5 Signs You Should Invest in off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization has two parts – On-Page and Off-Page optimization. On-Page optimization is figuring out the right meta tags, page titles, page speed, and interlinking for your website. Off-Page optimization is about building your brand’s authority by using quality links, social media, and good relationships with influencers and customers.

While brands continuously work on optimizing their website, they often do not take enough care of Off-Page SEO optimization. There are various reasons that support Off-Page SEO optimization. Have a look at them below.

– It helps in achieving positive audience interactions for your brand.
– You can get brand mentions, positive reviews, and links through Off-Page SEO optimization.
– It can help in increasing the traffic and conversions for your website
– It also helps in getting higher search rankings on Google and other search engines.

Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about 5 Off-Page SEO techniques that can help you achieve the above.

1. Have a Kick-Ass Customer Service

Your customers are of utmost importance to you.
So, you must provide excellent customer service, and make sure that all the grievances and complaints of your customers are resolved.
This way every customer will feel special while he or she interacts with your brand.

Some brands that have been exceptionally good with customer service include Zomato. Check out this amazing experience with Zomato that a customer shared himself.

Zomato Customer Care

Here is the link to the full article.

A brand like Zomato, which provides a great customer experience can easily get plenty of user-generated content and rave reviews.

Another example is Dunzo, a hyperlocal, concierge services startup from Bengaluru. Dunzo’s customer care does a great job of garnering positive customer reviews. Here check it out yourself.

Zomato Customer Care

Dunzo Customer Care

We understand the importance of a good customer experience. Therefore we at WittyPen ensure that all our customers needs are met and their experience is hassle-free.

WittyPen customer experience

2. Do Well With Guest-Posts

Focus on building long-term relationships with influencers and brands rather than just wanting short-term gains – backlinks. Backlinks would eventually come through influencer marketing.

But it won’t come anytime soon if you just focus on having transactional relationships. So it seems to be the right time to bid goodbye to “give and take” behavior.

Instead, you must engage with the social media platforms and websites of your potential publishers, editors, influencers, and brands online.

Also, you should read, review and comment on their work. It takes time to build a long-lasting relationship. But once built, it stays forever and can help your brand build authority in the longer run.
Paul Writer does an amazing job with guest posts.

Guest Post

Guestposts help businesses garner a lot of domain authority. And we at WittyPen understand that.

So we too invite industry experts to share their views on various aspects of content marketing. You can check out some of these articles right here. (These include interviews with Canva, FactorDaily, WebEngage, CRY , DHFL and more)

Interview with CRY

These posts have helped us get a lot of visibility and brand awareness – because the industry experts who were interviewed shared them on their personal social media handles.

Social Sharing of Our Content by Industry Experts on Their Personal Handles.

You can check the one by WebEngage here, and the one by FactorDaily here.
Another example is our guest post with Mondovo. We approached Mondovo for a guest post in the month of February, and a few days later we also made an infographic on their blog, and guess what! We got a backlink from them.

Guest Post By Mondovo

Mondovo interview

Our infographic on Mondovo’s Blog.


Mondovo's backlink to Wittypen

So guest-posting brings in results, but with time. But those results are totally worth the time and effort.

3. Experiment with different types of content

Apart from writing your regular text blogs, you must experiment with different types of content.
Because the audience today consumes all types of content, especially videos and images.

Therefore you must invest in these content formats- you can create them easily in-house with so many free tools.
Always do SEO checks before you post. Here is a 7 SEO checklist to help you out.

For their new product, Cornetto Oreo, the brand has done a brilliant job with online video marketing. The advertisement is short and to the point. It showcases the product – delicious Oreo crumbs with a mix of vanilla cream, wrapped in a first-ever chocolate cone. It’s definitely a mix made in heaven and nothing less than a #PerfectMatch

Zomato again does a brilliant job with plain yet hilarious creatives.

Zomato Ads

Zomato Ads

You can check out the video that we made for Mother’s day. We wanted to highlight the importance of mothers through a visual journey instead of words.

4. Evaluate your user’s search intent

It is very important to be visible to your audience. Most of the time, despite having a stellar product, our audience doesn’t choose us.
The reason is – we aren’t matching our offering to the needs of our prospective audiences.

So, we would be able to present a solution – our product/services to their problems at the right time if we know their intent.
There are many ways to do this – You can also use Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Autosuggest, forums like Quora and Inbound.org as explained in this blog to know the kinds of questions asked around a particular keyword.

You can also use tools like Answer the public to know the questions that are frequently asked around a certain keyword.

Answer the public

5. Be active on social media

Social media is the place that your audience will go to once they discover your brand. The reason – is they want to read comments, and reviews about what you do – and also interact with you. Most importantly, ask questions.

So it is very important to have a presence on social media to not only answer the questions of new users but also to engage old users.
A brand like Myntra that’s super popular and is very active on social media. It responds to customer queries and complaints almost immediately.

In the below example, a customer has expressed her dissatisfaction, and Myntra has responded instantly- thus making way for a good customer experience.
A personalized and timely approach by a brand makes the user feel important and trusts the brand even if it makes a mistake.

Myntra Query

Amul comes up with the most engaging posts on Twitter. It makes sure to sync its posts with what’s trending, and hence gets lots of engagement.

Amul Twitter

We at WittyPen also make sure that we respond to all the queries and complaints on time.

WittyPen Chat

Unsatisfied customers can be very vocal on social media, and any communication, especially negative spreads like wildfire. So, that’s another reason that you must attend to all your customer queries and solve their problem at the earliest.


This brings us to the end of our Off-Page SEO techniques. We hope that these were helpful to you.Here are some more SEO blog tips. If you are looking out to build great content for your website, then download the e-book right now!

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