and visualize how the end-product is going to look. Therefore, it is quite essential to know how your designer communicates his or her ideas with you.

Note that most modern interior designers rely on technology to represent their designs in a 3-D format to envision the final product and share your inputs accordingly.

6. What would be the timeline of the project?


Designing a home is a creative process that takes time and patience. Therefore, be wary of very short timelines, but make sure that your designer has the time to finish your project within your stipulated time frame despite their other engagements.

7. How much time do I need to devote to the project?


By hiring an experienced interior designer, you outsource the responsibility of creating a functional and aesthetic home to the experts. However, it would help if you still took the time to share your feedback with the designer at various stages of the project to ensure that the outcome is aligned with your vision.

Clarify from your designer, whether they are willing to take full responsibility for the project and how often they would like to discuss them. It would help you define the timeline of your project and schedule meetings in advance to save time and avoid hassle on either end.

That's all, folks!

Now that you are ready to hire the right designer for your home, set the ball rolling with hassle-free design solutions that are eco-friendly and economical. Book an online appointment to get in touch with top interior designers now!

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